3 Simple steps to identify your core marketing message & attract dream clients. - The Impact Driven Entrepreneur with Mariana C. Ruiz
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3 Simple steps to identify your core marketing message & attract dream clients.

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3 Simple steps to identify your core marketing message & attract dream clients.

In this post and live, I am talking about the simple 3 steps you can take to identify your core marketing message to attract your dream clients to you on any platform you decide to market on. This is a great time for you to focus on this if…

  • You are attracting the wrong clients
  • You are shifting who you want to serve/help
  • You are new in business or are changing to a new niche/market
  • You are releasing a new program or product for your business

Watch the video below or scroll down to read the blog post.

The key aspects of your core message are:

  1. Who you help
  2. What you help them with
  3. How you are unique
Identify your core marketing message

3 Simple Steps To Identify Your Core Marketing Message & attract your dream clients.

Let’s dig into each of these aspects to help you see how you can use it in your business.

1. Who you help

Think about the people that most need your service and who you most want to help (YES those two might be different). Most people get stuck describing demographics here. In the video, I share 3 different people who have the same demographics and yet are in completely different scenarios. You want to not only describe the demographics but also the psychographics. This helps you to identify with their drivers and the get really specific about where they are in their life.

2. What you help them with

What you help people with is about describing the solution you have for their problem. Your program, product or service will most likely be solving a problem. In the video, I also shared that some businesses (like an artist) might not be solving a problem per say but showing what is possible. You want to do both with your marketing and really showcase whats in it for them when they work with you.

Click below to watch on YouTube (or scroll down to continue reading):

3. How you are unique

Your secret sauce!! And being unique is ultra important for both your confidence and for helping people see why they will pick you to provide the service. Here are some actionable questions you can start to journal on and brainstorm to help you with this:

  • What life experience do you bring to the table?
  • What is your educational background? (Formal or informal counts here!)
  • What experience might you be discounting because it was not a paid or “official” experience?
  • What frameworks or methods do you use personally or to teach your clients that is totally unique to you?

Defining your core message is about understanding who you help, what you help them with and how you are unique. By doing this you will be able to better understand how your business can serve others. Also, now that you understand your core message, you may want to learn how to polarize your audience so that you are intentional about who you attract and repel through your marketing efforts. Check out this podcast where I interviewed Nannette Minely about how to polarize your audience.


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