How Perfectionism Paralyses Your Progress In Your Business - The Impact Driven Entrepreneur with Mariana C. Ruiz
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How Perfectionism Paralyses Your Progress In Your Business

How Perfectionism Paralyses Your Progress In Your Business

 Perfectionism is about avoiding feelings of shame and inadequacy.  By being perfect, you have permission to not feel bad about yourself. However, you will never quite feel good about yourself.

When I first began my business I wanted everything to be perfect. I assumed that if everything was perfect my business would pick up fster and people would be more likely to see me as the expert.  In reality, it was the exact opposite.  I was less likely to produce products and offer services because no matter what I did it never felt quite good enough.

A perfectionist can enjoy a few benefits but, the disadvantages usually outweigh this.

Being a perfectionist has several disadvantages.

Three of these are:

1.     You waste a lot of time.  To spend more time than necessary is a waste of an important resource: your time. If success is important to you, allocating your time wisely is an important consideration.  Now that I am aware of this I refuse to spend five minutes on a task that could take someone else three minutes especially if it is in that person’s zone of genius.

2.     It creates a lot of stress.  When there’s only one way to be successful at something, there’s no room for error.  Perfectionists aren’t happy people.  There’s a constant anxiety that can can’t be completely satisfied.

3.     You lose sight of the big picture.  Bogging yourself down with trivial details can limit your awareness of the bigger objective.  I did just this.  In the process of making my business perfect I lost sight of what I really wanted to do which is help women to bring more clarity to their lives.

Being a perfectionist limits your efficiency and effectiveness. 


There are signs that many

perfectionists share.


Signs to be aware of to determine if you may be struggling with perfectionism:

1.     You’re judgmental of others.  Your standards of acceptability are so high that no one can consistently achieve them.  Be honest how many times have you looked at someone else in business and judged their approach or their lack of branding effectively etc.?

2.     You’re too hard on yourself.  By the same token, you can’t live up to your expectations either.  This leads to feelings of disappointment and shame.  Are you more successful than most of the people you know, but less pleased with yourself than they are with themselves? Do you find it hard to be proud of yourself? Do you feel happy and proud when you’re successful, or do you merely feel a sense of relief?

3.     You procrastinate excessively.  The need to be perfect creates anxiety and makes it hard to get started.  You know you’re in for a lot of work and self-induced drama.  Under those circumstances, anyone would be hesitant to get started!

So we know the signs of being a perfectionist and we also understand the impact it has on us both personally and professionally. So the real question lies…


What Can You Do if You’re a Perfectionist?


Try these techniques:

1.     Determine how much time is reasonable for completing the task.  Ask another person in a similar business to you how long he/she would spend, and limit yourself to that amount of time.  You’ll soon learn what’s reasonable.

2.     Stay focused on the most important activities.  Perfectionists spend too much time on minor details.  Ask yourself which activities will yield the most results for the time spent.  Again this goes back to realizing the tasks that you can complete and the ones that are complex consider hiring someone to do.  I personally spent over two weeks making my website and it was HORRIBLE to say the least.  I finally decided to hire someone to do it.  It was done in four days and I LOVE it! While the company worked on my website I was able to focus on more important activities.

3.     Learn to accept being less than perfect.  Notice that no one else cares if something is less than perfect.  You don’t need to beat everyone. Strive to attain a high level of quality with a reasonable amount of effort and time.

Perfectionists believe they’re committed to excellence, but they’re actually avoiding feelings of inadequacy.

If you discover that you’re a perfectionist, each day practice doing something well, but not perfect.  It may take a while, but soon enough, you’ll be enjoying the benefits of excellence rather than the disadvantages of perfectionism.


About Nicolya Williams:

Nicolya Williams is a certified life coach, and blogger for women.  As a coach she divides her time between empowering women one on one and motivating groups of women through master classes.  When not spending time on her business Nicolya enjoys spending time with family, reading, attending church or exercising at the gym.  You can connect with Nicolya at or on social media @NicolyaWilliams


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