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Content Hack: How I Turn One Blog Post Into 84 Pieces of Content

Content Hack: How I Turn One Blog Post Into 84 Pieces of Content

As a busy mompreneur with 2 kids under 2, I simply do not have the time to be on social media all day long. However, I know that it’s important for me to have a presence on social media. So that my business can be more visible and I can book more clients.

That is why I use this Supermom Ninja hack to turn one blog post into 84 (or more) pieces of content….



Content 1-7

I take the main topics of the blog post lets say I talk about Facebook marketing and I give 5 main points.

Each of those 5 points becomes its own Facebook post. I do not re-post it word for word but instead, I take a different perspective. I ask  a question about the topic or give a different example. I create images for these posts and post them on Instagram as well.

I also create at least 2 long images for my blog posts that I use for Pinterest.

Content 7-27

I use co-schedule (This is an affiliate link) to share my blog post on Twitter, Facebook Profile, Facebook Like Page, Pinterest and Facebook Groups. I share it out on the day the post is created and repeat it one day later, one week later and one month later. I love that with only a couple of clicks  I can share my blog post on all of these social media outlets.

Content 28-40

I notice as I am writing where I want to take little tangents. I take at least two of those tangent ideas and create 2 periscope videos on those topics. On my live streams, I usually give 3-5 more points or nuggets of info in each video.

I have the video transcribed and create 2 more blog posts. I pitch these ideas for guest posts or post them as original posts on my blog. Usually, because they are tangents they are topics that I am super passionate about. And the guest post pitches do pretty well.

Since I have 2 more blog posts I repeat the process of taking the nuggets of information to create 6-15 more Facebook and Instagram posts.

Content 40-44

Then I have my assistant edit the 2 periscope videos and upload them to YouTube. She also takes the original videos and posts them into my Facebook Like Page. With the new Facebook live I would eventually like to scope and do Facebook Live at the same time but my coordination skills are not there yet with a my infant in my hands most days that I live stream.


Content 44-84

Then I use Automation for everything else. Use the app to auto post onto Twitter and Pinterest:

  • Tweet every time a picture is uploaded to IG
  • Tweet every time a video is uploaded to YouTube
  • Tweet every time a picture is uploaded to Facebook
  • Pin every time a picture is uploaded to Facebook Like Page.
  • Pin images from IG onto Pinterest
  • The possibilities are endless here!

So there you have over 84 social media posts from a single blog post. Remember that your followers are not going to see every single post you create.

The key is to use the same nuggets and points and have them take different forms.

Get creative with this part!

For the High-Achiever Entrepreneurial Moms out there, this post is not meant to stress you out or make you feel like you “have” to be on all social media channels. What I hope you walk away with is the idea that it’s okay for your to repurpose your content creatively. And also, so that you get some ideas for how to automate and delegate some of your social media strategy so that you can save time.

Get strategic with your content creation and check out my Content Queen course where I share with you my copy-paste system for creating content quickly and easily. Click the image below to check it out.

P.S. At no additional cost to you, by using my affiliate link for co-schedule, you are supporting this blog. Thanks!


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