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7 Simple Ways to Take Care Of Yourself Amidst The Mompreneur Hustle

7 Simple Ways to Take Care Of Yourself Amidst The Mompreneur Hustle

 In the current age of moms owning businesses, we are busier than ever.  Not only are we carting the kids around and running all of the necessary household errands, but we’re hustling like crazy.  Time can only permit so much and yes I know that we consider ourselves Supermoms – but there is only so much we can handle without breaking down and wanting to give up.

So many of the mompreneurs that I work with can’t even imagine taking time to go to the bathroom – you know that thing that is part of the normal bodily functions?  Nevertheless, taking time to take care of themselves.  Now let’s stop here for a minute!

When did it become the norm for women to not take care of themselves one single bit? Hello… we’re in the year 2016.  It’s time to step back and take a look at this life of yours and see where it’s heading.  If you don’t stop for just a few minutes to do something for you – sorry to break it to you – you’re going to lose your fucking mind!  Trust me – I know all about it!

After changing careers in my thirties, starting my own business in Wellness, and putting every single beat of my heart and soul into it, I started to become exhausted (no matter how many green smoothies I was drinking).  The problem was that I wasn’t taking any time for myself to breathe, enjoy life, or even enjoy time with my family.  If anyone told me that’s what entrepreneurship would be about – I would have tossed the idea 3 years ago.

Am I really saying this?  That you should give up on your dreams and quit your business and this ultimate hustle? No that’s not what I’m saying at all!  I’m one of your biggest supporters and motivators to keep on going and design a life that you truly adore, but in order to make it happen and succeed, you need to take some time for you.

Here are 7 Simple Ways to Take care of Yourself amidst the Mompreneur Hustle:

Get Out of the House

Take your work to a place that you love to be (don’t stay home – even if you love your home office).  Instead go somewhere that brings you happiness and gets you out of the house because that can get boring really quickly.  Even if it’s a local coffee shop – seeing people and having in-person conversations and having an excuse to wear your high heels can change your world.  Because you run an online business doesn’t mean that you can never see the light of day again!

Work & Play

Work & Play at the same time!  You may have your kids home with you – instead of ignoring them all day so you can work – get them involved. I use Canva to create all of my graphics and my kids love to play around in it.  So in the middle of creating – I let them join in.  You never know what they will create – it could be your new branding 😉 Now they feel like they got time with Mom and you can lose some of your “mom guilt”. It’s a win-win!


Design your Mind & Booty at Once

Get your Mindset work in while you design your Booty!  Ok if you’re an entrepreneur – you know that Mindset is super important and most likely don’t ever skip it.  How about getting your books on Audible or even YouTube? You can find quite a few for free on there! Play them as you get a workout in.  Now you’ve gotten two things off your to-do list done in the time of one!

Cook, Listen, & Move

This one’s even better! How about getting three things done at once?  So everyone still needs to eat – even if you run a business. I’m sure you’re not starving your family, right? So, you can cook dinner, listen to your Mindset work and do some squats and lunges all at the same time.  I can offer you a bunch of moves to do in front of the stove!  Come check me out at bit.ly/HighHeelsmeetYogaPants

Journal as you Work

How about some quiet time for you?  Maybe some meditating, Pilates or even journaling?  Yes journaling can be done anywhere. If you don’t already have one, get one – it can even be a piece of printer paper – whatever is available to you.  You can even use Google docs or Evernote.  Leave your notebook next to you (or your Google docs tab open) as you work and as thoughts come into your mind that are affecting you in any way (positive or negative), write them down.  Get them out of your mind so you can move on with your work and boost your creativity.  Did you know that journaling brings you into a state of mindfulness which leads to happiness?  And it helps you achieve goals! Ok this is starting to sound really good!

Prep to Fuel your Body

How about fueling your body with some sexy boosting foods? As entrepreneurs, we tend to put our work in front of everything. So what if we starve? We’ll make up for it later with a huge bowl of food (5 times as much food than needed).  Ok let’s not do that! Instead, do a little prepping.  The extra hour spent on Sunday night will be worth the flat belly, no bloating, preventing illness, and hours every other night of the week.  Go grab a few containers or sandwich bags and start filling them up with some fruit, greens and even a spoonful of Chia seeds.  Stick them in the freezer and you’ve almost got your smoothies made for the week that will take you a whole minute to blend up while working.

Read as a Family

Family time is a top priority, even though so many nights seem to come to a quick end and we realize we haven’t stopped for a minute to be with our loved ones.  Don’t let this happen anymore.  One of my favorite things to do is read and my kids love it just as much.  You’ve got choices here:

(a) each read a book while being together – depending on the ages. When your kids see you reading, they get more interested in it.

(b) Get some Personal Development books that you can all read together (I love Dr. Wayne Dyer’s books for kids).  Why not get our kids in a positive mindset from a young age?

Out of these 7 ways, you can find at least one helpful for you and your situation. I suggest you try each one – one a day – and see what works for you. And hey – if they all work, then I’m even happier! You’ll start to realize that taking care of yourself isn’t impossible while being a part of this Mompreneur Hustle.


About Melissa Kessler:

Melissa Kessler lives in the town of Jupiter, the northernmost town in Palm Beach County, Florida, United States. Melissa is a lifestyle and wellness coach with an MA in Wellness and Lifestyle Management from Rowan University. She spends her time helping women change their lives in so many ways from releasing weight to gaining confidence in themselves. You can learn more about Melissa at www.melissakwellness.com


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