How Outsourcing Can Help You Make More Money In Your Business - The Impact Driven Entrepreneur with Mariana C. Ruiz
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How Outsourcing Can Help You Make More Money In Your Business

How Outsourcing Can Help You Make More Money In Your Business

 You have been chugging along in your business and you are struggling to do all of the things you need to get your business up and going. You are strapped for time between the kids, keeping up the household and working on your business. You might even be unable to remain consistent in your business because you are trying to juggle everything.

It sounds like its time to step into your role as CEO and begin outsourcing in your business.

As mom entrepreneurs, we have to accept and realize that we cannot do all of the things.

That means getting help.

But you might still be thinking…

  • I cant afford that.
  • How can I hire help if I don’t even make enough money in my business?
  • What would I have someone do?
  • It only takes me 5 minutes to do xyz.

Here is the thing, without growing a team you will not be able to free up your time to do the things that are going to make you more money.

In this article, we will go over some ways for you to see how outsourcing can actually help you make more money in your business.

Your hourly rate

Using your hourly rate to determine if outsourcing will make you money is one of my favorite exercises. I have had clients go through this and see that they have huge aha moments. First, you will want to think about how much it costs to have a consultation with you. What are you charging for the work you do? If you work primarily on projects you can use an estimated number of hours you spend on the project.

Next, you will want to ask yourself

Would I pay someone $__ (insert your hourly rate) to (task you are considering  outsourcing)?

If the answer is yes, awesome continue doing that.

If the answer is no then it’s time to delegate that out. Because here is the honest truth, by doing that task you ARE paying someone as much money as you charge-YOURSELF. Your time could be spent doing more consultations, working on other higher income tasks or just relaxing with your family.

Because here is the honest truth, by doing that task you ARE paying someone as much money as you charge-YOURSELF. Your time could be spent doing more consultations, working on other higher income tasks that only you can do or relaxing with your family (*Priceless*).

Can someone else do this better?

This is one that is more difficult for us to admit as business owners (myself included). But it’s so important because there are people who are highly talented at different things and that’s why they are doing what they do. We all have strengths and weaknesses and hiring someone to help you in the areas that you are not as good at can help you to have a much stronger business.

What you are awesome at and what you are just okay (or even not good at). And consider delegating the things that you are not amazing at. Not only does this make your team stronger but it also saves you a ton of mental energy. Which means more room for great ideas and those great ideas is what makes you money in your business.

Things you procrastinate on

There are likely things that you are procrastinating on for one reason or another. Procrastination takes a lot of mental energy.

For example, when I started my business I knew that I wanted to post in Facebook groups every day. I had all of the posts written out and ready to go but I would procrastinate on actually posting them. It was time-consuming and time sensitive to upload the posts and between my 2 kids under 2 some days it meant I couldn’t post until 10PM and by then not as many people were on social media so I would say I will try to post it tomorrow. Between my procrastination and the kids I was not able to remain consistent with my daily posts.

I ended up setting up a system and delegating the posting to my VA. The system I set up allows me to write all of the posts and know exactly when she has posted so I can go in and interact with people and answer questions. I no longer have to worry about being consistent, I can serve the people that I want through my mission and I can focus on my family without worrying about when I would post. I get to use more of my content and therefore can reach more people and help them more.

Some of my clients have had different procrastination triggers such as cleaning or laundry. If this is you, focus on outsourcing those tasks so they are done and you can focus on the things that will make you money.

As a side note, if you are having something that just keeps showing up on your to do list but you are not actually doing it this is taking up mental energy and possibly even making you feel guilty that you are not doing it. If you do not want to hire it out then take it off your to-do list completely. This will open up the space for great ideas and

In this article, we talked about the some of the mindset shifts around hiring help in your business. Determining your hourly rate and asking if you would pay someone that much money for the tasks you do then realizing that you are paying yourself that much money to complete the same task. Next, we talked about asking if anyone else can do a task better and lastly, we talked about recognizing your procrastination triggers and outsourcing around those. One of the things that has been true for me, is that when I have invested my money in my business into people (VAs, Coaches, OBM, programmers)  it has always paid me back multi-fold.

Now I would love to hear from you, did you find any of these tips helpful? Was there an aha moment? Leave me a comment below and let me know.


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