S2E02 Designing Your Life Around Your Priorities with Jessica Eley - The Impact Driven Entrepreneur with Mariana C. Ruiz
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S2E02 Designing Your Life Around Your Priorities with Jessica Eley

S2E02 Designing Your Life Around Your Priorities with Jessica Eley

Our guest for this episode is my friend, Jessica Eley. She is a personal development coach who helps moms to deal with the personal side of life so that it doesn’t interfere with business. She is also a mom of three kids.

In our conversation, we’ve covered:

  • How she started personal development coaching and how it made an impact not only in her life but others as well
  • What her day-to-day life as a mom and coach is like
  • Jessica’s own definition of success and its connection to her priorities
  • Jessica’s twenty-minute jumpstart: the cure for someone who loses touch
  • Having a life inside and outside motherhood
  • What she wished she knew sooner and what is really more important in business
  • What she does to stay on top of her game
  • What are the challenges she faced and what she did to overcome them
  • Her advice to moms who are just starting out and want to take their business to the next level


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