Step By Step To Make Your Next $1000 Without Being Pushy - The Impact Driven Entrepreneur with Mariana C. Ruiz
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Step By Step To Make Your Next $1000 Without Being Pushy

Step By Step To Make Your Next $1000 Without Being Pushy

Tune in to the episode here (or read below):

So you want to make $1,000.


The first part of this plan is probably the most important part.

The mindset piece.

You won’t go anywhere if you think you can’t do it.

SO you must believe in yourself.

You have EVERYTHING you need already to do that…on your own.

YES I provide my clients with 1:1 coaching to uncover their stories specifically around mindset but here is the thing…you already have all the answers inside of you it’s just about re-framing how you look at things.

Part two will be the strategy and a lot more technical.

You might be tempted to skip to the strategy.

But here is the thing…if you don’t have the mindset piece ironed out the strategy is useless because you will find 100 ways to sabotage yourself or to not actually DO the full strategy.

So let’s dig in!


Part #1: Mindset


Being coachable


The first thing we need to address is…ARE you coachable?

Are you ready and willing to be taught something new?

Are you ready and willing to change your current circumstances?

If you are reading this right now, there is no point in continuing on if you say “I have heard that before and it didn’t work.”

If this is you, I will save you the time and effort and tell you to stop right now and go do something else..something that you actually enjoy.

Being coachable, being ready and willing to learn are keys to success. Without them, you are not going to be able to make $1,000 let alone reach the success you desire in your business.

So it’s not about this information being the newest, craziest most complicated system to make $1,000 it’s really about being open to doing the work and showing up for yourself and your business.

Its about being open to tweaking and making small adjustments in what you are doing and never making yourself wrong for where you are.

Here is a podcast (Episode 8) I did on this topic for more info on how to be and stay coachable + some lessons from 6-Figure business owners.


Believing in yourself


Do you believe that you can make $1,000 in your business?

If you say “yes” but immediately there is a whisper of doubt or knot in your stomach the first thing we must do is TRUST AND KNOW that you can.

You started this business because you believed you COULD make money doing the thing that you love, help others and give you the financial reward that you desire.

But somewhere along the way in trying and failing you started to doubt your ability to succeed.

That is why if you are in the “non-belief” mode I want you to return to your WHY.

WHY did you start your business? Can you remember that moment?

What was going through your head as you started to see the vision of your business?

IF you truly didn’t believe in your ability to succeed you would have NEVER started in the first place.


Otherwise, you would have never started.

And you would have never made it today….(whatever day you are on!).

You are just telling yourself a story that you don’t believe it’s possible for you….or that it’s hard or whatever your personal story is.


Reframe Failure


Maybe you are letting the “failures” and the times you have tried but not made the money you desire become a belief rather than DATA.

Take on the mindset of Thomas Edison: “I have not failed. I just found 10,000 ways that won’t work”.

Look at these “failures” as opportunities for growth.

As data for what you can tweak or change altogether.


Look at data not feelings


One of the biggest mistakes that I see people making in business is letting their FEELINGS guide them instead of data.

HU? Mariana, but you do ask how does that feel?

YES I do.

But you must be super wise about where you let your feelings guide you and where you don’t.

Here is my theory on this: You can let your feelings guide you on WHAT TO DO NEXT…

But not on what is going “wrong”.

Here is the truth, building a business can feel like watching paint dry- It can feel really slow some days.

THESE are the days that you must not fall victim of your “feelings”.

That is when these sneaky little stories come in that say “Your product sucks”, “You don’t get enough engagement on social media”, “You suck at selling” Whatever your demons say.

What I find is that AFTER the action is done or in the middle of DOING the action the demons often tell a different story than the ACTUAL data.

Here is an example of what I mean…

I was talking with one of my biz besties the other day and she was saying how she felt like her FB group was losing people, she was getting less engagement and that she was doing something wrong because they were not converting to sales.

She had added me as an admin to her group a few months back and so I went into the analytics section of the group only to find that her group had actually grown by 33%, she had  a post in the last 28 days that generated 30 comments AND I reminded her that she just closed 2 clients who were in her FB group.

She was so in the thick of things that she had failed to see all of the data that actually showed she was on the right track.

So here is what happens when you are on your way to making the next $1,000.

You could be 1 call away from talking to the client that will close the sale with you and then you stop doing this strategy because you “feel” like it’s not working.

Only you failed to see all of the data stating that you were actually doing just FINE!

So use your feelings to help you decide what strategy to focus your time on. What strategy feels good?

