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9 Tips for Getting Work Done As a Mompreneur

9 Tips for Getting Work Done As a Mompreneur

Working on your biz while raising kids and working full time is not an easy. As a mompreneur, I can tell you first hand as that is what I did when I started my business. I had my less than 1-year-old son at home and worked over 40 hrs per week in corporate then I would come home and work on my biz every night.

Although I talk about my success in my business, I never want anyone to feel like there are not rough days and those frustrating moments definitely happen. What I want to show you is how I have been able to do what I have done and show you that being a mom and having a business is totally possible. Our kids are not the excuse they are a great reason to move forward in our business.

Now I have 2 kids under 2 and run 2 businesses from home also I do additional consulting projects on the side. That said I have had to find ways to get work done in order to continue to do this. So I wanted to share my tips for building a business as a mompreneur.

The Early Bird Gets the Worm

For me, the mornings are the most productive and relaxing time I have all day. I Get up at 5AM so I can take care of me (mindset work) and do my content creation because that is important for visibility and my business. I feel like my morning time is my fun ritual where I get to take care of me and get creative in my business. I also like to tackle anything I absolutely must get done so if I cannot do anything else all day for whatever reason, then I have done the most important thing.

Sleeping Times are Gold

Take full advantage of nap time and bedtimes by having a plan before nap time comes so I know what I will be doing. Even if that means relaxing and winding down. If I have not made the plan then I simply won’t do it! It’s so easy to get sucked into social media or a TV show if you don’t go into the sleeping times with a gameplan.

Let Go Of The Unimportant Tasks

I literally do not let myself get worried or hung up about ANYTHING in my house until my biz stuff is taken care of. There is no use working about the dishes or laundry because no one except you will see it anyways. In other words, I let go of the things that are not my priority. For me, it’s more important to cuddle up with kids then to spend my evening cleaning and doing dishes.

Ask For Help

Hire a babysitter or nanny. There is nothing wrong with having someone help you even if it’s just a few hours per week. When you do get this opportunity be sure you have planned out how you will spend the time though because it’s easy to blow through 3 hours on social media instead of doing intentional work.

Set The Priority For The Day

Choose the priority every day and discipline yourself to do it. Even if nothing else gets done, like when the kids get sick, getting the most important thing done first will ensure you are progressing towards your goals.

Set Boundaries

Set boundaries with hubby about your work.  If you have something important to get done and will need help from your hubby then let him know that you will need that time. When I first started out I made the mistake of allowing the craziness around me to continue while I was trying to work. Now I let my husband know that I am working and need some time to myself and ask him to watch the kids. This is a boundary that I needed to make in order to be more productive and less stressed in my business.

Get Support

Reach out in The Supermom Facebook Group or other entrepreneur groups when you need a hand or someone to hear you out.  I think that moms who are not entrepreneurs don’t quite get what we go through to run our businesses. And many people do not understand our drive and desire to build our business. Reach out and get support from like-minded women who are also juggling work, life and business.


It’s so important to remain consistent in business. And part of that is working through the tough moments and showing up even if you don’t feel like it. Also, I have found that business is about building that momentum. So it makes it so much harder on yourself to stop and go all of the time than to just continue to chug along (even if you are going slow).


Get a VA to help you with tasks that are mundane or repetitive. There are also things that hold you back because you are trying to figure them out so it’s taking you 4 times as long than if you were to outsource it. For the home, get a cleaning lady to help you around the house. If you are making more money per hour in your biz (or in your corporate job) than you would pay a cleaning lady or VA it is worth paying someone less money per hour to do these things and freeing up your time.

In summary, it is totally possible to work on your biz, work full time and have little ones at home. I’m not saying it’s not easy but it’s doable. It requires asking for help, being patient and kind to yourself and getting crystal clear on your priories.


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