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5 Content Ideas When You Have Nothing To Say

5 Content Ideas When You Have Nothing To Say

You know creating content is the best way to get the word out about what you do, but let’s face it, some days you feel like you have nothing to say in your content. Your creative juices are at a standstill. We have all been there! In this post, I wanted to share content ideas for when you have nothing to say.

#1: Draw On Your Expertise

When you feel like you have nothing to say, sometimes its because you feel like you will be repeating yourself. What is something you are totally over? Meaning you have so mastered it.  This happens to all of us as we become experts in our fields and what we don’t realize is that someone else doesn’t know what you know…yet! Until you share it in your content. Remember that your new followers may not have seen you talk about or the people that have been following you might need a refresher!

#2: The Questions You Get Over And Over

If people are asking, this is the content they want. So you might draw on questions you get from clients and customers, what are people asking when they join your community, your email list? What do people first ask you when they find out what you do? This will be some of your most popular content because chances are if one person is asking it, others are as well.

#3: Share Tips And Tricks

What are those tips and tricks that you use EVERY DAY that you don’t even notice? I remember a health coach I knew said once that she always made her own dressing with hummus and vinegar and she had never thought of doing a post about it because that was just the way she did it! And one time she was out with friends and people were asking her about her dressing. What are some of these super simple tricks you use every day that others might not know about?

#4: Share How You Can Help

If people don’t know how you work with your clients, they won’t know they can hire you. Creating free content is important but it’s also good to incorporate posts showcasing what you do. This can be through testimonials, case studies or mentioning what you do. Remember to use the 80/20 rule: For every 8 posts where you give tips and information you ask for a sale in 2.

#5: Share Lessons You Have Learned

What lessons did you learn on your journey to where you are today? Most of us are in an area of expertise because it’s something that we struggled with at some point. Something happens as we master a skill or problem that I like to call Success Amnesia. We forget what it was like to not have mastered what we did. In order to avoid this, I keep a journal to remind me of where I am every day and I reflect on it when I need content ideas. It’s a great way to remember where you came from and show you just how far you have come. Share the lessons you learned from where you were one year ago or share your biggest lessons as you learn them. This is some of my most popular content as it gives my readers and followers a leg up on their journey!

There are 5 ideas to get you going even if you feel like you have nothing to say. There are content ideas everywhere around you, it’s about being open to listening to what people are asking you for <3


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