Important question for ambitious heart-centered coaches, consultants and service providers, who want to hit $20k+/month, without burnout or loss of sanity.
What’s the BIGGEST difference between an online entrepreneur who makes $20k months the norm, attracts ideal clients, and shows up as a CEO everyday


… that takes on ANY client (translate: less than ideal), undercharges and over delivers her services, silently resents her business and racks up credit card debt due to the 20 digital courses she’s bought in a single year?

If you guessed “Facebook Ads”, you’d be wrong.

If you guessed “Dropping $20k to work with the hottest YouTube sensation”, you’d be wrong.

And if you guessed….

10,000 subscribers on her email list, JV partnerships with influencers, daily Facebook Lives, and a highly rated ITune podcast…..

You’d be-oh-so-terribly wrong!

Cause while all these things have their place…

(Case in point: Yours truly, except dropping the $20k to work with a YouTube coach!)

They’re only PART of the equation.

And unless you’ve ENGINEERED your business for recurring revenues, passive income streams, massively engaged team players, and a leveraged business model, so that you….

...Stop trading dollars for hours…

...10x the number of clients you’re currently serving….....while working fewer hours to be present with your family and do the things you love…

The income and impact you are working so hard to create, with your head buried in your laptop 24/7, will at best come at the expense of sleepless nights…

….and at worst, completely blow up in your face, with an overdrawn bank account and escalating anxiety levels.

So, if you know without a doubt, that you were put on this earth, to live your purpose, share your gifts with the world, write your own paycheck, and not work for “the man”....

Then keep reading….
Because what follows could easily change the trajectory of your entrepreneurial path, from burned out solopreneur’ to badass CEO

But first...let’s address the REAL REASON…..
...Why you’re still the overworked solopreneur & not the visionary CEO of your company, even though you’re NOT Ms. Newbie Noobs anymore
(......and MOST importantly, why it’s not your fault!)
In the early days...
You invested in upping your qualifications and skills to boost your creds...

...that means you bought the courses, invested in masterminds, group coaching programs, even hired the 6-figure guru to coach you one on one..

….Signed a few clients here and there….

….Got them the phenomenal results....

….Dropped everything to answer their questions on Voxer, email or FB messenger at every waking hour...

…..Even stepped in to do the work for them (because the perfectionist/control freak/mama bear in you didn’t want them to ‘fail’).

In short, you over delivered, undercharged, went above and beyond to give value, earned the street creds and ‘graduated’ from the freshman batch…

Cut to the present (few years later)...
By now you’ve EARNED the right to…

…. more leverage...

….glowing testimonials and ideal client referrals….

….strong financial rewards as a result of increasing your prices AND getting paid, no questions asked thank you vurrry much!

...stop wearing all the hats because delegation is your middle name…
All while operating as the confident, successful, and the coveted CEO of your company…

But, your reality is singing a different tune isn’t it?
  • 👉 You still wear as many hats if not more…
  • 👉 You’re not making $20k (or more) every month...
  • 👉 Spend 3 hours perfecting your blog posts before hitting publish..
  • 👉 Listen to podcasts and make mental notes about strategies that will help you uplevel in your business….
  • 👉 And try not to lose it when you’re in the grocery store, pacifying your toddler who’s having her third meltdown, while you’re typing an        appropriate response to a needy client who’s asked her 40th question for the day, and since its marked ‘read’ on FB messenger, the ‘overdeliverer’ in you can’t ignore it.
  • 👉 You feel that you should be further along by now…
  • 👉 You feel that you should be sending the kids to daycare (fulltime)...
  • 👉 You feel that you should be booking flights and hotel for the Disney vacay that’s eagerly waiting to be checked off your bucket list...
  • And you constantly ask yourself….
“If I’m so smart, capable and hard working….why can’t I get to the NEXT LEVEL?”
Wanna really know?
Businesses Fail Because They’re Run by Employees 
(or Freelancers) Who’re Masquerading As CEOs.  


I know this hurts...deep breath…

I got you…

But if you’re in constant hustle mode, can’t pay yourself a decent salary, hesitate to hire the right support because you worry you won’t make enough to pay them, and think you can still ‘figure this out on your own'.....

Then I gotta be honest with you…

You’ll be worse off than where you are right now….because you’ll have:
     👉 Made no significant income working with ideal clients (because they won’t know you exist).
     👉 Spent more money on courses to learn the ‘secrets’, leaving you with more questions than answers…
     👉 Paid for coaching which is therapy in disguise, leaving you feeling temporarily psyched up to ‘crush it’ - but it without moving the needle in your               bank account because you still have no idea what to do to.

 With all that training in your expertise, certifications, and experience, isn’t it time you ACTUALLY stop being the glorified employee or freelancer and become the visionary CEO?

Let’s get something straight.

You don’t need (or even want) another digital course that teaches you how to double your website traffic…

You don’t want to get lost in the Facebook Group rabbit hole, posting, and commenting on threads, thinking that you’ll have the readers go ape-sh*t over your content and gain *cough* new clients (P.S: if you’re following a guru’s advice on this one, please run in the other direction as fast as you can!).

You just want to be able to get to consistent $20k months doing love, without sacrificing your time with your family and most importantly - time for yourself.

‘Cause while you were climbing the entrepreneurial ladder, fulfilling your role as mom, wife, partner, business owner, along the way you forgot all about you.

