The Most Crucial Element To Creating An Opt-in That Converts - The Impact Driven Entrepreneur with Mariana C. Ruiz
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The Most Crucial Element To Creating An Opt-in That Converts

The Most Crucial Element To Creating An Opt-in That Converts

Maybe you created an opt-in or perhaps you are considering creating your first one. You have probably heard the term that “The money is in the list” and are just not seeing those types of results yet. So what gives? Why do some people create an opt-in and it builds their list like crazy and yet others have the opt-in sitting there for months and only a couple people opt in? After all, it is FREE anyways!

First of all, I want to say that I have been there I had 12 people who had signed up for my first opt-in when I was a health coach and I was completely frustrated at the lack of response to my totally free gift. So today I want to share with you what I know now that I wish I had known back then.

Completely understanding the ideal client is the key.

By now you are probably thinking “Oh boy another avatar exercise…ugh”

That was what I thought at first. I just could not wrap my head around this avatar thing. This fake person that I was making up had all of these qualities and I just couldn’t quite understand what all of the hype was about. Or more importantly, why that mattered in my business.

But seriously, when I started to actually understand my ideal clients inside and out everything changed in my business. I actually started attracting clients. I started to get friend requests left and right from mom entrepreneurs (my ideal clients). I started to get more likes and comments on my posts.

And…you guessed it I started to convert my opt-ins because I was serving my audience better.

Understanding your ideal client is about way more than creating a fake avatar. It must be based on research, actual conversations and validation. You might have your ideal client totally mapped out but if they are not interested in what you offer than knowing who they are does not matter. I go deeper in all of the aspects of understanding the ideal client in my intensive. 

For the sake of the opt-in, gather information about the ideal client’s struggles, pain points and objections so that you can tailor your opt in to solve at least one of these. So this part is two fold: knowing what their pain points or struggles are and actually solving it. This part will not only help you connect with them but it will also help you to build creditability.


Consider the delivery of the content. It would also be helpful if the delivery of the content was what the ideal clients prefer. For example: I work with busy mompreneurs so if I create a webinar or audio that they could just listen to while doing other stuff that would be easier to consume than to write a 20 page E-book that they would have to sit and read.

Lastly, knowing your ideal client will help you to promote and market to them. This saves you all of the time and wasted energy on marketing in the wrong places and to the wrong people. Think about where the ideal client is hanging out and where you would be able to continue to communicate with them. Start building the relationships as you are creating your opt-in so that you have people to sign up for it once you have it ready to go.


The opt-in itself has to serve your ideal client. It needs to solve a pain point, problem or objection. Next you want to consider how you deliver the opt-in. Deliver it in a way that your ideal client is able and willing to consume. And lastly, promote and market your opt-in to your ideal client in the places where they are currently spending their time.

When you base your opt-ins around the research, you stop wasting time on creating stuff that people are not going to want. And honestly, us moms have no time to waste in our business.

If you are interested in learning more about creating an opt-in that converts join me for this Free Masterclass “Create it now! How to create your first opt-in that turns fans into paying clients” by clicking the button below.

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