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How To Make Effective Marketing Videos

How To Make Effective Marketing Videos

I don’t know about you, but the term “marketing video” turns me off. Just the thought of “marketing” makes me want to turn on the TV and watch “The Affair”.

Ok, so all “marketing video” is, is using video to market or promote your brand, product or service. This can be done in lots of ways, but the most simple, straightforward way to share your brand or product is by sharing YOU. How do you do that? Dun dun dun duuunnnnnh! Surprise, I’m a video coach! Getting you on video allows you 1) to be the celebrity of your brand; 2) to make a direct emotional appeal to your ideal client; 3) allows you to create a human connection to a concept – and it’s WAY more effecting that just text and images. (ZZZZ warning: According to a report published by Forrester, including video in an email leads to a whopping 200-300% increase in click-through rate.)

Ok, so how do I make these amazingly converting videos?

First, give yourself a big damn hug and remember all you are capable of. Get an image of the young you, the seven year old you, and tell her what she needs to hear to get over any underlying fear of being “out there”, “visible”, “vulnerable”. This is video. Any internal blocks or messages you’re sending yourself about not being good enough? Look at that little girl and remind her of her power.

Moving on with our kindness glasses

Right here I give you the fast and furious breakdown of how to make a quick, high quality video. Even if the kids break in and start finger painting the walls with poo, keep rolling! Sometimes that stuff is hilarious and makes you more authentic. Better yet, set them up with their favorite game in the other room and pay your neighbor to sit on them and keep them quiet. Whatever it takes, any way YOU work best.

What you’ll need

1) A smart phone or tablet (or a fancy camera). You can use your laptop as well, just make sure not to sit too close. Makes you look like you’re in a fishbowl.
2) A tripod: If using a phone or tablet, it requires an additional mount so it can sit on a tripod. Make sure you have the right accessories. Basically, what you want to check for is that whatever tripod you get/have has a mount for whatever camera you are using, and that it supports the weight of your camera. If you’re using a DSLR, those are heavier, you’d need a sturdier tripod, etc. Make sure and read the specs before you buy. Yes, you can prop your camera up if you’re gonna’ go McGyver style, but I recommend investing in the future of you on video, being amazing. You are your own celebrity. You know you deserve this.
3) Lighting: Best source is indirect sunlight – AKA Shade. Best time of day to film? Sunset/Sunrise OR an overcast day. What’ you’re looking for with the light: You know that pretty light just as the sun is rising or setting? Aaaaahhhh. Yes, that is what we seek. Now, if you’re inside and using a window, you want your face to be facing a window so you are nicely lit (not high noon western sun in your face. We are always looking for soft, diffused light to make us look amazing.) So, face towards window, camera shoots AWAY from window. Never point the camera towards a window. You become a shadow and we can’t see you. Light source BEHIND camera. Light source on your gorgeousness.

4) Sound: Easy. Either buy a lavalier mic that is made for your type of smartphone OR –use your ear bud headset. You know, the ones you listen to your music with to drown out the incessant complaining, the same one you use to call your friend beg her to fly to Cancun with you for the weekend? Well those are a microphone too! So plug that into your smartphone and voila. Pul-leese DO NOT USE the external microphone on your smartphone. That external one grabs what we in the industry call “scratch sound”. It’s not professional, and you deserve better. How do I hide the mic?! Don’t bother. Even newscasters don’t bother hiding their mics these days. I do recommend buying an inexpensive lavalier mic that plugs right in to ye’ ol smartphone, records your voice right onto the video, and saves you to TON of time. No editing necessary.


That’s a class unto itself. There’s no reason not to get started sharing you and your product or whatever it is you have to share. Advice, love, blue bananas, whatever you got, people are out there who will buy it IF they can know you and trust you. Video is the way.

Quick tips

  • Turn the camera sideways, not up and down. That way you don’t have those two black bars on the side of your video
  • Place the camera far enough away so that your face isn’t distorted by the lens.
  • Give your pretty face some room on the right, left and top. Not too much!
  • A nice frame is called a Medium Close up: Place the camera slightly above eye level for a flattering angle

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Colleen Davie Janes is a video coach and the creator of Ace Your Video, a video playground for entrepreneurs to learn how to make high quality videos in a FUN way. Not scary, not boring, just awesome.
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