How to Attract Your Next (or First) Paying Client - The Impact Driven Entrepreneur with Mariana C. Ruiz
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How to Attract Your Next (or First) Paying Client

How to Attract Your Next (or First) Paying Client

When clients come to me the biggest problem they are facing is lack of clients. They have been trying to attract clients by posting on social media and are not getting the results they are looking for. Getting clients online does not have to be a stressful or difficult task, nor do you need all the tech set up. The very first step that we work on to get more clients is understanding their ideal client. I know what you are going to say.

“I already know who my ideal client is. I did one of those avatar exercises.”

Yes, we have all been through those exercises and I am here to tell you there is a lot more to understanding your ideal client than creating a made up “avatar”. Andit it’s not just in knowing who this person is, its also about speaking to them.

Let me give you an example. Let’s say you go fishing and you are not sure what fish eat but you know it goes on a hook. You know you will need a hook to catch the fish. So you put a leaf on your hook. A fish might come up and look at the leaf and even think oh that’s a nice leaf but he is not going to take a bite.

On the other hand, your friend Tina knows exactly what the fish want. She puts her pretty worm on the hook and the fish bite one after another. And you are sitting here thinking what is she doing to get all of those fish?


The moral of the story is that you can create tons of content (the hook) but without knowing what they want and communicating that to them (the worm) its all wasted effort. In this article, I want to show you 3 steps to attract your next (or first paying client) so you can stop wasting time and effort on social media.

Understand Your Ideal Client

Ideal client work starts with knowing that you can’t help everyone. The goal here is to zero in on only ideal clients. When you do this you are actually serving them better because you do your best work with certain people that you like to work with. It also allows you to preserve your energy which, as a mompreneur, is a limited resource with little kids running around. This one is usually tough for people to wrap their head around because people are afraid of excluding people.

Let me give you another fish example. Would you notice a small fish in a big pond or would you notice a  big fish in a small pond? Your head is probably spinning with fish analogies but, the point is that among a smaller group of people you help it will actually be easier to stand out and be seen.


So now lets work on understanding who this specific smaller subset of people are. Think about the last time you worked with a client that drained your energy (not ideal). And besides, thats why you are leaving you want to leave your 9-5 not to recreate a non-ideal situation in your business. Now think about a client that you worked with that made you want to stay on the phone with them for hours or made you love what you do (ideal client material). What made working with them ideal? What qualities did they have?

When mompreneurs come to me struggling to attract clients and I ask them who their ideal clients is they say mainly demographic information like women 20-50. Well thats pretty broad. Think about the interest of a 20 year old college student and the interest of a married woman in her 40s with teenage kids. Very different lifestyles, very different interest and likely a very different use of words to express themselves.

This is why, if your understanding of your ideal client is not on point it becomes difficult to create content that will draw them in. We will dig deeper on this topic in my upcoming masterclass “5 Steps to understanding and attracting your ideal client.”

Create Content And Remain Visible

Content marketing is by far the best way to get the word out about your business. With content marketing you would be creating content that is helpful, informative or fun. A general rule to follow would be the 80/20 rule where 80 percent of your content is helpful, informative and fun and 20 percent is promotional.

Content is the way to actually attract people to you. So understanding your ideal client’s hopes, fears and dreams is important to help you create content that attracts them instead of content that falls flat. What does that look like? No engagement and people just continuing to scroll.


When you have content that is helpful, informative and fun and it matters to your potential clients, people will gravitate towards you. They will tell you they love your work and that they want to work with you.

There is one catch to this whole thing. And that is that you must remain consistent in order for it to work. You cannot just show up one day and gone the next. Its kind of like if you were to go to Dunkin Donuts for some coffee but when you get there Dunkin Donuts is gone but you noticed there was a McDonalds there. You might be sad for a moment and then you notice that they have McCafe and you think “Oh, I can have that instead”.

Consistency is key. Yes, it can be hard to remain consistent every single day for months on end. Really, this is the hardest part once you know who your ideal client is. But how badly do you really want it? (Plus this is one of the huge pros of working with a coach…accountability).

 Make Real Connections With Real People

When most people start online businesses there is a tendency to think that we are broadcasting our message. We feel like we are yelling from the rooftops. The reality is that most people will never see most of your posts. The reality is that it takes people about 8 exposures before they decide to opt-in (to a free offer mind you let alone a paid program).

So how can you shorten this? How can you make the return on your time on social media worth it? Make real connections with real people.

Yes your content is helping you to do this because it is speaking to your ideal client. Its exactly what they want and need. But, actually reaching out to them and connecting with them does what I call “closing the loop”.

Closing the loop is chatting, showing a genuine interest in people on a one on one basis. This does not by any means mean spamming everyone that likes your posts or random friend requesting people.


Instead, this means reaching out and saying “Hello”. Start a conversation. What would you say if you just ran into someone in person? Probably introduce yourself say hi. Same thing applies online. I encourage you to reach out to 3 people today.

Perhaps it will lead to a sale, perhaps it won’t. but going into it like a wolf out hunting will definitely scare off any potential clients. Instead, go into it with an intention to be helpful no matter what. Maybe you can help them yourself or maybe you can’t either way, help them by showing them a resource or directing them to someone else.

What does this do? This establishes you as an expert in what you can do best and helps you to earn trust by not randomly talking about stuff that you are not an expert in. People are usually blown away when you actually take the time to help them instead of trying to sell them. Try it, you will see.

Getting your next client (or your first client) is really about understanding your ideal client inside and out like the back of your hand, creating content to help them and then closing the loop by showing genuine interest in them. That is it. It’s not hard it’s just about truly understanding what people want and need. Then giving it to them consistently.

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