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How To Create An Online Course For Maximum Student Motivation

How To Create An Online Course For Maximum Student Motivation

 Is it possible to design an online course that will get your students motivated to change their habits, adopt new attitudes and live a fuller life?


But remember that you cannot motivate anyone, they must motivate themselves. There’s a big difference between having a group of motivated students and having students who need constant reminding.

That said, with the right techniques and by enhancing the learning process, you can get people to care and finish your course. 

Did you know?

According to Seth Godin, drop out rates for online courses are said to be around 97% and he admitted that his own course has a dropout rate of 80%.

If you’re a health, lifestyle or mindset coach selling online courses, then you probably already know that you need to invest in creating an online course that your students want to complete.

A course that will motivate them to take action. Because when they take action, they get results. 

And when they get results, that’s when you get those raving testimonials and a tribe of loyal followers. 

So, before we dive in I want you to think about the habits you’re trying to help your clients change.

Remember that we all have bad habits. And even though we know that if we change these habits, life will be better…but it’s not that easy. A habit is learned behaviour, something we do subconsciously or consciously. Habits are automatic, develop over years and often require a lot of willpower to change.

But once the habit becomes automatic and natural, it’s easier to adopt and sustain. So your job is to guide your student to the point where the new habit replaces the old habit.

So how can you design a course that will motivate your students to change their behaviours and apply the techniques you’re teaching? 

1. Show don’t tell

Try not to overwhelm your students with information and knowledge. Reverse engineer the process.

Show them the results and benefits of their desired habits. Do this by telling a story, sharing experiences or by using case studies which visually show the journey from the old to the new habit.

Use an engaging video or animated presentation slide to get your message across. Include activities linked to your content to get students thinking. Because when they think, they’ll learn.


2. Simplify the steps or tasks

Break down the desired habit into simple easy to follow steps. It’s when things seem too complicated that we give up or feel overwhelmed. On the other hand, don’t make the course too easy or your students will get bored and distracted. 

Design and include small activities that your students can practice daily to help them become familiar with new habits. Make these activities fun if possible and try to attach them to other existing habits.

For example, when you wake up…go to the kitchen, switch the kettle on and grab your coconut oil before you brush your teeth. Then do your oil pulling before you brush your teeth. So the switching on of the kettle is acts as the reminder to grab the coconut oil.

3. Give them freedom of choice

People want choice in their learning. Offer a variety of learning content, so students can choose to learn in a way that suits them.

For example, you can include pdf transcripts and audio in addition to video’s and slides.

Yes, it’s more work for you but so much better for your student.

Secondly, think about the sequence of your course. Is it too rigid and structured? Try offering students the flexibility to choose modules that interest them or allow advanced students to progress faster through the course.

4. Offer accountability

Your students need to know they’re on the right track. They need to know that when they veer off course, you’ll be there to guide them back onto the path.

Public accountability can work wonders for students on a habit changing journey. Create a public leaderboard or set weekly targets for students. Scores can be recorded on a forum or in a Facebook group. Use fellow students to hold each other accountable or initiate a buddy system.

People are motivated by the success of others and likely want to succeed or follow others if they can see goals being achieved.

5. Be present and offer feedback

Your course is an extension of you. Try to make yourself available to support and encourage your students at regular intervals. You can do this by hosting a webinar, live training session or by being active in your Facebook group. Celebrate the wins and successes of your students. 

To learn more about how to design an online course that will teach and engage your students in three easy stages, sign up for my free email course here. 



About Tracey Meyer:

Tracey Meyer is an online course designer, e-course consultant and visual storyteller. She is passionate about helping entrepreneurs create visually engaging online courses that get their students results, get them more referrals and sales in their business. You can check out her course design blog here. When she’s not blogging or creating courses, she can be found sipping mocha’s, on the beach or running after her toddler.


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