And it’s high time that you put your phone on airplane mode, drink your morning coffee while it’s still hot, and spoil yourself with a nice hot bath and a book (or an occasional Moscato 😊).

Self care should not be a myth.

“I have no time” should not be the most uttered sentence from your lips.

The late night venting to your partner should be replaced with clink-worthy wins, celebrating how far you’ve come, the Paypal notifications, and sold out group coaching programs.
And here’s why it’s not your fault where you are today because you’re likely plagued by 6 myths that have stopped you from getting to the next level...
Myth # 1: You have to learn ‘everything’ first before you can uplevel.
Oooh was I guilty of this one, and probably every client I’ve worked with has this unrelenting problem. So let’s set the record straight.
It’s complete B.S.

That's like saying you need to know everything about being a mother before you can give birth! Ridiculous right?

What happens when entrepreneurs are in constant learning mode, is that they get comfortable in that space. 

They don't want to be uncomfortable and take action because there's uncertainty. 

What if I fail? What if the client says no? What if I make a fool of myself? If they get too comfy, they do it at the expense of their business becoming a hobby and eventually shut it down.

Sure you need some basics in place when you are getting ready to scale. And the best part? These ‘basics’ in your online business don’t have to be installed by you.  

Whether it’s a landing page.

An email sequence.

Moderating your Zoom webinar chat room...

Or even managing your Facebook ad account...

ALL of this should be delegated to superstar team players who adore this type of work.

So spare yourself the countless hours in how to come up with winning Instagram hashtags, perfecting the dimensions on your Facebook cover photo, and even coming up with a winning sales or webinar script.

Your ONLY job is to stay in your zone of genius and operate from there.

The rest? Delegate.

And what if it’s an income-generating activity that cannot be outsourced? Like sales calls?

Don’t reinvent the wheel. Instead use proven scripts, methods and tools that already work.

The reality is that...It's not that you want to learn everything, it's that you're not willing to take action, you're hiding behind your laptop and are acting from fear.

Fear of judgement about what others will think of you, of whether you are doing it right and whether what you are doing is good enough to sell, share with the world or really transform someone’s life.

But you will only know this if you are willing to get out there and fail.

If you work through your own thoughts and get support and accountability in executing.

Right now, learning everything is an excuse for showing up and facing those fears.

But the reality is that if you really had to know everything, have the perfect product then Apple would have held off on their first Iphone/Ipad/Ipod launch - which by the way came with defects and sold millions. 

The engineers who made it, didn't make it defect free the first time round. Not even the second or third. But Jobs launched his product because he BELIEVED in it. Believed in his vision. How much do you believe in your work/program?

Myth # 2: You aren’t able to make good money while helping people.
This is true if your current business model is ‘trading dollars for hours’. In that case you can’t make recurring revenues and get high on making money-while-you-sleep (hello passive income!).

I know this intimately well.

Before I executed a leveraged business model, I was working with 15, 1 on 1 clients! Being spread thin and low on energy had become my identity. I couldn’t show up 100% for my clients. I was mentally distant from my family. Worst of all, I was resentful of my business. So, for things to change, things HAD to change.

This may be you. If you’re using a dollars for hour model, you’ve probably plateaued or hit an income dip. So you wrongfully conclude, that the laptop lifestyle is for the gurus because they’ve figured out a secret.

But it’s available to you too!

All you need to do is to change your business model and setup the systems to help you become part of the ‘cool’ Instagram entrepreneur crowd you secretly envy and perhaps follow.

Look at influencers such as Marie Forleo & Gabby Bernstein. They are empowering people around the world, making an impact and are also 8-figure business owners.

If you really couldn't make good money while helping people Gabby Bernstein would have to keep a part time job just to pay the bills and probably have a fraction of the reach and impact that she currently has!

The reality is that you will keep yourself stuck in a cycle of victim mode if you choose to accept the belief that you can’t make money while helping people.

And if you continue to help people without making money for yourself, then sooner or later you'll start feeling resentful (if you haven’t already!).

What I see more often is that it's not that you don't want to charge higher fees for your services, it's because you're afraid you won't get clients at those higher rates.

Your afraid that your family will alienate you for “thinking you can charge that much” and your friends will ask you "who do you think you are?".

You're simply afraid.

Because these are all things happening in you your brain not things that have ACTUALLY happened.

For many entrepreneurs that I work with they charge low prices to start to “get testimonials and some quick wins” but that strategy quickly stops working when you are a couple years in and still struggling to pay yourself a decent consistent salary and hiring support to help you execute on the day to day tasks (keeping you in broke mode).

They default to these strategies because thats what worked to get them to where they are.

It’s not that these strategies don’t work ever, or that the coach that may have taught you this strategy is wrong or bad.

It’s that you are beyond this point in your business and the only way out is to uplevel.

The good news is that with the right support system, tools and support you can work through this fear and get support + accountability to stick it out and see it through to the other side where the consistent income and impact you want to be making are.

Myth # 3: “Making more money is greedy. I should be content with the $5-10k months.”
If that were true, then the world's greats would stop making better things. JK Rowling would stop writing, Elon Musk would stop making Teslas and Apple would stop making more or better products….let’s just say I would personally be pissed. How would you feel about that?

That is how the people you are meant to serve would also feel.

Isn't it more important to impact 100s of people through the work you do then think about how much money you're making? If you lead with service first then money, then you can give up this story that isn’t serving you.

