Summer Grow Your Audience Challenge

Ready to grow your audience... even while the kids are home this summer?

Grow your following in an hour a day or less and fill your group program by fall.

Reclaim your sanity this summer

For a work from home entreprenuer with being out for summer can be pretty much a nightmare. 

Lots of distractions, little focus and a crunch to get things done for your clients.

It's easy to fall into the trap of getting everything done for your clients, your kids and try to enjoy the summer....

But completely stop doing marketing and sales in your own business.

*Insert the dreaded feast and famine cycle* 

But there is another way, let's streamline your marketing to under an hour a day so you can grow your audience and fill your group program by fall. 

Imagine having a group program that generates 6 figures a year ...finally stop trading dollars for hours and create the freedom that you desire.

The only question is...are you in?

Give me 5 days and you will have your complete audience growth system set up so that you have ideal clients ready to buy your group program by fall.

  • Streamline your marketing so that it takes just 1 hour a day.
  • Say goodbye to the feast and famine cycles with a marketing strategy that is sustainable even when you are full with clients.
  • Get leads for your group program launch so that you can fill it by the start of the school year (and completely avoid being spread out so thin next year!).

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Challenge Starts In..


Challenge Overview (In case you ar curious!):

Day 1: Avoid the overwhelm and find your most profitable platform

Day 2: Content That Converts Planning Session.

Day 3: Stay top of mind with your ideal clients with minimal work.

Day 4: The secret to converting more clients that no one talks about. 

Day 5: Filling your group program.  

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