The 5 Signs Your Business is On a Crash Diet and How to Avoid The Crash - The Impact Driven Entrepreneur with Mariana C. Ruiz
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The 5 Signs Your Business is On a Crash Diet and How to Avoid The Crash

The 5 Signs Your Business is On a Crash Diet and How to Avoid The Crash

You already know that running a business is a long-term game. You know that in order to succeed in business you must be in it for the long haul (rome was not built in a day). But the reality is that it can feel like forever and you are wondering why it can’t just go faster? So you end up finding yourself (as I have in the past) pulling a business crash diet.

The truth is there is no miracle “diet pill” that will solve all of your business woes. When I work with clients we work on making the shifts that I will mention in this article so that you can have longterm success in your business (even after our work together is done). So, I wanted to write this article to talk about the 6 signs that your  business is on a crash diet and the shifts that you can make in order to avoid a crash.

 1. You are not sure why you want to do this.

Your why is the foundation of your motivation, drive and frankly your business. My friend Mary Katherine Johnson talks a lot on her podcast “Parent Entrepreneur Power” about having a why that is bigger than you. (P.S. if you are not subscribed this is a must listen)  She says that a why for someone else is not stable because that person could pass away, the circumstances can change in your life or theirs. And if the circumstances changed in your life then would you close your business? Would you no longer want to do it? If you could make the same amount of money that you desire to make in your business working for someone else would you?

In order to avoid the crash have a why that is bigger than you, bigger than your family and that is based on your core values.

I experienced this shift when I went through the birth of my preemie daughter. My why changed from providing for my family to freeing moms from the 9-5 struggle. My new why was based on my core values of freedom and justice. I believe every woman has the right to create an income for themselves on their own accord. I believe that every woman reserves the right to see their children as much as they want not based on what a 9-5 says they have to do. Freedom and justice are so ingrained in me and have consistently showed up in my life since I was a kid. Core values are something that will never change.

In my Supermom Sanity program, one of the first exercises I take my students through is identifying their core values. So they can start to form a deeper why that will withstand any change in their life. Yes your why may shift slightly but if you have identified your core values the shift will likely be superficial rather than deeply rooted.

Now that my why is centered on my core values, when I am not feeling like doing something my mind goes to my why. When I have had a failed project (and this is normal for entrepreneurs). When something doesn’t turn out how I had hoped, I quickly remember the big picture and why I want to help these women and I go do what I have to do.

Let’s avoid the business crash diet:

  • What are three core values that you have held in your life?
  • What are things you would stand up for no matter what?
  • Have you ever gone out of your way to do something that was against the grain? What was your underlying thought process? Why did you decide to do it?


2. You think that the next opt-in/course/coach is THE ANSWER to all of your business woes.

Shiny object syndrome is very real and it is compounded multi-fold by really good marketing. Trust me, I get it. My coach has had to pry me from going down rabbit holes many times. Yes, you want a coach to support you and pull you out of these rabbit holes, give you a strategy and hold you accountable. Yes, you want a course to teaches you skills and tactical pieces.

NOTHING is going to replace doing the actual work.

Even if you are doing the “right things” but are not aligned or have a crappy mindset then you still won’t see results. I tell you this because I spent way too long in this place and so you can learn from my experiences.

I also think that this is why having a business coach is crucial because a coach can pry you out of the rabbit holes. A coach will hold you accountable and will give you expert feedback on the work you are doing. And having a coach does not by any means replace the work that will have to put into your business but you will get support, accountability and learn from their mistakes and with the right coach for you shorten the path to success.

Let’s avoid the business crash diet:

  • Do you believe in YOURSELF? In you ability to do this?
  • Are you willing to put in the work to make it happen?
  • Are you willing to invest to make it happen? (and I don’t only mean a coach there is software, ads, upkeep of things, emergencies-like when I got hacked- and outsourcing)
  • Are you willing to put in the time? (Are you willing to put in the hours and give up other things in order to fit this in? #beinghonest)


3. You are thinking “Let me see if this works” about your business.

So this is really about believing in yourself and your ability to do this. Are you also determined and know that you will make it happen and figure it out…no matter what? When I flipped the script in my mind to “I am going to make it work” it was no longer a question of if, instead it became a matter of when I would see success.


Let’s avoid the business crash diet:

  • Do you believe that what you do will make you the money you desire?
  • Do you believe YOU can make the money you desire doing what you do?
  • How can you evaluate if what you are doing is working?


4. You keep thinking “Where will my next dollar come from”.

This is a mindset shift that I had to make because I was living in the scarcity mindset. Thinking this way will not only attract more negativity and scarcity into your life, but it can also really damage your reputation as a business. No one likes to feel like we are being sold to or manipulated. Change the focus to “let me make real connections with people” and “how can I help more people” (and I don’t mean in a monetary way, seriously just help).


I also want to add that through real connections you open up opportunities for you to get referrals, be known for your expertise and make lasting friendships.

Let’s avoid the business crash diet:

  • Who can I reach out to today to help?
  • Who can I reach out to today to connect with and strengthen my relationship with them?
  • Who do I want to get to know better?


5) You post 5 times one day and zero the next.

Whether its on FB, IG, blogging, podcasting, snapchat -whatever platform you choose- consistency is key. So if that means that you post only 1x/day on only one social media site then do that. Do it consistently for 90 days. Don’t worry about posting 3x/day if you can’t remain consistent with it. I am not saying there will be times when something fun/exciting comes up that you can’t share more but what I am saying is:

Stick to a frequency that works for you and do it consistently.

Example: I have posted every day (at least 1x/day) in FB groups since November, almost 7 months. Pick something that you can do and stick with it.

Let’s avoid the business crash diet:

  • How frequently can I realistically post?
  • Where are my ideal clients & excites me?
  • How can I systematize posting and make this easier? (Hint: my content challenge if you haven’t done it already)


BONUS….6) Your wondering why your marketing strategy is not working because you posted once and didn’t get 100 sign-ups. 

People have to get to know, like and trust you which takes time and consistency (hence the above). And marketing is a strategy its not something that you haphazardly do on the run. If you need help with this then start the Content Challenge. Also, remembering that you want to truly understand your ideal client so that your marketing attracts them.

I recently ran a promotion and got 6 discovery calls after only 2 posts. That is still not 100 after one post. But thats pretty darn good. I want to be transparent with you about what it has taken for me to get this type of response: showing up consistently, helping people for months (some free, some paid) and positioning myself as an expert. I also deeply understand my ideal clients and it is what I specialize in. What I am saying here is that it does not happen over night. Despite what other gurus might tell you. When you are starting out, focus on getting one customer not making 5K.

Let’s avoid the business crash diet:

  • Who is your ideal client? (Hint: this is not a woman 20-60 who likes makeup, go deeper)
  • What are my ideal client’s pain points?
  • How can I talk to them more conversationally while still talking to their pain points?
  • What do I need to do to get one client first? then the second and on and on.

Now I encourage you to sit down and journal about each of the questions asked here. Dig deep to get to your core reasons for having a business and if this is what you truly want to do.

Because if you are looking for a quick and easy way to make money owning a business is not the answer (online or off). But if you want to do what truly fulfills you and are willing to put in the work then anything is possible. Even if you have kids and even if all of the cards are stacked against you (I know this from experience).

In this article, I talked about the 6 signs that your business is on a crash diet. We talked about building consistency in your posting schedule, changing your mindset around FB ads, connecting with people and mindset overall about what you believe the outcomes of your business will be. These critical mindset shifts will transform your business and your results.


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