And I want to help you to do just that.

So that you can go bigger without fear of what others will think about you.

So that you can make the impact that you desire in the world for those that you are meant to serve.

And there may even be a part of you that still doesn’t trust yourself to call in more money because you fear that you will be “irresponsible” with your money. 

The good thing is that I teach you not only the money mindset but how to manage your money like a CEO. 

How to forecast and plan your finances like the CEO that you truly want to be.

Myth # 4: “The better I get at my craft, the more sales I’ll make….”
I have the utmost respect for education. No advancing entrepreneur’s too cool for school.

I would know. I’m a self-professed nerd and I’ve a never-ending dream list of courses that I wanna take….

But being a masterful coach, practitioner, therapist, copywriter, or whatever your occupation is does not equal to a thriving business.
You’re not the star employee who does a ‘great job’, gets a bonus and is assigned the next project.

You’re not content being a freelancer, living from gig to gig and schlepping your ‘sample work’ to prospective clients or agencies waiting to cash in big.

You’re a CEO and you need skills to run an 
ENTIRE company.
Imagine how it would feel to:
  •  To know EXACTLY how much money you will make, before the start of a new month - without the 3 AM sweats and constant worry about how you’ll get through next month.
  •  To instantly create irresistible paying offers you KNOW that people will buy - without second guessing yourself.
  •  To have an existing pool of hot leads on your waiting list dying to get into your coaching programs….
And so much more.

Being good at what you do will attract clients from word of mouth...and make no can’t charge for crappy work…there’s an absolute demand and respect for high quality and knowledge for sure....

...But your bank account will be singing a tune of gratitude, because you know how to bring in money & manage money when you step into the CEO role - and unfortunately no coaching certification teaches you how to do that. 

And clients who haven’t heard of you yet (but will exclaim “Where have you been ALL my life?”, when they do) will profusely thank you for ‘showing up’ - A.K.A damn good marketing on your end!

So, yes to mastering your craft but a thousand times YAS to learning how to run a successful business. 


And what I have found over and over again is that its not that you don't think you know enough, It's not that you you're 'not ready', it's just an excuse to avoid rejection of putting yourself out there.

The true issue is that its easier to learn #allthethings than to get out there and sell.

And that is what is currently keeping you as the best kept secret in your industry. 

Those you are meant to serve are waiting for you ❤

Myth # 5: “I’m not good enough, likeable enough, worthy enough to get to the next level” 
If I waited for everyone to like, correction, LOVE my social media content, I’d have converted ALL those likes into hard cash (didn’t happen).

If I waited to be liked, showered with praise, and receive a guru’s validation that I was awesome, guess what I’d still be doing? Yup. I’d be forever waiting in the aisles.  

Truth is, your dreams only become a reality (and fast), when you take imperfect action.... 

….Even if your webinar registration page has a typo (or two).

….Even when your dog’s barking in the background while you’re on client calls…

But that only makes you real, relatable, likable and……..profitable.

And as long as you operate with integrity….

….Other people’s opinions don’t matter. 

The only ones who matter are your ideal clients who’re spiritually contracted to work with you. (Yes I’m a little woo woo)

The quicker you realize this, the more you go after your dreams with ferocity. 

And this starts with YOU believing in YOURSELF.

The reason that you are still worried about what others think is because you are looking for validation outside of yourself for how amazing you truly are.

What amount of external confirmation do you need would it take for you to believe to get to the next level? 

Would it be working with a number of clients? A number of hours? Or the number of approvals from your family members/friends? 

The reality is that you only need YOURSELF on board. 

When you are confident in your own ability, everyone else's’ opinions will no longer matter.

Imagine what would be possible when we remove those limitations and you fully own your strengths.

Myth # 6: I have to get to a certain income level BEFORE I hire a team.
This is the chicken and egg story. I talk to a lot of entrepreneurs and they ask me this:

“Should I hire before I’ve made enough money to justify the overhead?”

“Or should I hire support immediately, knowing fully well that if I have help, I’d free up those precious hours in my schedule and do what only I can do - be more visible and close more sales.”

If you’ve read this far, then you kinda know my answer.

You don’t need a full blown team of 10 people working for you, right out of the gate. 

But you do need to know how to properly manage and run a PROFITABLE team. 

A team that makes you money, not costs you money.

If you’re worried that you need a physical location, equipped with laptops, printers and a vending machine - you’re overthinking this. 

If you’re thinking you need to sacrifice your personal time to build the company without hiring help, you’re doing yourself and your clients a huge disservice. 

Scaling doesn’t have to come at the expense of profitability. 

When soured, on boarded, trained and led effectively your team can have a huge impact and ROI. 

The right team (or a single member) would pay for herself 3 times over. 

The truth is that If you continue to being the chief everything officer in your business, you'll do miss the mark on quality, one or more balls will drop and you will never reach the full impact and income that your business will be able to create.

It's not that you're can't hire a team, you don't know HOW to hire, onboard and train an employee profitably.

