3 Secrets To Copywriting That Captures Attention and Increase Conversions (Without Being Sleazy) - The Impact Driven Entrepreneur with Mariana C. Ruiz
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3 Secrets To Copywriting That Captures Attention and Increase Conversions (Without Being Sleazy)

3 Secrets To Copywriting That Captures Attention and Increase Conversions (Without Being Sleazy)

In this episode, I share 3 Secrets To Copywriting That Captures Attention and Increase Conversions (Without Being Sleazy). Buckle up, and click play below to tune in.

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If you have been feeling like your posts for social media, your emails, your landing pages, your website are NOT getting the results that you would like this podcast and blog, will help you with that.

Let’s get some common misconceptions or fears out of the way that many people who are looking to market and sell their services online are thinking when we start talking about copy…

The point of copywriting is not to manipulate or coerce anyone to “Do anything they don’t want to do” as impact-driven entrepreneurs, it’s about getting our programs that make a difference in the world out into the world so that it can change lives.

The truth is that copywriting is a tool to market an sell in our businesses. Without it we cannot actually serve the people that were meant to be served by our work. Copywriting is simply a tool and a craft that we can improve and work on which will allow us to do more of the work that fulfills us and serves our clients.

1. Meet them where they are 

Open your piece of content with something that shows empathy and understanding for where your ideal client is right now. They are following you for a reason and its important  that they know what they will get out of listening to, watching or reading your content.

Some people teach this as “start with the pain points” and this is not mean be negative, instead starting with the pain points is what will capture their attention span.

Think about how busy and hyper distracted people are these days. Imagine your ideal client scrolling on autopilot…they need something to jump out at them that they can feel like OMG this is me!


2. Tell stories

The more vivid and rich with examples, your copywriting is the more you can capture the attention of your audience.

Stories are what allow you to truly connect with your audience in a deeper and more authentic way.

You can use stories that are your own, your clients or even stats that are important that they know.

These stories are an excellent way to illustrate a point.

I just modeled this for you in point one so go back and listen to it so that you can pick that out 🙂


3. Use one single call to action

I think of this as moving a ball up a hill. If we try to push the energy in multiple directions it won’t move at all. If instead,  we push all of the energy in the same direction we can get the momentum.

Similarly, with copywriting that converts we want to have one single call to action that we move people towards with each piece of content.

Now you don’t have to be perfect at this, but having one will be more effective than 2,3,4.

Another example that you might have seen and used in your business is when we do funnels or create landing pages.

They allow us to have just one single action that the person landing there takes on that page rather than the standard website page that has multiple options.

If you promote your opt-in on a blog post on your website the conversion rate will only be about 1% but if you use a pop up on your website you can get it to 3%.

Yet using a landing page you can get 20-50% and I personally have had up to 70-80% for my own pages and for some of my clients.

Making sure you have one single action allows you to vastly increase your conversion rate for that main action you want your audience to take next. 

By using all of these strategies in concert, you can see how much easier it will be for you to move someone towards the action that you would like for them to do whether it be to comment to share, to opt-in or even to purchase.

To recap, first we want to meet the audience member where they are at.

Next, we want to be using stories to capture their imagination and emotion.

Lastly, we will want to ask for one single call to action.

Now, I would love to model that here for you.

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Mariana is a Certified Business Coach + Consultant she helps coaches and consultants to increase their profit and impact. She uses her background in brain science, hospital administration and 13 years of marketing, sales and business experience to help you identify the profit leaks in your business, market in a way that attracts your ideal clients and convert followers to group coaching clients through service-based selling. She has been featured in various podcasts, blogs and online courses including the Huffington Post, Today.com, and The Millionaire Insider Extravaganza. Through working with hundreds of business, she has empowered them to increase their profit and serve more people all over the world. You can catch her podcast and join the community at http://impactdrivenentrepreneur.com/community

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