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5 Painless Strategies To Help You Close The Sale Without Being Pushy

5 Painless Strategies To Help You Close The Sale Without Being Pushy

Having an online business does not mean everything goes through a sales page. As a coach or service provider, getting people on the phone for a sales call is an important skill to master so that you can make sure you are working only with ideal clients. The thing is non-ideal clients drain you as a service provider and we simply cannot help everyone. Today I want to cover strategies to help you close the sale without being pushy.

I want to also mention that when I started my business I was terrified of sales. I could not even get people on the phone and I did not know what to say once I got them on the phone, heck I couldn’t even speak. My close rate was less than 10% and it was not until I found out that the sales call did not have to be sleazy and pushy that I really started to embrace sales calls. Last month I had close rate of 50% and felt 100% comfortable on sales calls (which is really the win here!). Here are some of the things that helped me.

1. The sale happens WAY before people even decide to get on the phone with you

The content that you create is what is “selling” your business and what you do. Every Facebook post, blog, Tweet, etc. is what is telling people if working with you would be right for them or not. Which is why I talk about creating content a lot. Creating content is the perfect way to attract clients without being sleazy. But you must talk to your ideal clients in a way that speaks to them.

2. Tell them what to expect 

So you have got someone on the phone. Congrats! Before you dive into the call you want to set the stage for what they can expect during the call. If you have ever been on a call with someone for the first time (especially if you are new) it can be pretty nerve wrecking as the potential client, so telling them what the flow of the call will be will help to ease their nerves and allow them to open up.

3. Get to the root of the problem

Be sure that whatever they are struggling with is identified during the sales call. I have noticed that this is one of the big reasons that people are unable to close sales. If the potential client does not feel like you understand their problem, they will likely not agree to working with you. People want to feel heard and understood and when they are telling you what they are struggling with its important to listen and empathize with them.

4. It’s not about you, it’s about them

I have been lucky to have the chance of sitting in and listen to very successful entrepreneur’s sales calls and I have also listened to many of my client’s sales calls. The people who are struggling to get clients to say yes to them are often the ones who are doing the talking. The biggest difference between the people who are really good at sales calls and the ones that are not able to close sales is that the people who are killing it in sales are not the ones talking. They are letting the potential client do all of the talking. The best sales people are asking questions trying to truly understand the potential client and they are simply listening.

5. F**** The Pitch

We are not trying to be salesy or pushy. Which means a rehearsed pitch won’t work. Yes, you need to know what working with you is like and be able to describe it. You do not need to have a pre programed pitch that is stiff as a board. What I have found best is to have an open conversation about what you can help them with based on what problems they told you about. Show that you were really listening and toss the canned responses.

In this post I talked about some strategies to help you close the sale without being pushy. The sale happens way before people get on the phone with you so its important to have good quality content out there on a regular basis to help get the word out about what you do. People are nervous when they get on the phone with you so its good to start the call by telling them what to expect. Then get to the root of the problem and truly listen to them. Lastly, drop the canned pitches and simply tell them how you can help them based on what they have just told you.


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