If you think that getting to the next level in your business, hitting those consistent $15-$25k months, without sacrificing your time, well-being and family is next to impossible….it’s time you approach your business with a fresh lens…

Because when you have a proven roadmap for your business, the way I’m about to show you, you’ll finally….
  • 👉 Scale up your income and impact in a SUSTAINABLE way that feels good, non-scammy and is in                  alignment with your personal values. 
  • 👉 Get back 10 hours per week in your schedule and show up as the visionary CEO in your company and          operate from your zone of genius, instead of a glorified employee, or worse as a hired minion.
  • 👉 Go out on date nights, never miss your child’s soccer games, and even get out of the office during mid-          day to have lunch with your girlfriends.
  • 👉 Answer with confidence and zero guilt, when prospects ask “So what’s the investment?”
  • 👉 Feel fully supported, cared for and relieved with a team of highly engaged A players who buy into your          vision and skillfully execute it.
  • 👉 Celebrate your accomplishments and take pride in the fact that you 100% showed up, physically and            emotionally instead of half-assing it, like you’ve done in the past. 
These outcomes are totally within reach for you and your business.

But unless you have these 5 essential components available to you on the other side of this sales page, you’re going to be sitting at your desk, taking the same fruitless actions, and sighing “Someday, I’ll make it”.

Now you no longer, have to say that…..Because “Someday” is NOW….

But first, you’re probably wondering….

Who the heck am I to tell you all this?
Hey there!

I’m Mariana Ruiz.

And when I’m not dreaming about vacations in Italy and devouring chocolate gelatos, I’m playing wife to my handsome husband, three adorable children (two human babies under 4 years of age and my 8 year old shitzu-poodle).

Born in Venezuelan and immigrated to the US with my parents when I was 7 years old, I am no foreigner to hard work and ‘putting in my dues’ 😊.

In fact, I went to nursing school and climbed up the corporate ladder where I was about to oversee 3 hospitals when my preemie daughter was born and I went all in on my online coaching side hustle.

When I decided to go all in to my coaching business, after my daughter was born. I worked very hard (still do) at transforming my employee mindset to a visionary CEO. I know what it’s like to not spend time with your loved ones when you’re on a coaching call with a less-than-ideal client at a less-than-ideal-hour only to pay the bills.

After some hard lessons, ugly cries and going back to the drawing board to hit re-start...things look different...

I run a coaching company where we help coaches and consultants create, launch and scale 6-figure group coaching programs.

My team and I believe the world will be a better place when everyone owns their zone of genius and operates at their highest potential.
We are not...
I run a coaching company where we help coaches and consultants create, launch and scale 6-figure group coaching programs.

My team and I believe the world will be a better place when everyone owns their zone of genius and operates at their highest potential.

“Create a 6 figure business overnight” company.

Overpriced “let me tell you what to do even if we haven’t done it ourselves” coaching business.

We are nerds at heart, hardcore implementers and eternal optimists.

Together you and us, will co-create the business of your dreams in exactly 12 months, transforming you from the overworked solopreneur/glorified employee into the 6-Figure Visionary CEO making genuine impact in the world. 

Curious how we’re going to do that?
Here is what others are saying...

A Comprehensive Coaching Program that Helps you go from struggling Entrepreneur to Visionary CEOs so you can make $20k/month (and more) with the Help of Systems, Team, Leveraged and Passive Income Strategies in 12 months.

     👉 No more figuring out your business without a proven and a battle tested blueprint.

     👉 No more undercharging, overcompensating, and working with clients who don’t respect your boundaries, keep you ‘hanging’                 and don’t make timely payments. 

     👉 No more being the ‘Chief Everything Officer’ in your business, but instead hiring engaged A-players who take things off your                 plate so that you operate from your zone of genius.

     👉 No more watching your peers in the industry zoom ahead of you, while you remain where you started exactly a year(s) ago. 

     👉 No more believing and acting in the ‘employee’ mindset, but making a permanent shift to being a force of awesomeness,                       badass leader and a born-for-this CEO.

After working with several clients over the years, we’ve discovered that there are 5 Business Scaling Components that every business needs in order to generate profit, impact clients and change lives. 

We’ve embedded these into our curriculum and here’s how it all breaks down: 

Business Scaling Component #1: The Thriving CEO’s Mindset
  •  Learn the what makes 6 and 7 figure business owners stay on top of their game. Use these powerful lessons and incorporate them seamlessly into your mindset routines to go (and manifest) after your $20k months. 
  •  Use the Success Game Plan as the North Star in this program. This powerful planning tool lays out the strategy, action and mindset you need to achieve your program, service or product launch goals. This is EXACTLY what I and my clients did to get to 6 figures.  
  •  Get access to mindset tools that empower you to work through any sabotaging thoughts or limiting beliefs as you grow & scale your business.
  •  Listen to guest expert trainings on how to create powerful boundaries in your personal and professional life and how to cultivate a strong wealth consciousness.   
Business Scaling Component # 2: Strategy to Set up Leveraged & Passive Income streams
Using my signature Attract, Connect and Convert Sales Model, you’ll have specific steps outlined from having that first conversation with your lead to her paying the first invoice to work with you. 

