WORK WITH ME - The Impact Driven Entrepreneur with Mariana C. Ruiz
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Are ready to leverage your time, help more people and increase your income?

  • You are a coach or consultant and although you started your business to feel more fulfilled, you are on the brink of burnout.
  • You are happy you have clients, the only problem is that to reach your income goals you will have to increase your client load even more….which feels well, impossible between your obligations at home, running your business and the current client load you have.
  • You feel frustrated because despite working LONG days, having clients and experiencing some success in your business you are still experiencing serious feast and famine cycles.
  • You are smart and feel secretly guilty about believing the hype about entrepreneurship and how “easy” it has been painted online.
  • You are not willing to sacrifice your values or spam others in order to sell your products and services online but instead, want a non-pushy authentic sales strategy & system that works.
  • You are all in your business this is not just a fun “hobby” you do…you want to run a legit company.
  • You are cool with me: I am caring, I tell it like it is, am into the woo, love to share my knowledge and usually have typos!

Getting out of the cycle that you are in…isn’t impossible, but it will require change (internal and external!)
How do I get out of this cycle Mariana?

The answer is simple…

Creating a profitable group coaching program that generates consistent monthly revenue in your business, gets results for your clients at scale and frees you up to spend time with your family.

Your group coaching program can help you to

    • Leverage your time & Finally, stop trading dollars for hours.
    • Create a consistent & predictable salary for yourself (you have been working hard you deserve it!).
  • Get predictable transformational results for your clients.

and you don’t have to sacrifice time with family, traveling or enjoying doing the things you love in order to run a profitable group coaching program because you service 10+ clients in a single one-hour session a week.

You deserve a business that lights you up, is highly profitable & helps hundreds (maybe even millions) of people….and your 6-figure group program can help you to do just that!

Are you ready to get consistent results for your clients in your profitable group coaching program and finally stop trading dollars for hours?

Or does the prospect of building a group program as ambitious as your dreams seem overwhelming?

If so, you’re not alone — and you’re also in luck.

You deserve a business you’re excited about, not stressed out over.

You need the support, guidance, and strategy that will help you fall in love with your business and your life.

I’ve always known I was meant to make a difference, and when my kids were born I didn’t want to choose between time with them and time pursuing my dreams. So I started my own business.

Just 7 months later with a full coaching practice, I had created a J-O-B for myself in my own business! It was one of the most frustrating times in my life.

Although I was grateful for the success I created, I wanted more time with my son and daughter and knew there had to be a better way.

One day I remember getting on 5 coaching calls with clients to work through the same exact problem….maybe you can relate?

That’s when I thought to myself…what if I had them all in the same room, that would be more efficient for me and help them see that they are not alone.

So I created my first group coaching program.

And it was powerful!

It created the space for me to develop my training and teachings, helped my clients to feel more connected to others going through the same thing and also allowed them to get better results.

I was FINALLY able to stop trading dollars for hours while still making a huge difference in the lives of those I serve and reduce my working hours to just 4 hours 5 days a week, making more money than I did when I exclusively offered 1:1 services.

I’ve never looked back.

Now I want to help you do the same.

My goal is to see your vision come to life. I want you to…

  • Leverage your service through a profitable group coaching program that doesn’t compromise your client’s results.
  • Create your thought leadership methodology so that you get results for your clients in a predictable way, stand out online and eliminate the competition.
  • Stop the feast and famine cycles in your business and create a consistent, predictable salary inside of your business for yourself.
  • Work fewer hours and avoid burnout so that you can enjoy time with your family, vacations and get back to the things that nourish your soul.

Together, we’ll put a strategic marketing plan in place to launch and scale your 6-figure group coaching program.


You will learn the principles of running your profitable company so that your consistent salary is a part of how you do business.


You will develop your group coaching skills and thought leadership so that your clients get results predictably and you eliminate your competition.

From there? The sky’s the limit.

I’ll work with you to build a business in line with your desire to make a lasting impact, designed around your life.

When we work together you’ll get…

  • the support, knowledge, and guidance you need to build a successful, profitable business.
  • access to my nerdy knowledge, tools, and expertise I’ve amassed from 12 years of marketing, sales and business experience, two bachelor’s degrees and running multiple businesses (both on and offline).
  • actionable guidance and strategies, along with the accountability you need.
  • a sales & marketing strategy that does not alter who you are as a person and converts your followers to buyers with ease.
  • innovative solutions to your specific problems, drawing on my experience as a Certified Business Coach and Consultant helping hundreds of businesses.
  • 110% dedication from me, every step of the way, making sure you feel supported every step of the way.
By the time we’re done, you’ll have a profitable online business that helps thousands of people and allows you the freedom to live your life by your design.

What do the programs look like?

Mariana has programs available at all levels whether you are new to running a business or are already running a successful company and will meet you where you are. We offer group coaching as well as 1:1 support. Investments range from $1,000-$20,000 depending on the level of support you need. Certainly, there is no way for us to know what is best for you without talking with you personally. Apply for a consultation and let’s discuss how we can support you in growing your impact and income!

Apply today and let’s support you in growing your income and impact.

Apply for a strategy session and let’s help you create, consistent recurring revenue in your business with your very own 6-figure group coaching program.

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