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Recharge Your Mompreneur Powers With These 7 Nutrition Mindset Shifts

Recharge Your Mompreneur Powers With These 7 Nutrition Mindset Shifts

You are a new mom with a new business. You are a high achiever. You are passionate about what you do. You thrive off helping people with your unique strengths or Supermom powers. You are one of those people who can just “do it all” and wants to keep doing it all. You prioritise your kids and business….but not necessarily you or nutrition.

I get it. But listen really carefully. You can’t keep doing it all if you don’t have balance in your life. Without balance you will find it hard to do it all, and other areas of your life will be negatively affected… energy levels, mood, relationships, sleep, and health, causing you to feel overwhelm and burn out.

When you find balance, you will function a whole lot better in every aspect of your life. You will find clarity within your business. Your decision making ability will sharpen as you will not be distracted by feelings of hunger, being overly full, eating foods that make you uncomfortable or sick, and symptoms of headaches, stomach upset and loss of concentration.

Balance is achieved through non-dieting. Non-dieting is eating mindfully and intuitively (i.e. eating without food rules, restriction or deprivation), getting enough sleep, fluid and being physical active. Non-dieting also includes spending time with family and friends and taking time out for yourself to relax and do what you enjoy – don’t forget your hobbies! Balance keeps the fun in life and your business. Otherwise, what’s the point?!

Now that I’ve set the scene, lets jump into the 7 key nutrition mindset issues you need to make today to recharge your mompreneur powers and have the business you dreamed of:

1. Acceptance of your past

Have you tried to change your body to get healthy? Or are you still in pursuit of this goal? Do you believe that dieting is the answer to all your issues? Dieting is not the answer to improving your body shape or size, self-esteem or health for that matter. Dieting can be harmful, as it can lead to disordered eating and eating disorders.

Accept you can be healthy in your body regardless of its shape or size. Accept your body is good enough the way it is, not when you lose ‘X’ amount of weight. Accepting your personal worth is not associated with the numbers on the scales. Stop worrying about your weight. This stress involved in worrying, along with food restrictions and deprivation, actually makes you heavier (which goes against what you were trying to achieve). Weighing is an unhelpful practise that fuels the dieting way of life – Throw the scales away!!

Accept you have an innate ability to care for yourself, which does not involve changing your body by following some generic ‘weight loss’ diet.

The dieting mentality and your health status affect every aspect of your life, including your business. When you stop worrying about what others think of you and your business, and judging your success on business outcomes (e.g. page views, likes, comments, revenue and so on), you will be able to get clear with your priorities and meeting the needs of your clients. You know you are on the right path if you feel positive, passionate and take action that feels right.

2. Acceptance of your future

Accepting the non-diet approach requires a mindset change, which is also typical with running a business, and this takes time. Understand you will not be counting calories, weighing yourself, engaging in diet/fat/good or bad food talk. This different way of looking at nutrition and health may feel foreign and overwhelming and simple at the same time. I love this quote; I think it is so appropriate in this context:

“All great changes are preceded by chaos” – Deepak Chopra

Non-dieting allows you to focus on finding the joy in eating, making peace with your body whilst doing what you love….I can think of a couple of things (raising your children and helping people with your superpowers)!!


3. Apologise to your body

For the years of not trusting it. For the abuse that occurred…

Verbally – E.g. “I am not good enough the way I am.” “I must change my body.”

Physically – Depriving yourself of essential nutrients and pleasure by restricting and controlling food intake.

If you are not at peace with your food and body, you are basically saying you don’t trust yourself. Are you putting off some big goals because you think you could not or should not based on your appearance and/or self-worth? If this is the case, you will go looking for the next quick fix to distract you from the underlying issue. Does this sound like you in nutrition and business?

4. Create abundance

Ensure you have a variety of nutritious (‘everyday’) and less nutritious (‘sometimes’) foods available in your house and wherever you go to keep you nourished and working with energy and clarity. Many people restrict and eliminate certain foods because they feel they cannot trust themselves around the food. They feel they will binge on this food.

Eg. Have you ever eaten at a buffet repeatedly or been on a cruise where there is delicious food available all the time? Can you think back to how you felt at the start of being exposed to this ‘endless’ supply of food? What about 5 days later?

What tends to happen is that the glamour around all the food fades, and the desire to eat huge quantities of food declines. After this time, you will find yourself eating intuitively.  That is, eating when you are hungry, stopping when you are content and choosing food that feels satisfying in your stomach. If you know you can have any food whenever you like, you are less likely to overeat.

This strategy, once fully committed to, adequately nourishes and recharges your body, priming it for action and eliminates feelings of deprivation, over-eating. The key to this strategy is reconnecting with your internal body cues or signals. When you don’t adequately fuel your body, you risk burning out sooner.

5. Acknowledge your emotions

Understand that by adopting a non-dieting mindset, your emotions may become intense initially, as you have been used to dieting, which is a means of not dealing with your actual emotion(s) or problem(s). Shifting the blame to food and your body, and thinking you have a weight and/or eating problem can be convenient to start off with.

Acknowledging your emotions with trying to “do it all” is a massive step forward. When this occurs you will understand that you only have a certain amount of energy each day to grow yourself, family and business.  Getting the right nutrition and business support will help you to resolve your issue(s) and take appropriate action.

6. Make peace

Make peace with your body. Accept your unique set of DNA. If you spend time forcing your body to be something it’s not, you will find it very difficult to eat intuitively. When you accept your body, you accept your business. You allow your unique self to shine through and help people in the way nobody else can.

Make peace with where you are at in your non-dieting journey. Don’t beat yourself up because you are not where you want to be right now. The same can be said for your business. There is always going to be a-to-do list! It is helpful to work on the things that will have the greatest impact with your nutrition and business. Focus within and keep on responding to your internal body cues in the most appropriate ways. Business, like non-dieting is a journey, not an end point.

7. Increase your knowledge

Increase your knowledge of the non-diet philosophy by downloading your FREE copy of ‘How to Build a Positive Food Relationship’ AND ‘Food and Body Relationship Toolkit e-books’ to help find your balance in nutrition and business for optimal energy, clarity and decision making. You’ve got this!

In the meantime, keep on working on your nutrition and business mindset shifts and continue to achieve great things, supermom. You are your business’ greatest asset.

About Natalie Thompson

Natalie Thompson is a non-dieting Accredited Practising Dietitian. Natalie believes there is a better way to care for yourself that does not involve dieting or changing your body. She wants you to discover the joy in eating, making peace with your food and your unique body whilst focusing on the important things in your life.

Natalie is passionate about inspiring positive changes in eating and lifestyle behaviours, to help nurture a healthy relationship with food and body.

Find Natalie over at her blog at and on Social Media.


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