You won’t just be printing and writing in pretty worksheets to get clarity on your ideal client, but you’ll have:
  •  Have a strategic framework that will position you as an authority in your industry.
  •  Get the attention of your dream clients.
  •  Create content that actually makes you money
  •  Use the power of social media to sell your programs and services
And you will know the exact levers to pull to scale your income + impact:
  •  How to pinpoint exactly what goes on in your ideal prospect’s mind, join the conversation in her head so that you know exactly what kind of offers you need to create - no more guesswork and wasting time.
  •  Craft a compelling marketing message that helps you stand out in the sea of sameness and get your leads to notice, follow and buy from you. 
  •  Learn how to attract more followers and leads into your upcoming launches. Getting qualified leads is probably the biggest nightmare for any entrepreneur. Using simple organic traffic generation strategies you can solve this problem and not worry if you’ll be able to ‘fill all the spots in your program’.
  •  Connect with your audience at scale as your business grows without burnout. You wear many hats in your business but connecting with your audience is one of the most important ones. After all, your audience is buying YOU and not just tools and trainings. Learn how you can show up and connect with empathy that feels authentic to you without second guessing yourself. 
  •  Should you be on Facebook? Or YouTube? Choose from Pinterest or Instagram? Dissolve the confusion and discover your most profitable platform and learn how to dominate it so that you generate consistent leads and sales from your social media marketing efforts. No one size fits all, and in this module we dive deep into the major social media platforms and the explosive growth opportunities that come with each. At the end of this module, you’ll know exactly where to dedicate your time and marketing dollars to connect with your audience. 
  •  Create content that positions you as the authority in your space. Learn how to generate an endless stream of content ideas with the Content Idea Jogger so that it doesn’t feel like a chore leaving you uninspired. 
  •  Get access to the step-by-step plan on how to create fun challenges and value-packed webinars for your launches. Banish questions such as how many emails to send prior, during or after, how to maintain the excitement in group challenges so that your participants show up, how and when to make a pitch on a webinar and what systems to use. In this module you’ll receive my Trello boards that serve as your checklists and run these events minus the hiccups and the constant “what do I do next?”.
  •  You are awesome at what you do but are you consistently promoting your offers too? Over 75% of heart-centered entrepreneurs shy away from promoting their launches with conviction or they don’t know HOW to do it without sounding sleazy. Learn how to create promotion content without the randomness and sounding repetitive. 
  •  Branding isn’t just the colors and the logo on your website. It’s waaaaay more than that. You deserve to create a brand that is as unique as you and connects with your target audience. And if you’ve never learnt how to create a brand for your business, our guest experts will show you exactly how to do that.
  •  How to grow, nurture and make irresistible offers to your email list. Your email list is one of the most important assets in your online business, particularly if you’re a coach, expert or a consultant. Email marketing is directly tied to your company’s revenue unlike building an audience on Instagram or Facebook - which aren’t ‘owned’ by you. Wondering what to email a new subscriber when they join your list? Confused by what email metrics to track and take action on? This module explains it all. 
  •  The art of having enough high converting discovery calls: Envious of entrepreneurs who claim that ‘clients just fell into my lap’? Now that can be your reality too! Avoid getting tongue tied on the phone when you get these leads on a discovery call with my proven process. You’ll also listen to mock discovery call recordings to provide additional context and safe place for you to practice (you know I am all about mastery!).
  •  Messaging Funnels: Think sales calls are the only way to sign clients? Nope! Get access to my Messaging Funnel Scripts that have converted prospects into paying customers without the awkwardness! 
Business Scaling Component # 3: Systems
My exact workflows and processes for lead generation, launching, scaling, social media, hiring and managing a team. 

No more confusion on what to do or when to do it for you or your team.

Business Scaling Component # 4: Efficiency & Team
How do you find rockstar employees?

How do you onboard new talent into your company seamlessly? 

What if you make a hiring mistake???

Freaked out because you don’t know how to train employees and secretly wish you could delegate this job to a hiring manager? Oh wait, you’ll need to hire one! 

We got you!  

The Productivity & Hiring Modules that make up this component will show you how to:

  •  Outsource to a VA or intern so that you can stop being the bottleneck in your business as you grow and scale.
  •  How to hire, manage and train an amazing team (even if you are on a small budget and you have no experience hiring or delegating).
  •  On-boarding your team members for success. Including the most critical training that most entrepreneurs skip that costs them employees, efficiency and money!
  •  How to get a positive ROI with each team member you bring on.
  •  The exact tasks to delegate and how to measure employee performance.
  •  How to use personality tests to determine an ‘alignment match’ between you, the employee and the work they are doing so that you create a productive working environment.  
  •  Have the team to do ALL the selling for you. Build and train a team (in-house or virtual) so that it can sell for you! 
  •  Learn how to manage your time and your team's time as you scale so that you avoid burnout and fatigue and ensure that every minute spent on your business is moving the ball forward towards your goals.
Business Scaling Component # 5: Community
A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats! 

We couldn’t agree more….

Although our team is available to answer most of your questions (in the private Facebook group), it would be a bit of stretch to say that we’re ALWAYS the first to do so. 

And that’s where the community of heart centered, impact-driven entrepreneurs comes in and saves the day….or in this case the perplexed entrepreneur who’s in a pickle..

Because when you’re building a multiple 6-figure business, you don’t have to battle with your fears, insecurities and challenges alone. Trust us, there are no badges of honor for this. 

Same goes for your wins. Big and small, you want to celebrate them with people who get and root for you.

Got a question about legalese? 

Want feedback on your website tagline?

Want to share about your first $10k month but can’t tell your best friend because she’ll judge you? 

Whatever you’ve got…..know that you can lean on a community of like-minded entrepreneurs in the trenches just like you, that raises your vibration and has your back. 

