The Essential Teammates Every Solopreneur Must Have - The Impact Driven Entrepreneur with Mariana C. Ruiz
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The Essential Teammates Every Solopreneur Must Have

The Essential Teammates Every Solopreneur Must Have

 The Final Five, the Olympic gymnastic team who dominated the Rio games, know about the magic of teamwork.  They understand and demonstrated the power of having team support.

Each member of the team was already a champion in her own right winning golds and silvers. However, when the team came together to combine their gifts they became unstoppable.

You are a talented entrepreneur, and a courageous hero for starting your own business.  You have a transformative message or elegant solution that the world absolutely needs.  What you don’t have is team.

If you want to go far and fast, you’ll need to gather your own unstoppable team of Essential Teammates.

Who are Your Essential Teammates?

Every business needs a writer, financial team, lawyer, virtual assistant and IT/Web person.

Your Writer

Business owners who are passionate about their business sometimes have trouble talking about your business and articulating your value.  The result is that you struggle to attract the very clients you want to help so much.  If you know what you mean to say but it rarely comes out that way.  You need a writer.

Your writer will express the value of what you do and your joy for it in a way that you can’t do because you are so close.

Good projects: sales page, about page, web copy, your Business Legend (the origin story for your business), and much more.

Your Financial Team

Smart entrepreneurs know that it’s not about the money you make; it’s all about the money you get to keep.  For that you need a financial team that includes a bookkeeper, tax preparer and financial adviser.  You can add in an accountant as well.  You need a financial team to watch the money.

Your bookkeeper and tax preparer will keep your financial life organized and up-to-date so you’re not hit with penalties.  While your financial advisor will help you plan for a realizing your financial goals and dreams.

Good projects: setting up online accounting software, sending out invoices, generating monthly reports

Your Business Lawyer

A lawyer may be the last person you think to hire, but I bet she’d be the first person you’d call if you were in trouble.  Business lawyers are familiar with working with small business owners and understand our level of risk when other lawyers don’t.  You need a lawyer to help you navigate as your business grows and evolves.

Your Lawyer can help you with forming your company; introduce you to important local contacts and help you find funding, if necessary.

Good projects: contract drafting, LLC formation, DBA form, cease and desist letters

Your Virtual Assistant

Having a virtual assistant, someone who works remotely, is like having an extra set of eyes and hands with a different brain.  Your VA can help you complete the myriad of tasks it takes to run a small business.  Years ago, the trend was towards generalist who could do everything for you.

Now, it’s better to look for VAs who specializes in a project or software.  For instance, there are VAs who specialize in the different email marketing programs like Mailchimp or Convertkit.

Your VA can take all the low risk, repetitive, time-consuming task off your plate so you can focus on your genius zone, the stuff you love to do and are good at.

Good Projects: social media posting, data mining, market research, proofreading, etc

What’s stopping you from outsourcing?

Many entrepreneurs resist outsourcing because of a few reasons:

  • It won’t get done right if they don’t do it
  • It takes too long to explain how to do it
  • It’s too expensive, who has the money.

These are excuses, of course.  It’s not their fault that they are trapped by these limiting beliefs.

Are we all taught not to spend money if we don’t have it?  Aren’t we praised for doing it ‘all by yourself’?  So, it’s no small wonder that as an entrepreneur you don’t feel comfortable asking for help in your business or feeling like you don’t deserve it.

The sad truth is that by doing it yourself to save money you’re actually costing your business even more.  Say what?

Imagine it costs $250 a month to have your social media content researched and posted for a month.  You decide you can do it yourself. Let’s follow the timeline, shall we?

  • 2 weeks -getting re-acquainted with Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Pinterest and any rule changes.
  • 2 weeks trying out different graphic sites before picking one and learning how to use it.
  • 2 weeks searching Morgue and other free photo sites for images and spent gathering quotes.
  • 8-hour day spent trying to make your image look like the darn one on Canva.

Meanwhile, you barely did any client work and surely no prospecting for new clients.  Yet you still had to pay your mortgage and other living expenses with total about 8K.

That $250 savings just got very expensive, and it’s not the only place you’re ‘saving’.  This kind of saving will lead to a downward spiral that ends with a closed business.

Outsourcing this to a social media manager who has the competence and experience you need means that you can rely upon her talents to create great results.

The social exposure you get over time can build your authority so that you get invitations to better, more lucrative opportunities and noticed by influencers.  One good contact or contract could potentially pay for her monthly cost and leave you free to pursue important relationships.

If your virtual assistant can have such a powerful impact on your business, just imagine what the rest of your Essential Teammates can do for you!


About Dina Lynch:

Dina Lynch Eisenberg JD is an Authority Lifeguard, Speaker and Author who loves teaching you how to outsource effectively. Grab her free report, The Bottom Line of Delegation for Solopreneurs at


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