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Calling all Supermoms!

Calling all Supermoms!

Supermom…yes you! It is time for a chat. You are working in a corporate job (part-time or full-time), building a business (or should I say empires!) and have kids. As if all of that is not enough, there is cleaning, cooking, doing dishes and laundry. It’s like the list never ends.

The thing is, there are only 24 hours in a day. And although it may be humanly possible to do it all, there are things that will be missed (trust me I have been there).

I regret to inform you that although you are a supermom, you are not superhuman. 

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I wanted to write this article to help you experience a little more ease. Because honestly, you deserve it.

The art of letting things go

I call it an art because it is something that I work on continually in my life and business. I have learned that it is so important for business and for a mom’s sanity to set priorities and stick with them (sticking with it being the key).

Knowing what your priorities are, what you stand for, your values and what truly matters to you, then it makes decisions so much easier. Simply make sure that every decision is in line with those priorities. Every decision becomes crystal clear.

When we say yes to things that are not in line with our priorities, we are really saying no to the things that matter most to us.

Time is a limited resource. And as mom entrepreneurs let’s decide to be picky about how we spend our time. Not to be snobby, but instead, to put the things that matter first. I  did a periscope for the Supermom Naptime Chat Show on using priorities as a time management strategy. Check it out here.

Keep it simple supermom

Beyond time, we have a limited amount of energy. Which makes the entire set up a quick route to burnout. Many of us are just go, go, go without looking at the consequences of doing too much. I am totally guilty of this. I am a doer. I love learning, strategizing and taking action. Pretty much immediately, which I can say has really helped my business to grow quickly. However, I have learned that I need to schedule in time to unwind otherwise it just won’t happen.

This week in the Supermoms Group, we have a Charlie Birch as a guest expert talking about burnout, which I think is so critical for mom entrepreneurs to take into account BEFORE we get there. By scheduling in that time to unwind and actually taking action on it (goes right back to making this a priority).

You see, the thing is if we push ourselves to burnout we could jeopardize our ability to help others through our business. Even more importantly, we could jeopardize our families and our health. Making all of the effort completely pointless.

There is something to be said about simplicity in life and business and letting things go.

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Really, we cannot be everything to everyone.

As long as our kids are fed, happy and alive.

As long as we can put food on the table and a roof over our head.

Really does it make a difference if we have dishes piled up and stains on the carpet?

I feel the same is true for business. Streamline your business so that you are doing the essentials consistently without fail. There are things that can be let go in your business the unimportant tasks or the things that can be outsourced. Focus on the things that make you money and do them well.

Sometimes the problem of overwhelm and burnout stems from our inability to let go of the things that don’t truly matter. Or in other cases, not even knowing what matters and what doesn’t really matter at all.

Pinterest Mom

I feel that a lot of what we feel we are “supposed to do” comes from what I call “Pinterest mom”. An unrealistic, photoshopped ideal that we place in our heads of what a perfect mom entrepreneur is and what she is not (messy, sometimes forgets to brush her teeth until 1 pm and maybe even letting her kiddo play on the iPad for 2 hours so she can get a shower).

I have seen this comparison cripple people’s ability to grow their business and it makes me so sad. Because the thing is, when you compare yourself to the “Pinterest mom” you are doing yourself a huge disservice. Honestly, you never know what another persons’ life or business is really like on a day to day basis. Here is a Periscope I did on comparison.

I am reminded of this quote:


So Supermom, today I encourage you to let things go. No, things will not be “perfect” but they will be much more enjoyable. And beyond that, you will be able to remain consistent with the things that matter most.

What will you let go? Comment below.


Have an awesome day,




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