3 Mindset Shifts for exponential growth - The Impact Driven Entrepreneur with Mariana C. Ruiz
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3 Mindset Shifts for exponential growth

3 Mindset Shifts for exponential growth

In this episode, I share the 3 mindset shifts that I had to make to create exponential growth in my business year over year.


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What you will learn:

  • The most important thing for getting what you want
  • The secret ingredient that most people omit when teaching manifesting
  • #truthbomb increasing your income is not enough and what to really focus on in order to keep more of the money you make

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This topic came about, as I prepared for a webinar that I am doing on the 7 Business Growth Myths that are keeping you small. As I opened up the discussion around some of the topics of the webinar, I realized these were some of the pivotal changes that I had which allowed me to 2 x my income year over year.

Shift #1: Release any meaning around reaching a goal.
  1. Beating myself up for not getting 100% of a goal was keeping me in a really bad place-and not even wanting to set goals anymore. Failure is a normal part of the journey.
  2. Allowing myself to realize that even if I reached only 50% of my goal I was still way closer than if I would have aimed low.
  3. Let’s all make a promise right here to each other that we will not be doing this any more. It stops here. It stops today. And if you find yourself doing this I want you to come back here and PM me. We can set you up with an accountability buddy to help you both stay on track.
Shift #2: Profit is more important than income
  1. I had to leave my full time job when my daughter was in the NICU and I ended up having to lean into my business full time. This meant that I actually had to pay myself a salary every month. Up until this point I was reinvesting most of what I was making. So I shifted this and started to actually pay myself a salary every month.
Shift #3: Selling is helping
Put a 3 in the comments if you have ever struggled with sales.
  1. When I started my business I really just wanted to have other people sell for me. But what I didn’t realize is that by not selling, I was actually doing my business a dis service. I was also doing my clients a dis service because they were not able to get the full transformation that coaching could have for them.
First we talked about not beating ourselves up for not reaching our goal to 100%. Then we talked about the shift from looking at profit to looking at income. Lastly, we talked about how selling is helping.
I want to invite you to a really special masterclass I am doing this week called: 7 Online Business Growth Myths Debunked: The shocking myths in the online coaching world that keep you small.
  1. We will go deeper into this topic of profit over income and you will learn what a healthy profit margin is in a business.
  2. You will learn what types of marketing strategies help you to go bigger in your business and what that looks like.
  3. You will probably have some big shifts and aha-s just like some of my clients have over the last week as I have prepared for this!
Join us here: bit.ly/mythsclass or text COACHINGMYTHS to 44222


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Mariana C. Ruiz
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Mariana is a Certified Business Coach + Consultant she helps coaches and consultants to increase their profit and impact. She uses her background in brain science, hospital administration and 13 years of marketing, sales and business experience to help you identify the profit leaks in your business, market in a way that attracts your ideal clients and convert followers to group coaching clients through service-based selling. She has been featured in various podcasts, blogs and online courses including the Huffington Post, Today.com, and The Millionaire Insider Extravaganza. Through working with hundreds of business, she has empowered them to increase their profit and serve more people all over the world. You can catch her podcast and join the community at http://impactdrivenentrepreneur.com/community

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