Plus you will get...
  •  Worksheets
  •  Downloadable lessons
  •  Live Trainings 
  •  Recorded Group Coaching Calls
  •  Private Facebook Group
  •  Private member’s area where you can access the program content
You Also Receive….
We like to think of the Quarterly Assessment as your internal business compass. When you join the program, you’ll be expected to answer the questions in this document, so that we get a deep understanding of how your business operates and what the next level looks like for you. 

We’ll take stock of your current marketing message, market positioning, income, sales, team and YOU. This is not an interrogation or something we do to make you feel bad. It’s simply an assessment of where you are now, where you want to be and how we can close that gap. 

The process is designed to show you the next steps for where to focus your time, energy and effort to increase your ROI in coaching each and every quarter.

Every quarter, Mariana will personally review your business in this assessment and will meet with you for a 30-minute personalized session where together, where you will know exactly how to make the biggest impact in your business goals for the quarter.

Get ready to set a solid foundation for your scalable business by fulfilling the most crucial step - setting your business to profit. 

Learn what recurring revenue structure(s) you need to establish and how to set the price for your programs and services so that you can create the most essential aspect of running a business: consistent, predictable, recurring revenue month after month.

Eliminate shiny object syndrome with monthly accountability calls with my team who is dedicated to keeping you on track with the plan that we created ruing our quarterly assessment calls. 

Imagine how much money you will save when you aren't purchasing every course or program that comes along, instead you will work with Mariana every quarter and meet with her team monthly to ensure that you are staying on track and getting additional support as needed to ensure you reach your goals.

Mindset Mastery Intensive
Finally, get out of your own way in this LIVE 8 week group intensive where we will be helping you to master your mindset. 

90% of your success is related to the thoughts you are having. So why not create thoughts that are in alignment with what you want to create rather than letting the default programming keep holding you back?

When you master your mindset, everything else in your business will be easier. Imagine a business where you stopped getting in your own way and you allowed all of the abundance to flow to you.

The total value of The Profitable Impact Formula®
  •  Group Coaching Launch Intensive Course ($2,000)
  •  Weekly Group Coaching Calls for one year ($15,000)
  •  Access to the Mastermind Community for the year ($10,000)
  •  Monthly Accountability calls with my team for the year ($3,000)
  •  Profitable Impact Formula Training Library  ($5,000) 
  •  Quarterly Top to Bottom Assessments Of Your Business From Mariana ($6,000)
  •  Quarterly 30-minute 1:1 Call With Mariana ($2,500)
  •  Mindset Mastery Intensive ($2,000)
Total Value For Basic Level: $45,500
  •  Everything in Basic Level ($45,500)
  •  2 x Monthly 1:1 Calls With Mariana ($20,000) 
  •  Messenger Support With Mariana ($30,000)
Total Value For VIP: $95,500
Your time to become the Visionary CEO making income & impact is NOW
Per month
(12-month comitment)
  • Group Launch 8 Week Intensive Course
  • Weekly Group Coaching Sessions
  • Mastermind Community
  • 1 x Monthly Accountability Calls With My Team
  • The Profitable Impact Formula® 1.3 Training Library
  • Quarterly Business Assessment Review
  • 1 x 30 Minute Quarterly Call With Mariana
  • Mindset Mastery Intensive
  • -
  • -
per month
(12-month comitment)
  • Group Launch 8 Week Intensive Course
  • Weekly Group Coaching Sessions
  • Mastermind Community
  • 1 x Monthly Accountability Calls With My Team
  • The Profitable Impact Formula® 1.3 Training
  • Quarterly Business Assessment Review
  • 1 x 30 Minute Quarterly Call With Mariana
  • Mindset Mastery Intensive
  • 2 x  45 minute Private Coaching Call / month with Mariana
  • Messenger Support
Join Now, Doors will not open again until Fall of 2019!
Doors Closing 3/7/2019 at 11:00 PM EST...
We’re so passionate about partnering with you to help you go from struggling entrepreneur to thriving CEO…..

…….That we decided to make your decision to join us a NO BRAINER….

If after being in this program for 1 year your business is not changed, you can get your entire investment in coaching back...... 

…...Simply email our team at: 

Questions your fellow ambitious heart-centered coaches, consultants and service providers asked before saying “yes” to the Impact Formula 
I want to do this but I’m spread way too thin. How much time is this gonna take?
We hear ya! 
Many of the entrepreneurs in our program are in a similar situation.
Some are moms with young toddlers and some of them are in part time jobs.
But here’s the thing….

We don’t give you 100 things to do. You will be working extremely intentionally based on your quarterly assessment, your One sheet and your 1:1 call with me. 

The Impact Formula requires you to commit a minimum of 2 hours per week to the trainings, and we STRONGLY recommend that you join the live group coaching calls to get the most out of your investment. Of course if you can’t make the live calls, you have the option of listening to the recordings too.

Any extra work you do on your part is a bonus, because remember you get what you put in. 

On our end, we promise to meet where you are, spare the impractical content you don’t need and focus on the essentials of the training program. 

If Kathleen could go from 0-1,000 followers, write and sell an e-book and get coaching clients with a newborn + another child in tow, so can you!
I’m not sure if I can afford this...shouldn’t I wait until I make consistent income?
Let me ask you this. 

“How much money are you making right now and can you afford to stay in that place if you don’t get help?”


“How much money can you be making a year from now if you decide to join us?” 

