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How to run an engaged group coaching program

How to run an engaged group coaching program

In the Impact Driven Entrepreneur Facebook Group last week, someone asked how to run an engaged group coaching program. In this episode, I share 7 things you implement right to help you run an engaged group coaching program.

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This is such a great topic to bring up because its not only about making the sale but instead its about keeping a life long customer. We can do that by keeping our service both engaging and effective. So that your clients can get the most out of your program and also so that you can actually not feel like you are teaching/coaching to crickets.

With my first group program that I sold it sold out with 10 people and it was great but I felt that the engagement went down about halfway through. I made this mean all kinds of stuff about my ability to coach and teach and about having a leveraged income offer in my business and for the longest time I did not have any courses or groups because I thought that 1:1 was the only way that I could get people results. Now I run multiple groups with over 30 clients in groups at this time and I even teach a mixed model of 1:1 and leveraged income products. 

How did I make the leap? My mentor used to tell me that in a group environment a synergy is created that is not able to happen in a 1:1 environment. So I started seeking out that synergy and placed all of my 1:1 clients into a group that I bonused for them. I started to see that synergy and that is when I gained back my confidence and willingness to try group coaching again. A few launches later here we are.

I have found that its not just about running a group but running an engaged group that gets your people results. That is where you can find sustainable results with group coaching in your business. So lets dig into how you can do just that.

#1:Pricing Matters If You Want To Run An Engaged Group Coaching Program

So first we want to think about the pricing and structure of your group program. If for example you under price your program say its $100 for 6 months of coaching (just as an example) compared to $10,000 for 6 months. The person paying $100 is probably going to be much less committed to that program and to showing up for themselves at that investment past the first month compared to someone who spent $10K.

This has nothing to do with you or your program it’s simply because there is more skin in the game they are more willing and able to actually hone in and get the work done because they are determined to get their money’s worth. If you want to run an engaged group coaching program the level of comiment that you request from them must be equal to the commiment that they are putting in.

With pricing, make sure there is congruence between the comitment that they are making and the comitment you are requiring of them to get optimal results.

#2: Size Matters if your group is too big or too small engagement suffers

You want to consider the size of the group. Just like everything in your business that you undertake you want to approach the size of your group as an experiment. I have had friends who the first time they ran the group over 10 was too much and they found over time that 8 was the perfect number for them. So you want to just play around with the size. Sometimes a group that is big can still be engaged and sometimes a smaller group can be more engaged it will depend on your particular thing you are teaching and maybe even the members you take.

#3: Be selective of who you let into the group

We don’t just let anyone into my group coaching programs for this very reason. I want people who are going to show up and do the work. Who are really a fit for the program and who will actually be able to benefit from the program. So in the selection process you can do something like an application or a call with you where you screen applicants to make sure they are a fit for the program.

#4: Have a central hub for group members

Once they get started in the group you want to have a hub for them. So this can be a Facebook group where they can ask questions and get support. In my group for The Impact Formula™ and The Impactful Content Creators club we use regular prompts to get them to engage and keep the conversation going where they can ask questions. They can meet each other and often the support they give to each other is incredible.

#5: Have an Success plan for your clients

Its normal that people will have a million things come up, we are busy. So its important that you have a plan for keeping them engaged and helping them to get the most out of their coaching. In the Impact Formula™ I literally have a training called “How to get the most out your coaching program” where I share the exact differences I see between my clients who are killing it and those that don’t do as well. As the expert we know exatcly what sets apart our best customers and those that don’t get the best results. Its our job to share that with our customers so that they can get the most out of their investment.

#6: Have a quality assurance process

We will do another episode on this but quality assurance is about actually checking in with your customers to see what you can improve to serve them better. This is one of the aspects of my jobs in hospital administration. My job was to increase quality while increasing profit. In one of the institutions where I worked, I increased their profit by $400K in a single month while improving the quality. It is possible to increase quality while increasing profit and this is the goal as you scale your business. We will do more episodes on this so be sure you are subscribed so you can get updates regularly.


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#7: Innovate to solve the right problem

In the current round of the Impact Formula™ Group coaching program, in my regular quality assurance calls to clients I discovered that many of them knew what to do but they were struggling to actually do it. They were not taking action on the thing they were supposed to do to get results. So I decided to be innovative. I share more details in the audio about an innovative challenge I set up for group members at around the 21 mintue mark.

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Its important taht we are solving the right problem. And that is also what I talked about last week on the podcast when I talked about 3 things to consider when choosing a new platform. If we are solving the wrong problem then whatever strategy we use is just a bandaid. So be innovative and get to the root of the problems your customers or clients are having so that you can serve them.

To summarize, You want to evaluate your pricing structure and make sure that the commitment you are asking from them is aligned with the commitment that they will have to put into getting results in the program. Next you want to play around with the size of the group. You might be able to have a larger or smaller group and test this on various rounds of your program. Be selective about members in the group- Who you let in matters. Have a place for them to congregate but make sure its set up to promote engagement and community. Have a success plan for your people. Help them to see what will need to happen for them to get results. What will you need to do to make sure they succeed? And once you have done your part releasing the responsibility to them to actually show up. Quality assurance calls: See where the gaps are in your service and how you can support them best. Lastly you will want to innovate.

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