Then once you are in it go all in.

Don’t let the demons rule your life.

Look at everything as a scientist would…through data.

Now that you believe in your ability to make your next $1,000, now that you know how to reframe failure and now that you know to focus on data not feelings…

Let’s dig into ONE of the strategies you can use to make your next $1,000.


Part #2: Strategy


Determining what to sell


The first thing you need to know is what to sell.

In order to determine what to sell, we don’t invent products out of thin air.

We must learn what the market wants.

What most people do when they want to make money is that they create a product first then they go try to sell it.

They focus all of their time, energy and effort on WHAT they are selling rather than if it’s something people actually want!

For you to make your next $1,000 you must make sure that people actually want this.

This will save you so much time, energy and money!

And the best part? You get to put on your scientist hat to do it!!


Market research


Simply ask them what they want with regard to what you do and create a solution for them.

THAT is how simple business can be….seriously that is all business IS.

Ask 5-10 people to do market research interviews with you (No forms! An actual interview).

>> If you are brand new in business and have no email list & no social media following you can simply ask a few people who you think are in your target market to do the interviews with you.

>> If you have a social media following, email list or personal network of people who are in your target market you can simply ask them to participate in the market research interview.

Next, you look at all of the data that these people told you.

You can get the scripts to use in your messages + your 7-day plan here

Download Now


Analyze the data


Look at the data from your interviews and answer these questions:

What was the #1 problem they were struggling with?

What did they feel like they were stuck on or needed help with?

Was there a pattern that stood out to you among all of these people?

Next, you will create an offer based on your answers to these questions.


Creating your offer


Create a small offer to help them to solve this problem.

Pricing: You will want to price your program based on the value the product or service provides to the customer.

In the interviews, you can ask them about pricing but sometimes this varies (A LOT!).

Here is where you can go based on your feeling.

  • Do you feel like a fraud when you charge the amount you are thinking to charge or do you feel good?
  • Do you feel like you are undervaluing what you do or does it feel like a no-brainer offer that is also a win-win?
  • CAN you say the number out loud?
  • If after answering these questions you are still feeling 100% confident then you can go ahead and move to on.

If not, here are two more resources to help you price your programs, products, and services:

Podcast interview with Lauren Jean and how to structure various offers in your business including high-end offers.

In this on-air coaching call with Jackie Medeiros, I coach her on how to create her packages and how to price them. 

Now if you have taken action up until this point this is what you have so far: You interviewed 5 people, you listened to them and identified one problem that you could help them with and you created an offer for them.


Tell them about the solution


The next step is simply to present that offer to them.

Make sure you attach a deadline for this special sale so that you can validate your idea. Maybe it’s “Buy by Friday” or next week.

We do this for two reasons:

Reason #1: People don’t buy unless there is a reason to buy now.

Reason #2: Depending on what you offer you might want to run it as a beta (trial run) and increase the price after doing the first round).

So now you go back and present this special offer to the people you did the market research with.

If it is solving the problem that they are truly struggling with then there is no reason that they wouldn’t buy.

IF they don’t buy you can simply ask them why.

YES this takes guts.

This may feel scary.

But here is the thing…if they are REALLY struggling with this problem you solving it is actually helping them.

Not in a hipe-y fake way but you are sincerely helping them.

THAT is the impact that you can truly make on someone’s life when you go through this process.

Now I will get off the soap box and keep going with the process.

So you have told the 5 people.

A few of them bought, maybe for a couple this was not the right time but otherwise they would love to take you up on it later.

Depending on your price point you may be at $1,000 or you might need a few more sales.

If you need a few more sales now it’s time to share it with others.


Tell more people


Share it on social media.

Share it with 5 people you know and ask for a referral.

Reach back out to everyone you originally reached out to and remind them that the sale is ending.


What $1,000 would look like in terms of sales…


1 program at $1,000

2 programs at $500

3 programs at $334

4 programs at $250

5 programs at $200

6 programs at $167

10 programs at $100

If you need to sell more programs simply tell more people (in this target market) about the offer.

Pretty simple strategy but it works really well.

This is how Aegean was able to get her first high-paying client in a brand new business in just 3 weeks, followed by another high-end client.

This is how I was able to validate and sell out my group coaching program only 4 months into my new business.

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel just listen to your customers and give them what they want.

For the 7 day roadmap of this plan click here

Download Now


To make sure you never miss an episode, 

Private Coaching With Mariana

Want to increase your income and impact?

Through private coaching, my clients have been able to turn a profit in their business so that they can support their families while living a life they love.

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