5 ways Momtrepreneurs can use Facebook to get Clients - The Impact Driven Entrepreneur with Mariana C. Ruiz
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5 ways Momtrepreneurs can use Facebook to get Clients

5 ways Momtrepreneurs can use Facebook to get Clients


5 ways Momtrepreneurs can use Facebook to get Clients

5 ways Momtrepreneurs can use Facebook to get Clients

Facebook is the largest social media site right now with more than a billion users. More likely than not your ideal client is using facebook every day.

Facebook has been the main platform that I have used to find and connect with potential clients. And turn those potential clients into customers.

I have put together a few strategies that momtrepreneurs can use to find clients on Facebook without feeling salesy or sleazy.

Keep in mind that the point of social media is to connect with people not to sell your stuff. When you go at it from that point of view, it makes it much easier to attract clients rather than to chase them.

Use Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are an awesome way to connect with people. I have found that people are more open to sharing info in groups than anywhere else on Facebook. Which means you can build relationships more quickly in groups.

I find that the relationships I have built through groups are more authentic and I am able to connect better with potential clients and colleagues.

You can use groups to meet people, interact and be generally helpful.

Avoid trying to sell people in groups. If you felt that you were being sold something in a group that would not feel good so don’t do it!

Lastly, be sure to check the group rules when posting. Some groups allow posting of free content and lead magnets but others do not. The last thing you would want is to get kicked out of a group where your ideal customer is hanging out.


Connect With Old Friends

Connecting with old friends and just catching up is a great way to rekindle old friendships. Go in it from the perspective and goal of just catching up and avoid any expectations.

Although most likely, some of your old high school friends don’t know that you are coaching or consulting. When you catch up with them if it comes up then there is an opportunity to get referrals, collaborate or they could even hire you.

By reconnecting, you not only get to reconnect with old friends, reminisce and catch up but you might even make a sale. No matter what the outcome is it will feel really awesome to reconnect with old friends and catch up.


Provide Value

Try to posts information that is generally helpful, entertaining or fun. This is an excellent way to show your expertise and again get visible to your ideal client.

It is great if you provide a call to action at the end of the post but it does not necessarily have to be a URL. Try using “Like this if you agree” or “Comment below with __”.

What’s great about providing value rather than being salesy is that your ideal clients will begin to know, like and trust you. This will start building the relationship so that they feel comfortable buying from you.  is that it positions you as the expert in your field and shows people a taste of what they get by working with you. Value posts should be 80-90% of your posts with promotion being no more than 10% of posts.

Showing your expertise will position you as the expert in your field. It will give people a taste of what they get by working with you as well.

Value posts should comprise about 80-90% of your posts with promotion being no more than 20% of posts. Also, check out the Facebook guidelines about promoting on your personal page.

Make it Easy for Clients

Make it easy for clients to know that you help them by talking directly to them. This will not only attract them but it will also help you build that connection with them (and they will engage with you more).

Make it very clear what type of things you can do for your clients in your value posts. What are the benefits of working with you? What results will the client have after working with you?

Take advantage of your bio, cover photo and about section. List your place of work as your company and link it up to your like page for your business.

If your potential client lands on your wall, having these things in place will direct them to find out how they can work with you. 

Be yourself but remain professional

When your potential client goes to your page they should be able to get a sense of what you are like within the top 4-5 posts.

Each of your posts should speak to them, be professional (I will elaborate on this) and embody what it’s like to talk to you.

So when I say be professional I don’t mean professional in the suit and tie or corporate sense. What I mean when I talk about professional is to be genuine while talking to your target audience. Avoid over sexualized posts unless that is something that your target client is attracted to.

I have seen some pretty out there posts on people’s walls that made me not want to work with them. So remember that this part applies to all businesses no matter who you serve.

As far as family pictures I think that those are actually a great way to convey the real you and give them a sneak peek into your world.

 The main goal with professionalism is to have the viewpoint of your client when you snoop your own page. 


With Facebook being the largest social media platform, having over a billion users, likely you can find your ideal client on facebook. You could use the following tools to help you find your ideal client: Facebook groups, connecting with old friends, providing value, making it easy for clients to find you and being yourself but remain professional.

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