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7 Principles That Will Help You Grow Your Business Influence

7 Principles That Will Help You Grow Your Business Influence

Do you have that excited-can’t-sleep feeling like you can conquer the world? But there are still so many questions on how you’re going to do this dream of yours… Knowing that just because you’re a  mom, shouldn’t mean that you put your entire life on hold.

Believe it or not for many years I wrestled with this thought. That if I did follow my dreams I wouldn’t be a great mom. After all , call me old fashioned, but when I was raised you give everything up so your children can have a future. Until I realized my children’s future would be paved by me. I would make their road easier. Also, taking care of me would be their future if I didn’t create a legacy financially, mentally and emotionally. The time is always now. You might think hey what do I know. I have a story to share that will reveal it’s not what you know but how you look at things.

You know where there is a will, there is a way to be able to follow your dream and still be a mom. I don’t know if this is you, but it definitely was me 15 years ago when I stepped into the world of business. I had tons of excitement and, honestly, while I understood influence—in our way that was related to family—I did not really understand how it related in business, or what business influence was. I knew I was supposed to be a role model, or an influencer for my children, and a support system. However, when it came to entrepreneurship—when it came to business—what did influence look like?

Business Influence is something that isn’t mentioned often in the business world. They mention marketing copy for sales pages, leveraging relationships, and other terms of the such. There’s something more about business influence now than meets the eye…

Have you ever seen three different ads from three different companies, but for the same kind of product or program? For some reason you went with one person over another? You chose one of those three. It could be something as simple as you might have seen one show up more often, so you thought them more credible. That’s not really why you chose to stay though. There was something about them that stood out! Their journey began with their excellence in presenting their brand but stayed with your experience and influence they had in your life or business.

You watched their videos, read their blog posts, and you were hooked. There’s a reason for this and it has to do with business influence. I’m actually brought to a really great story that I remember learning a whole lot from, and I think you will be able to appreciate it. There are seven elements from the story to be exact that I believe you should always hold tight.

So once upon a time there was a little girl named (though not so little anymore) Aniya. It was a beautiful, cloudy day. The sun was shining through the clouds just enough to feel the warmth on your skin, but not enough to where you feel the extreme heat. This little girl was soaking up her usual time playing with her dolls (or legos) when she decided to ask if she could have a friend over.

When her friend got there, she decides, “Why don’t we make some fresh lemonade and sell it!?” The amazing part about this is that she was multi-passionate, and so she not only sold lemonade but she also sold some of her drawings she’d made.

In essence, she inspired her friend to take action. On the flip side to that, her friend who felt inspired, inspired her to step out of her comfort zone and take action! It took her friend coming over for her to feel like she could actually go through with selling lemonade. They went and made fresh lemonade with real lemons and water. They set up a table and chairs and yet never asked if they had everything they needed for some great lemonade-selling success.


Then something happened!


While they were excited and expecting a sale, when it actually happened they had no idea what to do! They ran around with excitement so much so that they ran right back into the house to get me. When I went outside my husband followed and they had customers. The only thing, though, is they didn’t have all the supplies they needed. It was actually pretty funny. They had a pitcher of lemonade. They had one cup that they wanted people to drink out of. Then they had a bowl of soap and water so they could wash the cup out after that person, and have it clean and ready to give to the next person. It was a pretty awesome idea! I have to give it to them—they were very creative.

You might be asking did we come to the rescue and the answer of course is yes. My hubby went out and bought cups, I fixed the lemonade and added fresh fruit. I also gave them a dry erase board they could right on and put their prices for all to see. We positioned them better to get more traffic and even let them knock on the neighbors doors. They did get rejected for some but it made them stronger an they bounce back.

There’s so much beauty in this story. I’m actually so proud of my daughter because a long time ago, when I first started, it’s the one thing that people said to me on a regular basis: that I needed to be at home and take care of my kids. I thought that meant that I had to be a housewife…one that laid down every one of her dreams to help her husband and just raise her kids. But, me!? As someone who is very creative and ambitious, I had such a hard time with that as I stated int he beginning. So to see my very own daughter step into entrepreneurship was so rewarding. It really showed me that all my hard work and dedication was something that my children see. They saw opportunity in the world. Not just: you go to college, get your education, and go into Corporate America.

I laid a foundation that no one could take away. A taste for business. That’s all they need is a taste and that desire will follow them forever. O and a shameless plug if I may? I spend tons of time with them and we have movie time, play time, art time you name it. To add, I bake cookies, cook dinner and more. So I was able to do it and so are you.

