Why Your Passive Income Stream is Good for Your Customers - The Impact Driven Entrepreneur with Mariana C. Ruiz
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Why Your Passive Income Stream is Good for Your Customers

Why Your Passive Income Stream is Good for Your Customers

Why Your Passive Income Stream is Good for Your Customers

Why Your Passive Income Stream is Good for Your Customers

A lot of mom entrepreneurs can get hung up on creating a passive income stream. Receiving money for doing less work cranks up our mama guilt. What’s more, it can seem like there’s no way we’ll be able to help the people we want to help as well as we can 1-1 or in a group program.

I understand what you are going through because, on my path to building a 6-figure online business from digital products, I’ve had to work through these limiting mindsets as well.

One shift I made was to realize that this wasn’t really about me. Sure, I was benefiting financially, but I was also creating a system that could help more people than I could alone.

Let’s look at 4 ways your digital products are good for your clients. Because you building a passive income stream by providing high-quality digital products is actually just as valuable to your clients as it is to your checking account.

#1 – Always Available

First of all, your digital products are always available. They don’t get tired, go on vacation, or need to take care of sick kiddos. They are always there, ready and willing to help your client. This means your client can do the work when it works for them.

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#2 – Good Starting Point

Second, they are a good starting point for people to get to know you and your approach. Not everyone is ready for 1-1 work or to participate in a group program. Some people in your circle may want to start with something that feels safer and easier first.

In fact, one way to think about your digital product strategy would be to consider what your potential client needs to do, learn, be, or master, before they are ready to work with you 1-1.

#3 – More Affordable

Third, digital products are often more affordable to buy, which enables us to help more people. Not everyone can afford to work with us directly, especially as our business grows and prices inch up. Digital products make our knowledge and expertise accessible to a wider group of people that may otherwise never be able to receive our help at all.

#4 – Reinforce Your Message

Fourth, digital products can reinforce your message. A lot gets covered in a 30-60 minute consult. Your client will probably not remember everything you tell them.

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By referring back to your digital products, whether they be scripts, templates, checklists, or course materials, your client will be able to expand how they apply the insights from your individual sessions.

Digital Products Help Your Customers

At the end of the day, everything we do as online business owners is designed to serve our customers. Digital products are one more way we can help our clients achieve the results they are looking for.

What’s more, they enable us to establish a legacy, generate passive income that frees up even more creative energy for our business, and provide a foundation for financial freedom that can have a ripple effect in our families.


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About Laura Brandenburg

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Laura Brandenburg started an online business in 2008. In 2012, shortly after the birth of her first daughter, she landed on a mix of digital project offerings that enabled her to build a 6-figure business while working part-time from home.

Now, Laura empowers women to build online businesses the momstyle way – profitable, flexible ventures that nourish your creative spirit.

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