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4 Essential tools for creating your first opt-in.

4 Essential tools for creating your first opt-in.


4 Essential tools for creating your first opt-in.

4 Essential tools for creating your first opt-in.

Building an email list is critical for business. In order to grow your list,  you will need an opt-in. An opt-in can sometimes be referred to as many other names (freemium, lead magnet, lead bait, freebie). Basically, it is a way to collect email addresses in exchange for a gift.

The number one reason you want to have an email list is because people are more willing to purchase from email than from any other platform. In other words, done correctly email marketing turns your fans into buyers. Check out this article referencing experts and why they believe having an email list is so important.

So, although it is not as fun as Periscope, it is definitely worth your time and effort.

Now that you understand the importance of building an email list you may be asking: But…Where the heck do you start? In this article, I will cover the 5 tools you will need to create your first opt in. Also at the end I will show you how you can learn s how to create tep by step how to create your first opt-in.

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The very first step to creating a great opt-in is actually creating it! This is where Canva comes in! Canva is an amazing free tool that allows you to create social media images, PDFs, flyers ect. and the best part is that it saves your designs. This way if you want to create a second ebook you already have a template from your first one.

So you will want to use Canva to create the free gift that you will be giving away. I will be covering how to create an opt-in that your ideal client will love in this free masterclass.

Free Download_Motivation Worksheet-2

Small PDF

You will create your gift with Canva but you will need to shrink it down so that it fits in the email that you send to people with the gift. That is where Small PDF comes in. You can simply compress your PDF to send it. There are also other cool tools there (you know me geeking out) if you need to convert the format of different files.

A landing page

This is a place to virtually house your form in a way that does not require you to make a full website. I personally use Leadpages which I must admit, I refused to purchase it at first…I was using the upgrade from Get Response which allows you to create your own landing pages but saw a conversion rate of only 2.4%. When I changed to lead pages that changed to 40%. That means that for every 100 people that landed on the page only 2.5 signed up instead 40. That is a HUGE difference!

So there are 2 lessons to learn here. First, make sure you are looking at your stats. Most of the different landing page tools will give you stats such as this. And secondly, if something is not working change it up.

Landing pages can have lots of variables that allow them to convert. The actual writing (copy) or the user experience. So it’s something you definitely have to tweak and play around with if you are not getting the conversion rates you would like. A good conversion rate to shoot for is 40-60% with the lower number being if you are driving cold traffic there (example Facebook ads) and 60% if you are driving warm traffic there.

I do want to address a question I have gotten in the past and that is why cant I just put the opt-in on my website? And the reason that this is not ideal is that the point of a landing page is that there are no distractions. They are there to sign up to your email list which will give you a higher opt-in rate and avoid people navigating away from the form.

Email Marketing Platform

You will need a software that collects emails for you automatically and can “talk” with your landing page. I use Get Response which I absolutely love it’s easy to use and has excellent customer service.

You could automate an email sequence that will allow for the gift that they signed up for to be delivered to them. I do not recommend that this is done manually because people expect it right away. With Get Response you can easily automate emails based on the actions that subscribers take. So immediately after they sign up you could have the gift delivered to them.

In addition, it allows you to avoid sending the same email to someone who signed up for your list multiple times. So eventually you will have more than one opt-in and the person may be on your list more than once, with Get Response, you will not have to worry about sending the same email multiple times.

Social media posts-2

One of the biggest mistakes that I see is that people collect the emails and then do not continue to keep in contact with their email subscribers. Even if you have 10 email subscribers, regular emails should be on the top of your priority list so they don’t completely forget about you. It would be kind of like abandoning Facebook and then later coming on to promote something.


To recap, the 4 essential tools you will need to create your first opt in are Canva to actually create the gift you will give subscribers. Small PDF to format the gift for sending. A landing page to house the form where people will sign up for your opt-in. Lastly, a way to send and collect emails in order to send people your gift and future emails as well.

Social media posts-4

Leave me a comment below on your first opt-in idea.


I can’t wait to hear form you.




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