Coaching, Training, Consulting, Mentoring...What Is The Difference And Which Do You Need When? - The Impact Driven Entrepreneur with Mariana C. Ruiz
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Coaching, Training, Consulting, Mentoring…What Is The Difference And Which Do You Need When?

Coaching, Training, Consulting, Mentoring…What Is The Difference And Which Do You Need When?

In this episode, I will be talking about the differences between coaching, consulting, training, mentorship and even counseling. I had had the opportunity to do all of these in my life and want to help you to identify which is which so you know what to expect and make sure when you purchase a program you know what you are getting.

So are these just titles or is what is happening at each level different?

This is a great place to start because many people think these are just titles but I have had so many people come to me because they had previously bad experiences with coaches or courses where they did not get the results they wanted and when we dig a little deeper the main reason is because they did not know what they were getting into with that program. So for me, It seems that that disconnect is what causes people to become unhappy customers. SO this is important for you if you are offering these services but also as a consumer so that you know you are taking the right thing in at the right point in your business.

Let me start with Training.

Training is really about helping you to know what to do. Think of this is when you train for a job or learn how to use a specific program. Online this is mostly things like Courses and Some group coaching programs are set up with a large training component. They tell you what to do. You go do it. I have programs that I do training around that are either free or very low cost. For example right now I am doing a free decision Matrix training to help you decide what social media platform would be most profitable. I do this because I love training and want to teach people for very low cost and free and I also don’t believe in cookie cutter systems. So lot of my training are helping you to find the best solution in your business.

Pros: It’s lower cost than coaching, consulting and mentoring

Cons: You must have the discipline to get into the teaching material and ALSO implement the information. Information alone does not get you the results.


This year I became a ICF Certified coach. The first thing that we learned in the coaching certification is that coaching assumes several things about a person: #1 that they are the best at knowing what is best for them. What I mean by this is we cannot tell someone what to do in coaching. We can only help them find the answers for themselves. This is where the clients that come to me for consulting feel frustrated with coaches who “Didnt tell them what to do”. Well its because they are not supposed to. The role of a coach is to guide you and to help you find your own answers. I call myself a coach + consultant because I help you find your own answers AND I also do consulting (which I will get to in a minute). Coaching is future focused which is also a hallmark of coaching. If someone is digging into your past this is Therapy and is not within the scope of practice of a coach.

Pros: Its self directed- You decide what you get out of it and also guide the sessions. You get personal feedbak and reflection of what is going on in your business/life. It is future focused.

Cons: You don’t necessarily get answers to what to do its more of a process of discovering it for yourself. If you need therapy and healing of past experiences you do not get that with coaching.


Mentoring is teaching based on the person’s own experience. This person has achieved something in their life and will tell them what worked for them.

Pros: If you get a good mentor that is open and honest with you you can cut your learning time compared to doing it all yourself.

Cons: Mentoring is very much what worked for that person but not necessarily what will work for you in your business. A lot of the coaches that I hired in the begining it was more of a mentoring situation and the advice that I got, althought it was good to grow a busines, did not necessarily apply in my busines for the business i wanted to build.


Consulting is more hands on and it goes beyond just giving advice in your business. This is based on the person’s work that they have done in not just their own business but with other businesses. This is how I like to run my coaching/consulting and I do a lot of hands on looking at your copy and looking at your funnels. For me, the execution of the work matters. A coach will just tell you what to do but a consultant will help you to execute it better. I also offer Consulting ONLY where I literally build out a businesses’ Facebook ads and run them for the business owner.

Pros: You get hands on feedback on what you are working on. You get access to knowledge from not only the person’s business but from their experience with others businesses. It is very much tailored to you and or done for you.

Cons: This can be more expensive than coaching but can reap much bigger rewards.

Counseling: This is looking at your past and healing it. This would be appropriate if you are struggling to move past a memory like with PTSD. or have a psychological diagnosis. Not saying you can’t get coaching also but the healing of these things work best in counseling.

Pros: Healing of past experiences

Cons: IT’s not future focused so sometimes people get stuck in the “healing” and struggle to move forward.


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