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Is The Money Really In The List?

Is The Money Really In The List?

If you have been in business for some time you have probably heard the saying “The money is in the list”. But if you are starting from zero how do you go from no list and no money to making your first $1,000 to $5,000?

In this article I am going to talk about how list building applies to your business when you are starting out and how to make a profit, even if your list is small. This is a pretty inclusive article so if you are short on time or want the article emailed to you click the image below to get the article emailed to you.

List building is a long term plan

First I want to make something clear. Building an email list is a long term plan. It is not something that happens overnight neither is making money from your email list. Even if you are growing your email list through Facebook Ads, not just organically, you will have to invest time and money into testing and tweaking your ads before your email list grows.

People that have huge lists of 10 and 20 thousand people did not get there overnight. It has taken them years of opt-ins, giving information for free, helping people and nurturing that email list. When you get that many people on an email list after factoring in open rates, conversion rates and everything else  you will be able to send an email and make a substantial amount of money. Also note that it takes more than a single email to sell even for the people with big lists. They tend to do launches. It is not at all sending one email and you have a million dollars in the bank.

So when you are starting out 0-2K subscribers you can make money from your email list. I have, and these are some of the things that I have done to be able to make my business profitable even with a small list.

Real Relationships With Real People

When you get your first 0-2K subscribers think of it as a really awesome opportunity to make closer relationships. It’s not that you cannot make money from your list at this stage, you absolutely can. The key is to have a closer relationship with your subscribers so that you really understand what they truly want and need.

How do you get them on your list?

You will want to create an opt-in that is specific to your ideal clients. It should solve a specific pain point that they have so that it can convert. Then you will want to promote it in multiple ways and at multiple times.

It takes 8 exposures on average for someone to opt in. EVEN THOUGH ITS FREE!

This is not to discourage you, its just to be real.

his is where your creativity can come in. Mention your opt-in in a video, relate it to a story, talk about the benefits. Promote it in different ways and if you are doing it as part of a launch you want to promote it very often, to be more clear, for a launch promote your opt-in daily!

To get the most out of this info click the image below and I will email you this article so you can have it for your next opt-in promotion


During my first launch I got sick of talking about my opt-in and my offer and then I remembered (thanks to my coach!) that even though I had said it multiple times people don’t see all of the posts. They are seeing only a fraction of what you post.

Nurture Sequence 

When someone gets on your list you will want a set of welcome emails to show them a little bit of your personality and what you are like. This is welcoming them to your list. People call a series of emails a funnel.

There are thousands of ways to structure a funnel depending on your objective. Funnels are something you test and tweak based on what works best for you. Over all the best way to start is by giving value first, ask for the sale later

Here is an example of a funnel that you might use:

Email 1: Give them the gift and introduce yourself
Email 2: High value content and instruction
Email 3: Ask for a reply (engage them)
Email 4: Reflect their concerns – P.S. with offer
Email 5: Show proof (testimonials) -P.S. With offer
Email 6: Strong offer email

The timing of this can be every other day or daily depending on what you feel comfortable with. Set the expectation and tell people what is to come so they are not caught off guard.

You will want this funnel for when you are ready to implement, click the link below and I will send it to you.


Ask For Engagement

When people get on your email list ask them what they are struggling with and respond personally to each email. This sounds tedious but only a few people will answer back. I get about 2-4 emails per day. This allows me to see what they are struggling with so that I can help them on a deeper level. It allows you to learn more about where they are in the buying process and how you can help them.


Ask them to Join Your Facebook Group

Getting people from your list to a Facebook group allows you to do what I call “Close the gap”. See on an email list it is easy to forget that they are a real person. They seem so far away and all you really have is a name and an email address.

When you are in a Facebook group with someone it allows you to have so much more interaction and deeper conversations back and forth. You see their picture, you see their posts in your newsfeed. You know what they are going through. Again this is about engaging them, understanding them and connecting on a deeper level.

Having your subscribers in a Facebook group allows you to have multiple touch points so when you run a promotion they will see it in their email and in the group. Just like an opt-in, remember that people need to see your offer several times before they buy

Give Your Subscribers The VIP Treatment

Treat the people on your list to exclusive content and sales. This is a nice way of saying thanks for being a loyal follower. I love to treat them extra special and tell them that it is exclusive content. If you create a new opt-in or freebie give it to your subscribers first. If you are unsure what content to give them, you could give a backstory on your blog post, give extra tips and examples that you have not talked about on social media or on your blog. Be yourself and let your personality shine through in your emails.

Let People Off The Bus

Its important to honor unsubscribes from your email list. And the reality is that it will happen. Unsubscribes are a normal part of having an email list. What helped me was to switch my mindset to allowing people to “Get off the bus”. Meaning if they are not liking my emails, most likely they would not have bought from me anyways. And that it totally okay! Not everyone has to like me.


There are some things that you can do to lower your unsubscribe rate:

  1. Email them regularly. You don’t want to only email them only when you have something to sell. Email them and give them loads of value consistently. My friend Laura Brandenburg and I did a call a few weeks ago about our first year in business and we both talked about emailing our list every week since day 1 even when we had <20 people on our list.
  2. Be yourself. When you are yourself in your emails and in your copy you will get the right people to stay and the wrong people to leave. Let them get off the bus.
  3. Give value. Its not all about buy, buy, buy, think of it just like on social media you want to infuse value into your emails.
  4. Segment your list. Segmenting your list is creating different categories within your list based on interest and activities. This is more advanced but worth it if you are in for the long run. Not all programs will allow you to do this either so you will have to check if your email management system allows you to segment. The key to segmentation is to only show offers to the right people at the right time based on their activity or interest


Unable to implement this right away? Click the image below and I will email you this article so that you will be able to take action on all of the info.

Have One Call To Action

Okay I will admit it, when I started my email list I thought that I needed to talk about EVERYTHING that I was doing. And as the places that I was being mentioned and featured in grew my emails started to feel like a headless chicken. Around that time, I read the book “How To Write Copy That Sells” by Ray Edwards (excellent book by the way) and he helped me to streamline my emails. He talks about having one call to action in each email and including the link multiple times.

If you want them to go to a blog post link the post multiple times inside the email but only have ONE action you want them to take. This helped me to 5x my clickthrough rate (even for sales pages!). Also, note that when you are sending an email make the link pretty don’t use the plain URL. See the example in the next section.

Use the P.S. wisely

The P.S. is the most read part of an email. So you want to use that area wisely, another pearl of wisdom from Ray Edwards. If I have an offer or I am referring to an action I want them to take (like read the blog post), I will summarize that in the P.S. with a link.

Here is an example that I sent out about this post:

P.S. Have a small list? In this week’s blog post I talk about how to make a profit even if you have a small email list.

In summary, creating an email list is a long term marketing strategy. Growing your email list to the thousands does not happen overnight. It begins with having great opt-ins that speak to your ideal clients and making a deeper connection with the people on your list. Be yourself in your emails and allow people to unsubscribe and get off the bus. Lastly have a strong, single call to action and use the P.S. wisely in your emails.

You can work through all of the profitability strategies listed by clicking the link below and completing the form.


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Through private coaching, my clients have been able to turn a profit in their business so that they can support their families while living a life they love.

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