Fill Your Group Program


Fill Your Group Coaching Program

Scale your business, avoid burnout & say hello to freedom, fulfillment & impact

Are you a coach or consultant looking to create consistent recurring revenue in your business WITHOUT the burnout of 1:1 client work?

  • Create launch and scale a 6-figure group coaching program so that you can...  
  • ❤️ Work fewer hours making more money...think how much time you will save when you can service 10 + clients in a 1 hour call each week.  
  • ❤️Get better results for your clients (meaning more impact and more referrals!) ❤️ Finally stop trading dollars for hours and get PRESENT with your kids again.  
  • Join the Challenge Today and Get Started With Creating, Launching And Scaling Your Group Coaching Program!

What you will walk away with after 5 days:

  •  Irresistible Offer: A Group Coaching Offer Perfect For Your Ideal Clients (Yes that means the ones that actually show up and do the work!)- If you already have an offer we will strengthen it!
  • Leads: Actual People Who Are Perfect For Your Program so you never have to launch to crickets again.
  • Scale Sustainably: How To Scale Without Spending Thousands On Advertising And *Hoping* That It Works.

Starts December 10th, limited spots available.

Why listen to Mariana?

Mariana C. Ruiz Certified Business Coach & Consultant

Mariana is a certified business coach & consultant, international best selling author and host of The Impact Driven Entrepreneur Podcast. She helps you to create, launch and scale your group program so that you can increase your income without burnout. 

She brings over 12 years of sales, marketing and business experience and has worked in brain surgery climbing her way up the corporate ladder in hospital administration. She built her business with 2 small kids in tow, if she can do it so can you! 

Her mission is to empower you, impact-driven® entrepreneur, to run your businesses with confidence using group programs so that you can make more money and help more peoplewithout sacraficng time with your family.