Polarizing Your Audience With Nannette Minley - The Impact Driven Entrepreneur with Mariana C. Ruiz
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Polarizing Your Audience With Nannette Minley

Polarizing Your Audience With Nannette Minley

Nannette Minley is a marketing and business coach for spiritual and wellness entrepreneurs. She helps them build and grow a business in alignment with soul’s purpose. Create impact and help more people today—log on to www.nannetteminley.com.

In this episode, Nannette Minley and I talk about:

  • How she got started on business, her story of personal growth and how it helped her business to prosper
  • Core values and how they affect your interaction with the society
  • Focusing on personal growth and applying it in different areas of your life as well as in moving your business forward
  • Polarizing and how it serves as a functional aspect in your business
  • How content quality and polarizing work hand in hand
  • Sales and marketing, its difference and how they work closely together
  • Nannette Minley’s actionable tip for you to propel your business forward and impact more people

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Mariana C. Ruiz

Mariana is a Certified Business Coach + Consultant she helps you create a profitable business through high-level marketing & sales strategies in combination with Facebook ads to expand their reach and convert their audience to clients, so they can create change in the world while living the life they desire. She has been featured in various podcasts, blogs and online courses including the Huffington Post, Today.com, and The Millionaire Insider Extravaganza. Through working with hundreds of business, she has empowered them to earn more so they can live the life that they desire.