Showing Up Fearlessly
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Showing Up Fearlessly In Your Business With Angie Da Rosa

Showing Up Fearlessly In Your Business With Angie Da Rosa

Angie da Rosa is a transformational mindset coach who helps women build their confidence, courage, and clarity so that they can create the impact and income that they desire.

In today’s episode, Angie da Rosa and I talk about:

  • How she got started in business and how her daughter played a huge part in it
  • The fear of the unknown: how she dealt with it and how she overcame it
  • Comparisonitis, and the word “perfect” in Angie da Rosa’s point of view
  • Courage and confidence and trust and how they go hand-in-hand
  • The fear of success and what it relates to
  • Doing the work and how it helps with facing your fears


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