How to hire and keep a supportive team - The Impact Driven Entrepreneur with Mariana C. Ruiz
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How to hire and keep a supportive team

How to hire and keep a supportive team

In this episode of The Impact Driven Entrepreneur Podcast, I share how to hire and keep a supportive team.

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As we look at how to hire and keep a team it’s important that we identify IF you even need one. Here is a summary of each of the steps and I go much deeper on each (with examples) in the audio.

1.Signs that you need a team member STAT. 

  • You are having feast and famine cycles where you are doing sales/selling then periods where you are serving and not selling at all and then your income drops.
  • You are the only one in your business doing everything AND you get paid a lot more by your clients than the work you are doing inside of your own business.
  • You feel like something has to give or are near burnout.
  • You don’t have the time or bandwith to do everything you need to do to continue to grow.


2. Step Into The CEO mindset

  • When you get someone to help you in your business you will be able to take the load off you and work less, have the support you need and stay in your zone of genius.
  • Other people might be able to do it better than you.
  • Give them more than just the tactical to-dos so that its a positive ROI for you rather than having to pay them plus yourself based on the work only you are doing


3. How to decide what to outsource first to your new team member

  • Start by keeping a log of all of the things you do I have a system that I walk you through by going to you can get access to my Time Management System we start by taking an inventory of what you are working on and then you can see what is eating up most of your time.
  • Note the things you are doing that are below your pay grade. So if you charge $200/hour for a consultation and you are creating images on canva for one hour that is a disconnect because you would not pay someone to do images on Canva $200/hour. This exercise requires you to be really honest with what you are spending your time on and if that is the best use of your time.
  • Create a job description for each of the things you have noted. So let’s say you want to delegate canva images, posting on social media, content repurposing and welcoming new members into your Free FB group then that would all go into your job description. (Expert tip- make sure that each job description has money-making activities so that having the person doing that task will actually generate income for your business).


4. Setting up process for the success of your team member

  • Create a system or process for each of those tasks. This can be as simple as a screen recording (I love for this!). Use a google doc that lists each step in the video walkthrough. This can be your training manual for when the person starts their job.


5. How to find a good team member

  • Next, you want to start searching for your team member. You can post your job description on sites like, Craigslist, or
  • You want to also tell your community and friends about it, post on Facebook and recruit people from LinkedIn.
  • We use a multi-step approach. We start with very detail oriented tasks to screen applicants then I will talk to them in an interview. I ask a lot of questions that help me to determine their work ethic and personality. I even have them do a strengths assessment to make sure they will be working in their strengths zone.


6.  Onboarding Your new Team member

  • Once they start you will want to have multiple calls a week with them to ensure they are staying on track and feeling supported in their new role.
  • Orient them to your entire business and what you do (mission, vision, values) as well as what their role is.
  • Give them their first assignment after they have gotten some initial orientation give them their first assignment. I like for this to be simple but fun.
  • Follow up to ensure they have done it properly and coach them as necessary.
  • Continue to coach and train them as they take on the full role.


8. How to review your team members progress


  • Have regular chats with them to let them know how they are doing. My coach told me once to have a culture of “No Surprises” and I absolutely loved this idea. We are transparent and always share things as they are.

In this episode of The Impact Driven Entrepreneur Podcast, we talked about the 8 step process for how to hire and keep a supportive team. It starts with mindset and recognizing that we need support in our business then design a job description. Next, we moved into recruiting and screening applicants and finally training and following up with the team member regularly so that they can be successful.

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