Testimonials - The Impact Driven Entrepreneur with Mariana C. Ruiz
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I could sit here & talk to you all day about what I do.

Instead, read what my clients are saying.

Linda had a single private coaching session and here is what she said….


I felt like Mariana got me. She knew how it was like to juggle a family with toddlers and a business. She helped me understand that it was ok to be scared but reminded me that I was enough and gave me a lot of tips on how to face my fears. Mariana helped me to totally own my craft and made me feel really empowered and encouraged about my next business move. I am now more confident and excited about boldly presenting my offer to my audience. I would highly recommend Mariana to any entrepreneur who is looking for caring, yet very thorough and uplifting guidance to get more clarity and and strategy in her business.


Linda Enoh

Lisa did the Become A Client Magnet Intensive and here is what she said…

My content creation game completely changed. Through working with Mariana, I got a clearer idea of my ideal client and put my content together quickly and easily. It has been such a timesaver! Working with Mariana is great for busy moms with crazy kids and a growing business who want to make a bigger impact while working easier and less hours.


Lisa Benevidez

Elizabeth did private coaching and here is what she said….

I loved the simplicity of how Mariana teaches. She helped me to change the way I looked at marketing as a relationship marketing. Mariana is really good at taking people by the hand and showing them how not to get distracted and focus on the things they need to do to get clients.

Elizabeth Salazar

Aegean did private coaching and here is what she said…

I was worried about it being similar to working with my past coach.

Mariana helped me to completely pivot my business and uncover what I was most passionate about. Once I did this everything flowed amazingly with my brand messaging and content creation. I got my first paying client for my new business within the first 3 weeks, quickly followed by another high-paying client!

Working with Mariana was everything I hoped for and so much more! My life is truly changed! I feel so confident and finally feel like I’m running a legitimate business that will keep growing. It’s such a nice feeling to work around my family’s schedule to bring in money.

Aegean Thompson
Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 16.11.17

Flora and Kristy did private coaching and here is what they said…

We were hesitant to make the investment in coaching because our business was not brining in consistent or substantial income. We decided to go ahead, use credit, and trust. A month into the coaching, Flora launched her first group program and made the exact same amount back!

Moms in the first year of starting their own businesses who are serious about wanting to transition out of their 9-5 job to work from home would really benefit from working with Mariana. Also, a mompreneur who has been doing a business on the side for a while, but feels like she is getting nowhere and knows she needs a coach – find a way to work with Mariana!!


Flora & Kristy Ware

Holly did private coaching and here’s what she said…

THANK YOU SO SO SO SO SO MUCH! I wouldn’t be here without you and let me tell you, being HERE RIGHT HERE RIGHT FUCKING NOW IS FUCKING AMAZING!! I seriously get to be on the phone, helping women that are AWESOME and have so much to offer. I talk to them with such a grin on my face that my cheeks hurt when I’m done! Like, really? My job hurts my cheeks from smiling too much out of sheer joy and excitement? Who the fuck says that? My energy level is so high during calls and I’m actually tired when I’m done, IT’S AMAZING! Having 1:1 has really showed me what I’m capable of when I give myself the right tools! I spent $$$ this past fall on a 6 week group course with TONS AND TONS AND TONS of information about how to get clients. I got one week in and thought “holy shit I can’t do this” I never even finished the course (I know, huge admission there). Now, I have a 1:1 coach and IN 5 WEEKS I have a group of over 50 FANTASTIC WOMEN all looking to better themselves and others, this week I am booked solid with calls and I already have paying clients! People are saying to me “oh my god you have just changed my life in 45 minutes, I have to have you in my back pocket.” Mariana Ruiz has without a doubt helped guide me to make my DREAMS my REALITY! BEST $$$ EVER SPENT!!!!!!

Holly Holmes