7 Ways Moms Can Create More Time in Their Business - The Impact Driven Entrepreneur with Mariana C. Ruiz
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7 Ways Moms Can Create More Time in Their Business

7 Ways Moms Can Create More Time in Their Business

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7 Ways Moms Can Create More Time to Work on Their Business

As busy moms with big goals sometimes it feels like we just can’t get enough time to do everything we want in our life and business. We want more time and some days it is slipping between our fingertips.

But have you ever thought about this…Whether you are the president of the U.S., a celebrity on a book tour  or even a busy mom growing an online business, we all get the exact same amount of time: 168 hours per week to be exact. Yet, everyone we talk to is “so busy” and “doesn’t have time” in their business and in their life. Let alone for things they want to do. It all comes down to how that 168 hours of time is spent. Today I am going to show you 7 tricks to help moms who are building a business online create more time. 

1. It starts with our mindset. First of all, let’s take a step back and think about the mindset that we have around time. The more I talk to moms about this concept the more it is clear that the scarcity mindset of “there is just no time” is a trap that we all fall into (myself included). After working with a lovely creation coach, she encouraged me to think about the things that I want out of life by looking at how much of those things I already have. Simple and Brilliant!! And often overlooked. What you focus on grows.

Supermom MantraSo even though this is basic if you focus on having no time you will ultimately create no time. It’s not that moms don’t have enough time, instead, they are living in a mindset that does not allow them to see it abundantly. Change your mind and you change your life.  

So next time you may be tempted to think I don’t have time, I invite you to say “it is not a priority for me” instead. This way you can continue to have an abundance mindset and an abundance of time.

2. Children can really make a damper on schedules. Sometimes we are completely at a loss of control over our time because of circumstances beyond our control (which for me, these days comes in the form of children with 2 kids under 2). I love them, I am just being real. I have a few thoughts on this.

Any time spent with our kids is a blessing (mostly) and again going back to mindset lets celebrate every tantrum and sleepless night. There are definitely some things that we can do to minimize the feeling of wasted time. For example, when a toddler has a tantrum about a cupcake for an hour or throws the same 4 toys on the ground again and you pick them up for the 5th time today. So how could this be handled differently? Let it go (Like that Frozen movie). The house does not have to be perfect. The toys can remain scattered throughout the floor until bedtime and you could just pick them up once instead of 20 times. Or better yet as they get older teach them how to pick them up themselves. With 2 kids under 2 years old, this is still sort of a awhile for me. 

3. Be intentional on Social Media. It’s pretty obvious that social media can really take up a good chunk of time As entrepreneurs having an online business the line between wasting time on social media and actually working on social media can be blurry at times.

So how do you minimize the wasted time when you have to actually work on social media? The best thing that I have found is to be very intentional about social media. Every time I get onto the laptop or the phone I go at it from a strategic list (that I put on Trello of course!) and get in and out as efficiently as possible. I have different lists that I use which I show you in Business On A Board but in general, the important ones for social media are who I am following up with and where I need to engage and post. 

4. Learning mode needs a revamp. This is a very difficult for me as a true nerd. I just love learning new stuff. I can spend hours learning on podcasts, listening to books on audible, reading books and other blogs and these things are helping me to learn the ropes online business, helping me to grow as a person and helping me with my money mindset. But the problem with all of this is twofold: First off, learning alone and not implementing is simply a waste of time and energy. And second finding out more ideas for what to do sometimes leaves me even more, stressed and feeling like I don’t have time to do all of the things I want to do for my business. So, I have dramatically reduced the consumption of educational materials. I am working on mastering those lessons and getting support and accountability from my business coach to continue to move towards my goals. For me, I know that I can stay stuck in learning mode if I don’t have a good push to keep me moving forward.

Supermom Mantra (25)

5. Priorities are out of whack. For many of us, the reason that we started an online business is so that we can spend more time with our families. But in the process can lose sight of what is important to us. I have found that the only way to balance family and work is by actually scheduling time for my kids and hubby. Especially hubby. I find that with my kids they will kick and scream until they get the attention they want but my husband won’t do that. So by scheduling time for us to come together, we (ahem I) am forced to stop and enjoy our time together.

6. Looking critically at every opportunity and assessing how it will grow your business. As you grow in your business there will be more opportunities which is awesome! But it is, even more, important to have that foundation of priorities set so that it will be easy to turn down things when you have to put what you value first. Instead of just hopping on every offer that comes your way.

7. Outsourcing is your friend. I cannot begin to tell you how much of a relief it is to have a virtual assistant. I hired her at a time in my life where I probably didn’t need to be spending more money. My daughter was in the hospital still and medical bills were coming in. However, I knew that I would not have as much time to devote to my business and I wanted it to continue to grow so outsourcing was the logical solution. I hired a VA to help me juggle all of this and she has been on my team ever since. It’s been a lifesaver having someone on my team with me working on my business and helping me to be more places at once.

To recap, Time is a finite resource that is given to everyone no matter how much or how little you have to do. I like to finish everything I do off with some action steps. So given what you just read, which area do you feel would help you the most to improve your time management? Write it down and select one action step you can take in the next 24 hours to give you more time to work on your business. 

Still struggling with time management? Check out this free download 5 Time Management Secrets every Supermom needs to know.

As Supermoms (Momtrepenuers who are starting an online business juggling it all) it can be stressful at times to manage it all. That is why I created the Supermoms support group. A place where moms can collaborate and support each other on their entrepreneurial ventures as they achieve all of their goals.



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