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How To Save 10 Hours A Week In Your Business

How To Save 10 Hours A Week In Your Business

A few months ago, I had oversold my coaching practice and was feeling very overwhelmed with client work. I was making good money but the struggle was no longer the money, it was that I was coaching multiple nights a week until 11 PM (ahem no boundaries!) and it was exhausting to keep up the pace. That is when I started to implement the strategies that I will share with you here on how to save 10 hours a week in your business.

I also realized that building a business that made good money was only one piece of the puzzle, the reason I started my business was so that I could have the freedom to be with my kids as much or as little as I wanted to. And the client work had gotten a little overwhelming so I ended up having less time for my kids and more importantly for me to take care of myself.

In this post, I want to share some of the strategies that helped me to save 10 hours a week in my business so that you can start to implement them into your business as well.

#1: Set Up Systems and Processes

In corporate, these are called standard operating procedures. The reason these are important is because what we as entrepreneurs do is that we don’t have these in place. So every time you’re doing things it’s starting from zero again and you recreate the wheel every single time (read major time waster!).

Here are some examples of some processes to set up:

  1. Creating an opt-in
  2. Creating images for social media
  3. Emailing your list
  4. Writing a blog post, Facebook post
  5. Recording a Facebook Live or YouTube Video

You would create a checklist that will tell you the exact steps to take and this not only avoids decision fatigue but also allows you to make sure you don’t miss any of the important details. And the best part about creating systems and processes is that you can then outsource them to your team. In the Consistently Visible Solution, I teach you how to create a system around content creation.

#2: Plan ahead of time

Another big time suck is when I am not planning ahead of time and then when I finally have free time I am like Mhh…what should I do NOW?” those 5 mintues that are wasted every time you have a free minute is essentially wasted trying to figure out what you will do.

For me, this meant having a calendar with what I will be focusing on. I have also started structuring my breaks and work time. Right now I am loving the Law Of Attraction Planner + I use Trello for my systems, processes, and teamwork.

I have set time chunks for things like discovery calls, coaching calls, marketing, and sales. This has also helped me to accommodate my energy levels to the tasks that I am doing which mean that I am more productive with the time that I have. I save so much time now on calendar management and I use tools and automation to help me with this.

Here are some other tools that have been helpful with this:

  1. Satori App <– LOVE THIS for scheduling discovery calls, coaching calls and podcast recordings
  2. Google Calendar <– It knows when I am busy so I don’t double book myself


#3: Outsource, Outsource, Outsource!

I know outsourcing can be a difficult one to get our heads around especially if we can be a little bit on the perfectionist side (hand raise*). Until I started outsourcing, I didn’t realize how much I sucked at certain things in my business and I didn’t realize how much doing those things was robbing me of my energy. For example, I have a VA who has an incredible eye for design and having him do my graphics has saved me more time and energy than I could have imagined. Plus my images look so much better than they ever did when I was doing them myself.

There are also a lot of tasks that I simply do not need to be doing in my business. I don’t say this to be stuck up but if you were to outsource the things that you don’t need to do to a VA for $5/hour and you can make $100/hour by focusing on something that will increase your revenue it does not make sense to do the $5/hour tasks. Here is an episode from the podcast where I share how to hire a VA for $5/hour. 

#4: Create systems around generating income

Do you have a way to make income in your business that does not require YOU to be there? In the early stages of my business I had learned how to sell on the phone and FINALLY learned how to close sales over the phone. That felt like a huge victory and also was something that allowed me to increase my revenue substantially. But what I quickly realized is that I didn’t have the time or energy to be prospecting, following up and selling manually all of the time.

By setting up systems around sales it helped me to serve my audience on a different level and also generate leads and sales 24/7 without me being there 24/7. Many people call this a funnel and essentially what you create are a suite of smaller digital courses and products that you can sell that eventually lead people to buy your bigger programs.


My mentor James Wedmore has a video training to help you to create systems around your sales so you can start to generate passive income in your business. Click here to watch the training. 

In summary, you can save 10 hours a week or more when you start to leverage and value the time you invest in your business. You will want to start by creating systems and processes in your business so you are not reinventing the wheel every single time. Plan ahead and save time by knowing exactly what you will work on ahead of time. Remember to outsource so that you can spend time on the things that will increase your income and lastly, create a process around your sales.

Here is a breakdown of the hours saved each week per task:

  • ANALYTICS: 30 m-1 Hour Per week
  • SALES: 3 Hours


Also, the amount of time that I saved in the sales process allowed me to increase my revenue to more than cover the cost of the people that I hired to help me.

Go here to learn more about how to set up systems around your sales and increase your income while decreasing your workload.

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