Here’s the thing….the stars will never be in perfect alignment to take action, there won’t be a time when your kids will not need you, you’ll still be purchasing courses and more importantly, you’ll lose opportunities to make money when you’re on your own….trying to figure this out. 

When you’re in a masterminding community that wants the best for you, you have the accountability to see things through. You’ll push harder and resist the temptation to play small. 

You don’t need to have the full payment for this program right now. You have the option of paying monthly. And if you show up 100% every month, you’ll make back your investment sooner than you imagined.

But putting your business dreams on hold right now - isn’t an option. 

I’ve taken many business building courses and coaching programs that teach you about scaling. How is this any different??

From one fellow nerd to another: *High Five Girlfriend* 

I love that you’ve taken many courses and programs. That tells me you’re open to learning and have a solid commitment to making your business work. 

And now for some tough love. 

Did you implement what the coach/course creator told you to do? 
If not then we need to work on your mindset consistently. 
Remember it’s the thoughts that you are having that prevent you from taking the actions needed. 

If you did take the action but still didn’t get results it could be that you used the wrong strategy for YOU (based on your strengths and the type of business you want to create OR based on where you currently are in your business-neither of which are your fault!). 

And regarding the number of courses, nothing against them. I’ve taken them too. But The Impact Formula is a training program that’s equivalent to 10 courses you’ll take in a year! 

It’s a cohesive and a comprehensive program that won’t have you searching for answers in Google. 

Plus you will get private time with me AND my team to ensure that you stay on track every step of the way towards achieving your dreams.

Did you have to create a quarterly assessment for your business in the other programs? I think not. 

Did you get feedback and a personalized roadmap for your business, from the group leader? I bet not. 

Did you get accountability calls from the leader’s team to ensure you stayed on track with your execution plan? I bet not.

Were you taught how to focus on profit vs. revenue in? Yes they’re both different and this is what sets the Impact Formula brand and mission apart from other business coaching programs. This is the reason why you’re unable to move past the $5k/month a level, because you haven’t set the ‘profit’ foundation in your business. In my corporate career I was paid and my sole focus was to increase profit for the company I worked for. This is not something I learned last week this is something that I can help you to do no matter where you are in your business.
I don’t know if I can do this…...
I get it. 

This isn’t an easy decision to make. I won’t promise you that the journey is going to be without hurdles or challenges. But the difference between quitting and forging ahead is your mindset. And I don’t just mean saying your positive affirmations.. 

I mean operating from 100% faith and not fear. 

It’s really important that you realize how much your thoughts are affecting your ability to grow your business. It’s important to strengthen your belief muscle so that you can take the necessary actions that will propel you forward. I don’t promise that you will get results like the people I have worked with but I do know that we can get you performing at a much higher level when we remove the mental chatter and the limiting thoughts that are holding you back from stepping into the confident CEO that you are meant to be. 

Moreover, remember that you have a 1 year guarantee. That means if you show up for coaching and still are not satisfied with the value of your investment, we will gladly refund your entire investment.

How hands on will you be in my business?

It depends on the level you select for the program and your own participation in the group. 
  •  At all the levels we (me, you + my team) work together on your business top to bottom in your quarterly assessment reviews AND you will walk away from our 30-minute quarterly 1:1 coaching call with a plan in place to get you results over the next 90 days.
  •  At the basic level, if you show up, sign up for hot seat coaching with me on our live calls, ask questions during our calls and interact in the FB group I will get to know your business well and can therefore help you more.
  • At the VIP level, I will get to know you, your business and your team intimately. I do not do the work for you, you must show up for yourself to do the work. I am happy to teach and train you and your team to create, launch and scale your group coaching program.
Do you teach everything yourself?

I am on the Live coaching calls with you and teach most of the content in the members area. I do however bring industry experts to teach on specific topics. The people I select to speak are industry experts in the topics they are teaching about. Below you will find a few of the trainings you will have access to in the members area. 

Beth Griffith: How to Use The Magnetic Branding Method to Create a World-Class Brand 7-figure That Attracts Customers Like A Magnet.
Maggie Reyes: Creating Boundaries And Relationships With Your Clients, Family And Friends That Support Your Business Goals.
Keri Gavin: How To Improve Your Relationship With Money And Allow Abundance To Flow To You In All Areas Of Your Life.
Kate Remmer: How To Create A Brand That Stands Out Online.
Aprille Reed: How To Sell high end packages on a webinar
Mary Kathryn Johnson: How to increase your conversion rates using Facebook messenger bots.
Amisha Shrimanker: How to create a funnel that converts for you daily on autopilot.

PLUS we are adding trainings from industry experts regularly!
I do not have a full 1:1 practice, can I really fill a group program?

If 1:1 does not feel aligned for you it will feel really hard to sell. So if your 1:1 practice is not selling it does not really mean your group won't sell either. 

If on the other hand you feel confident about launching a group program and you do the work, then you can sell out your group program even if your 1:1 is not full.

Launching your group program is a good idea if you know that you don't want to offer 1:1 coaching, or if you have a time constraint (working at your job still OR have a lot going on with your kids/family). 

You don't need to have a huge list or following. All you need is the desire to help others and a willingness to spend the time to create your strategy.

I have helped clients with zero following and zero list fill group coaching programs that generated $5,000 their first launch (See testimonials above). If they can do it so can you. 

What if I don't have an email list or social media following?

You don't need a huge social media following or a big list to launch a group coaching program. 

What you do need is a strategy for turning the people that you do know or have in your following into sales. 

