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My Content Is Not Converting What Do I do?

My Content Is Not Converting What Do I do?

 Many times when clients come to me they have been creating content but they are not sure why the content that they create is not leading to sales. These are a few of the common things that I find to be the problem when people are creating consistent content and it is not leading to sales.

Check the messaging

Throughout your content its important to have a very clear message showing your ideal clients what you are all about. Let me break all of this down because even though it seems simple, it is where most people get stuck.

At the nucleus of your content (think of it as a bulls eye) is your central message. This is the core of all of the content that you create and what you are all about must be clear through this central message. All of the content that you create will be centered around this central message.

If you are a business coach with a central message of helping women build businesses. But then you about health in your content there is not a clear line back to your central message. So, if you want to talk about health you can but it must be tied back to your central message.

I want to use myself as an example: My central message is that I free moms from the 9-5 struggle by helping them build profitable businesses online.

I had a guest blogger on this blog Natalie Thompson who wrote an article about nutrition mindset. On the surface, that is not exactly on point with my message to help mom entrepreneurs build businesses. BUT without taking care of their bodies, moms will not be able to build businesses. This is still valuable content that helps mom entrepreneurs to build businesses but the connection must be made. When Natalie submitted to be a guest blogger I told her about my ideal reader and where they were at and she framed the article to match the messaging of the blog and showed the link back to the central message.


I talk more about creating content around your central message in my content challenge—Join Here. 

Check the targeting

Who you are talking to in your content is just as important as what you are saying (your messaging). Many times I work with clients who have done ideal client avatar exercises and even market research but are still struggling to get clients through their marketing efforts. The most common problem I see is that they have not gone deep enough. Most of the time people stop with the demographics of their ideal clients. It must go deeper than the demographics because people buy based on emotion.

Understanding your ideal client is about getting to the emotions and feelings that they are experiencing more than it is about the demographics. Demographics and interests are great and they are helpful for Facebook Ad targeting and certainly have a place in the marketing strategy. However, when you are creating content to attract clients to buy from you, its important to get into their thoughts and feelings.

Take an outsider’s perspective

It takes a while for your marketing efforts to work which is why when you are starting off its important to learn both Marketing and Sales. There will be signs that your marketing is working but it does not always lead to sales right away. Marketing is not super quick because you have to build know, like and trust.

These 3 little words are what have been used in marketing to describe the time that it takes people to get to know you, like you enough to buy from you and trust you enough to buy from you. Building your know like and trust requires knowing the first two points I mentioned (who you help and your message for them) and then adding the secret sauce….CONSISTENCY.

Here is an example: If you dome out with a blog post every Wednesday and you continue to show up every Wednesday month after month people know you are dependable. But if you do not show up consistently they lose trust making it harder to get sales from your marketing efforts.

People want to see that you are dependable before they decide to buy from you. Whether you decide to post on Facebook, write Blog posts, Podcasts, Snap Chat, the medium does not matter. What matters is that you do it consistently. Pick a schedule that is doable for you and stick with it.

Think about the last person you bought from online. Did they show up on a regular basis? They probably have a method of showing up consistently and thats one of the reasons you decided to buy from them.

What do you do again?

We talked about your central message and about the central message capturing what you are all about. The next part of is to show them how you help people. Many times when people come to me for business coaching they are scared to promote themselves. They are afraid of being salesy or sleazy. I was afraid of coming off this way when I stared as well and rarely talked about how I helped people. I think this is pretty common for new entrepreneurs especially coming from roles in the corporate world where you did not have to sell anything. But the thing is, this fear will hold you back from closing sales. So let’s talk about some ways to overcome it.

First of all, if you are not actually sleazy you will not come off as sleazy. Focus on  genuinely trying to help others and have confidence in the knowledge and skills that you bring to the table.

Secondly if you do not promote your services by clearly telling people what you do they will never really understand what you do and therefore will not have the opportunity to be helped by you. I am all about service and helping others, so when I switched the script and looked at not promoting myself as actually hurting my potential customers it opened up the space for me to talk freely about what I do.

I will repeat this again because I know that its a subject that many people struggle with.

When you do not promote yourself and show people how you can help them you will not actually get to help them. This will cause them to continue to suffer instead of getting the solution from you.

So promoting yourself and what you do is actually helping those that need your products and services. I go deeper into the mindset of promoting yourself in the “Business Foundation Challenge” where I show you how to build your business on a sturdy foundation
for maximum profitability.

Get Support

Hiring a coach can help you to move mountains in your business. Maybe you have gone through some of these steps in the past, you have tried going at it alone and are not getting the results you want then hiring a coach is the logical next step. You don’t have to continue to spin your wheels.

Sometimes we are too close to our own business to see where the problems are. Hiring a coach helps you to stay accountable, consistent, and save you thousands of dollars. With a 1:1 coach you are not having to invest in an entire program, chasing every shiny object each time you will implement something in your business (aka saving you thousands) plus you will get customized feedback on what you are working on so that it works even better.

When I hired my first high level coach I made back the entire investment after working with her for only one month. This is progress that I could not have made on my own because I was simply too close to my own business. I find that this happens to many of the people that I coach (even if they are business coaches!). It’s not that you don’t know what to do because there is loads of information out there. It’s that you are too close to your own business and too emotionally invested to see where the problems are. It’s is also very easy to be more relaxed with our own deadlines and when we have a coach we can get the extra layer of accountability. Working with the coach accelerates your results and can literally multiply your profitability.

In this article, I covered some of the ways to troubleshoot when your content is not converting. We talked about messaging, getting the right message in front of the right people and lastly getting support. If you would like additional support to help you create content that converts to sales schedule a discovery call with me here and let’s see if working together would be a good fit for both of us.

Private Coaching With Mariana


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Through private coaching, my clients have been able to turn a profit in their business so that they can support their families while living a life they love.


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