What You Don't Need In Your Business (But You Think You Do) To Make Money
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What You Don’t Need In Your Business (But You Think You Do) To Make Money

What You Don’t Need In Your Business (But You Think You Do) To Make Money

I have built my business from zero to five figure months and interviewed many 6 & 7 figure business owners (who also happen to be moms) and here is what I learned:

Sometimes we think we need things that we just don’t REALLY need.

Maybe it’s the high achiever in us or maybe it’s the fear of doing the scary stuff that keeps us roaming around doing things we don’t really need to do in order to make money and make our business work.

In this post, I am revealing some of those things you really don’t need to get started or to make your business actually profitable.

Thing You Don’t Need #1: Fancy Website

When you are starting out you don’t need a website at all.

You could just get a domain name and a landing page and start building your email list.

I worked with a coach who had a thriving coaching business that freed her from her 9-5 job and 3 years in she still did not have a website. Let me state the obvious she was making money and I still hired her.

This did not mean she didn’t have an email list or that she didn’t make money doing what she loved.

Remember that building a website does not attract clients to you.

Building relationships is what will.

So if you are stuck behind your computer figuring out your website it does not allow you to build the relationships that will get you clients.

I talk more about how to build relationships online (even if you are short on time) in my upcoming free training “The 5 Things I did Every Day To Have My First 5-Figure Month (As A Mom With 2 Kids Under 2) That You Can Replicate”.

Thing You Don’t Need #2: Fancy Photoshoot

If you have an iPhone you have a camera.

If you have a professional camera or a friend that has one then use that.

Take some pictures with nice backgrounds.

Go to a nice area near you and have someone take your pictures on your next vacation.

You don’t need to spend thousands on professional pictures when you are starting out.

This is version 1.0 you can upgrade….later.

Plus you will be amazed how beautiful pics can come out with a few filters and simply being in the moment.

Case and point…I have still not had a “Big Photoshoot” And I have been in business for 2 years, I have had 5 figure months and I support my family with my business income.

Had I been stuck on the fact that I had no photos, I would probably be broke and wondering why I couldn’t get clients…The #truth is that you are focusing on the wrong thing when you are worried about your photos but have not had your first client.

Focus on building relationships.

Focus on impacting people.

Focus on how your message will be different.

Focus on helping others.

Focus on being YOU.

Thing You Don’t Need #3: Business Cards and Flyers

If you have an ONLINE business your won’t need these…especially at first.

Last time you got a brochure or business card what did you do with it?

That’s what I thought.

Plus, it’s smarter when you are networking or meeting with potential clients to get their contact info because it leaves the follow up in YOUR hands.

Thing You Don’t Need #4: A Huge Following

When you are starting out you literally start talking to one person at a time.

One relationship at a time.

I know its not the popular thing.

But you don’t need 20K followers.

All you need is ONE SALE.

How do you get that?

Talking one on one with ONE person.

Stop letting the fact that you don’t have a huge email list, social media following ect. get  in the way of creating a business that makes money.

Thing You Don’t Need #5: A Sales Funnel

Funnels is THE hot word this year.

The truth is when you are starting out you don’t yet have a way to fill those funnels.

Stop spending time working on backend funnels…People cannot see you back there.

Focus on building relationships with people 1:1 and providing quality content.

This can build your audience and over time you will have people that follow you.

THEN you can go and build your backend funnels that will be easily fill with the people that follow you.

AND then you will have data about who you serve and don’t serve and invest money in a profitable Facebook Ads campaign to fill your funnel.

I am not saying you won’t eventually need these things. I am not saying not to get them or upgrade but what you want to do is first lay the groundwork for your business. Validate your idea, get a few clients, refine your message and THEN you can upgrade and invest back into your business.

In this post, I mentioned the 5 things you don’t need when you are starting your business but you likely think you need it. These things that are really not needed when you are starting out are keeping you from doing the thing that is much more important. Going out there and talking to people about what you do (or want to do), selling to them and serving your new clients.

For additional support in building your online business, I highly recommend private coaching. It has been a huge help for me to avoid the unnecessary expenses and focus on income producing activities in my business. In the first month working with the right coach for me, I made back my entire investment and pride myself in providing these types of results for my clients as well.


To take your business to the next level and create a profitable business, I invite you to schedule a discovery call to see if working together is right for both of us.

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Want to increase your income and impact?

Through private coaching, my clients have been able to turn a profit in their business so that they can support their families while living a life they love.

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