ABOUT - The Impact Driven Entrepreneur with Mariana C. Ruiz
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Ready to launch your group coaching program?



Imagine if you could stop trading dollars for hours and finally scale your service based coaching or consulting practice.


Imagine if your clients came in with the foundational material they needed to get predictable results and you were able to tweak the application on your 1:1 calls so that they could not only learn the material but MASTER IT.


What if instead of hoping that your clients got results you could create predictable results for them.



You are ready to take your business to the next level.


And you know that with the 1:1 model that you have right now, scaling is feeling more like a dream than a reality.


Here’s the truth…



You only have so many hours in the day. If you continue to trade dollars for hours there is a limit to how much money you can make.


There is a better way, through group coaching you can scale your business and still create predictable, top notch results for your clients.


Want to see how I can help?


Book your free, 30 minute call and I will show you your next steps to launching and scaling your 6-figure group coaching program.



I’m a Certified Business Coach & Consult for impact-driven entrepreneurs & work with them through high level marketing & sales strategies in combination with Facebook ads to expand their reach and convert their audience to clients, so they can create change in the world while living the life they desire.



Click here to read my story

I was sick and tired of trading dollars for hours in my 1:1 coaching practice.

After selling out my entire coaching practice in 2016, I was thrilled but then the reality of taking client calls and working until 11PM only to wake up at 4 AM to take care of my kids and start all over again was draining.

AND I ended up geeking out on the marketing strategies which was music to my nerdy ears

 I remember the day vividly where I had 5 clients who were doing a challenge launch and I ended up having to walk each of them through the process!

5 Calls back to back explaining the same thing.

I realized that not only was it a waste of my time but it was actually not of service to my clients because what if I got confused or left out a critical step?

That’s when I decided to implement my Group Coaching program, where there would be structured teaching modules and 1:1 coaching to help them with application to their business.

A true win-win for myself and my clients.

When you combine teaching and individualized support in a group coaching program you can catapult your client's results.

I don’t just teach you how to create a group coaching program, or launch a group coaching program….

My unique experience in hospital administration, brain science and over 12 years of Marketing, Sales, and business experience is what sets me apart as a coach.


I am Certified  through the International Coach Federation (The Gold Standard in Coaching and the only Internationally recognized coaching certification) and have helped hundreds of people to grow and scale their businesses both online and offline.

I am straight forward with a caring heart.

And I will call you out on your stuff…especially when you don’t see your own power.


I work with entrepreneurs who want to…


  • Turn likes, followers and fans into clients they serve
  • Increase their profits so they can live their lives by their design
  • Sell ethically and never be pushy or sleazy

When you work with me you get access to 12 years of marketing, sales and business experience and my complete dedication to your success.

Sound like something you want support with?

Find out how you can work with Mariana.

Want to know me & my work a bit better?

Here are 3 of my most popular pieces of content to help you increase your profit and impact TODAY!

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