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How to increase your confidence (and why it affects your business)

How to increase your confidence (and why it affects your business)

Confidence is a trait that we are all born with. I look at my babies see that they are never ashamed, embarrassed, they never doubt themselves. I see my children and love that little spunk they have. They are never afraid to voice their opinion or ask for what they want or need. Yet as adults we have been thrown through the ringer one to many times and we struggle with self-doubt, lack of confidence, feelings of unworthiness and the list goes on and on.

In business, not having confidence can literally kill your business. Confidence is a must for so many aspects of your business. Here are a few examples of where you would need confidence:


  • To start. Lack of confidence prevents people from even starting a business. But more than that, it can stop people from playing big like projects that can catapult their business forward (think starting a blog, podcast, pitching for guest posts that kind of thing).
  • To network. Networking is important for business success. Although sometimes we feel like we want to do everything ourselves (myself included), you can advance much faster when you work with others. But you cannot collaborate with others if you don’t reach out and certainly not if you don’t ask.
  • To be uniquely you. Being yourself, being comfortable with yourself and being uniquely you is an essential part of branding and one of the greatest benefits of online business. When you brand yourself you no longer have any competition. No one can be you better than you.
  • To be visible. It takes confidence and courage to get visible. I see it all of the time with my clients where they don’t stay consistent with their marketing strategy because of fears around being visible.
  • To sell. There needs to be confident to approach potential clients or to sell. Even when they come to you. Closing sales is probably the area where lack of confidence hinders success the most. It’s like potential clients can see something is up and they just don’t buy unless you are 100% confident in yourself, your services and your ability to help them. A mentor told me once that clients see what you see when you look in the mirror this statement changed my entire perspective on mindset work and its importance for business growth.
  • To finish. There needs to be confident to actually complete tasks and see them through to the end. For example, when I created my first digital product I was not confident with it and it was never launched it. This was a totally missed opportunity at the time not only for my business but to help the people that need my message.
  • The mindset work that needs to be done to help you grow your business includes, but is not limited to, increasing your confidence because of its massive impact on your business. It cannot be gained by simply reading a book, passively listening to a podcast or a training. It is done by actually doing the work on yourself. Here are some ways to increase your confidence.


Know your value 

Seriously, you are awesome! Now it’s your turn to believe it. Make a list of all of the things that you uniquely bring to the table.

Not only in a sales situation but what makes you truly valuable as a person. This was one of the hardest exercises that one of my mentors asked me to. Doing it completely changed the way that I felt about myself and allowed me to show up more confidently in my business.

Get Support 

I have seen with many of my clients through our work together that having someone to support them and help them to see their value propels their business forward. They can step into their business with confidence and become visible, get sales and even network. A coach provides personalized support, guidance, and leadership to mompreneurs who really need it in their business as they are starting out.

Keep a success roadmap

When I started as an entrepreneur, I noticed that incorporate they were really good at giving positive rewards. Remember those luncheons that would celebrate little or big victories. These are the mini-milestones that we need to celebrate as business owners as well.

I think what is also important is to keep track of them so that you can look back and see what milestones you have reached along the way. Because sometimes, we forget how far we have come and this record is a reminder to help us to boost our confidence about how much we actually know and how far we have already come.

Proceed anyways

What I found out is that everyone (even the most successful people) have moments of doubt and struggle with that fear of “what if I can’t do this”. The difference between those that move past this fear and those that get paralyzed by their lack of confidence is simply that

The difference between those that move past this fear and those that get paralyzed by their lack of confidence is simply that successful people proceed anyways. Despite their fears, insecurities, and lack of confidence. What does that action result in? Usually confidence!

Despite their fears, insecurities, and lack of confidence. What does that action result in? Usually confidence! They think “I did it even though I thought I couldn’t” or my personal favorite “I did it and I didn’t die”.

As you proceed to work on your business, remember that it’s not only about the numbers or simply doing the work. There is a piece around confidence and mindset that greatly affects your business outcomes. From closing sales to finishing projects and stepping into your business in a big way. Getting support, keeping an inventory of your wins, knowing your value and proceeding anyways are some ways that you can move past periods where your confidence is lacking.

If you want to work on cultivating a 6-figure mindset so that you can reach your business goals this is exactly what I do with my clients. Go here to book a complimentary discovery call to see if working together is a fit for both of us.


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