That is exactly what you will get inside of the program + the Leads from thin air training can help you to identify these people and get the momentum going. 

Clients have gone from thinking they have "No one to sell to" to having 46 people who said YES to joining their group coaching program using the Leads From Thin Air Training Alone!

Can you remind me of everything I get when I join the Impact Formula?

8 Week Group Launch Course: Get support in creating and launching your group coaching program. The goal with the intensive is for you to make back the entire investment in coaching (and then some) with your group launch so that you can confidently move into scaling your group profitably. 

Every Other Week Group coaching calls as you scale: We meet live as a group every other week via Zoom as you scale up. You have the ability to ask questions, submit them ahead of time or sign up for hot seat (laser coaching sessions where we go deeper on anything you are going through in your business). Its a loving mixture of accountability, strategy and mastermind support. 

Mastermind Community: This is a private community for you and the rest of the members of the program to celebrate wins, support each other through problems or issues and generally connect. I am very active in the community and at this time I answer pretty much every question or concern in the group. In other words, a kick ass group of people who are making a difference in the world with their work to support you every step of the way.

Impact Formula 1.3 Training: This is the training library designed to help you scale up your group program byond the 6-figure mark. It is set up as a select your own adventure. We will create your own journey based on what is going on with your business, what your strengths are and what your audience wants (I teach you exactly how to decide on all of these). This means its not hours of "just in case" knowledge you will actually be applying everything you learn. 

Assessment Review: In order for you to move your business to where you want to be we must identify the profit gaps are right now in your business. In the assessment you will be able to determine what your focus area will be for the next quarter in your business based on what the profit gaps are for your right now. This assessment review is to be completed every quarter and you will get 4 reviews from me over the course of the 12 months that will assess where you are in your business and what your next steps are to scale. 

4 x 30 Minute private coaching calls with Mariana: After you have completed your assessment review, you will get a 30 minute focus call with me where we will plan out your next 90 days and what you will be focused on to take your business to the next level. 

Monthly Accountability Calls With My Team: Every month you will meet with your accountability coach to get feedback and support to keep you on track to scaling your business.

Mindset Mastery LIVE Group Intensive: Master your mindset in 8 weeks. We will cover commitment, visibility, confidence, money mindset and more! So you can leave the resistance at the door and step into this program from an empowered and aligned place.

Need to chat with me to make sure its a fit for you? Schedule a call here and let's make sure its a fit for you.
You are ready to scale your business to consistent 5-figure months and more if…...

You are an ambitious, heart-centered, and an impact driven entrepreneur who desperately wants to get to the next level, run a business like a badass CEO so that she can savor time with her loved ones.

You have the discipline to see your goals through and take 100% responsibility for your actions. The confidence you need to get to the next level may take some work (which is why we have a Mindset Component in the program) but you’re willing to buckle down and do what it takes. 

You want strategies, accountability, mindset, masterful coaching and a plan that’s customized to YOUR business and not a cookie cutter version of the digital courses you’ve been accumulating.

You have no problem investing a couple of hours per week to reach your dreams.

You are learning #allthethings about scaling a business, becoming a better marketer and overall expanding your business, but are unclear on the HOW to take the first step.

You’ve already sold 1:1 coaching or consulting services but didn't love the pressure you felt and the self imposed responsibility for your clients. 

You feel confident grabbing your login info knowing you have 30 days to try it out. It’s simple. Either you do the work and experience more profitable months in the next 30 days than you have in your ENTIRE entrepreneurial career... or you shoot me and my team a quick message asking us to hit undo on this whole “let’s get your business to $20k months” experiment.

You feel excited knowing that 12 Months from now, your business will have a 180 degree shift from what it is today. You’ll have scaled your income to $20k/month (and more), work with clients using a leveraged model, create passive income streams, have a strong team that contributes to your company’s ROI and carries out your mission, freeing you up to lead from a place of purpose, vision and enthusiasm. And finally, you’ll have the time to take off from work and make time for people in your life!

If you caught yourself nodding your head to at least 6 of the 9 points above,
then I absolutely CANNOT wait to meet you inside The Profitable Impact Formula®!
By now you already that the biggest difference between an entrepreneur who makes $20k/month and a surviving solopreneur who’s undercharging and in perpetual burnout mode.

AND that is….

Being the Visionary CEO of a Company who….. 
Recurring revenues, 
Team Support, Systems 
& a Leveraged Business Model

So if you’ve made it this far….let’s wrap up with a little Real Talk

If you’ve plateaued with your income and no matter how hard you try, you fail to get to the next level….then you need The Profitable Impact Formula®.

If you’re wearing ALL hats in your business, feel stretched too thin, feel exhausted and are asking “What’s the point of it all?” need The Impact Formula®.

If you’re working in your business 24/7 without working ON it, don’t have a big picture or your business vision’s blurred… need The Profitable Impact Formula®.

If working with one more 1:1 client is making you sick to your stomach and you know its just not sustainable….you need The Profitable Impact Formula®.

If you’ve tried everything in the past, digital courses, FB ads (that tanked), expensive 6 & 7 figure coaches, free trainings and NOTHING’s worked to get you the profit margins you want… need The Impact Formula®.


If you’ve got your sights on being in this business for the long haul, to create sustainable growth and are averse to ‘make 6 figures overnight’ need The Profitable Impact Formula®. 

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