Now let’s go to the business influence principles that I pulled from the story of my daughter and her friend selling their lemonade.

1. Community

As I mentioned in the story, my daughter had her friend over. Her like-minded friend supported her and encouraged her to live out a desire she had within. Where most would have judged, she uplifted her and joined her. With that being said, over my years of business I have realized that ego gets in the way. You know exactly what I’m talking about. We have this ego or competition complex where we don’t reach out to like-minded people and embrace the community. The truth of the matter is that when you have a vision—a big vision—it is normally beyond your control to do by yourself. When you’re dreaming big and you are thinking big, it means that what you are going to do as the end result is impact many people. That cannot be done alone, unfortunately. I find out that so many do just that.

Are you familiar with this? Individuals go into communities like Facebook, Pinterest, or other forums and memberships and take whatever is there but they don’t give back. They don’t communicate. They don’t build relationships, and they don’t leverage audiences. They try to build alone!

I hope you caught what I said… Let me repeat myself… They try to build alone. I said “try” because you will only last so long without a community and support.


2. A Will

The next on the list would be a will. What I mean by this is that you’ve set an intention followed by actions to pursue your dreams. Above all else, and what anybody else says, you are not going to give up! I cannot tell you how many individuals I have coached that are so excited in the beginning, and when they learn the consistency that building a business requires, they quit. Or better yet, they try to find something easier to do to accomplish. There is no easy way to pursue business or gain business influence. There are, however, easier ways to push through barriers, and I’ll talk a little bit about that later on. In business and in life you have to set an intention. You will find that when you are pursuing this, there are so many different avenues and ways to go. It can be very confusing, but what I will tell you is: stick to how you were wired.

There are so many different personality types and ways to approach things. Take a look at what you are strong at and get a team around you that can help you with the things that you are weak in. So again I say, make sure you listen to that voice inside that says, “This is what I want!”

With my experience over the years I have learned that individuals starting business begin off of experiences or skill sets. What I am encouraging you to do is go past experience, past skill set and get right down to the nitty-gritty of what your passion is. That is what you build on and how you gain business influence.



3. Strategy & Execution

This foundation of peace right here is something that statistics have proven is the number one reason why entrepreneurs fail in business. It’s funny… kind of similar when you’re pregnant… Here I am, running around preparing for the baby and planning out exactly what we’re going to be doing, and how we’re going to get home. Well, we don’t use the same concept in business. You know you are guilty of this…. the baby is coming home, and you are thinking of every which way that you can prepare have pre-cooked dinners and your bag is packed you’re cleaning and nesting.

There shouldn’t be any difference in business. We have to have strategy and execution in everything that we do. The confusing part for for many is they either do one or the other or try both at the same time. We can’t prepare for a baby and have a baby at the same time. Take the time to strategize what you are going to do. In the meantime, you can list build and get to know individuals, and build those different relationships within your community. When you are finally at that stage when you’re ready to execute, you have your audience in place, know exactly what you’re doing, what needs to be implemented, in what stage, and how the process will follow.


You never want to go into a situation blind. Set a goal for yourself! For example: I will accomplish creating my freebie in order to gain 500 followers in 90 days. Then break that goal down into best, better, and good. That means a reasonable goal would be to increase your followers by 500—that is good. Better would be 750 and best would be 1,200.

Once you’ve established your goal and put a number and date with it, then list the project/s you want to do to reach that goal. Stick to 90 day goals as we humans tend to rabbit trail if we set longer goals and then create projects to complete that will achieve that goal. Accomplish those projects in 2 week time periods where your full attention is solely on those projects. See, many get discouraged in business due to lack of preparation, strategy and execution. The thing is that those exact things will give them the small wins they need to feel like they accomplished something. Small wins are everything, especially when it comes to business influence.


4. Environment

Do you remember the beginning of my story when I mentioned environment? Well environment is pivotal to your growth, business influence, and your success. I don’t have the time to get into how to change your environment and how they reflect on your success, but I will say that there are a total of nine environments. You have the you environment (your soul), your body, self, spiritual, nature, physical, financial, your network and relationships. I would most definitely work on one of these environments every 90 days.

Have you ever walked into a room and you just felt exhausted, uncomfortable, and just didn’t like it? Now on the other hand, have you ever walked into a room and just felt the energy? For instance, you went into a big training or networking meeting and there’s pure energy radiating from people. That is a perfect example: setting the right tone and environment for yourself. Whenever we are thinking about our kids, we are always looking at their environment and relationships they have, and so much more!

If I say anything to you in this post I say this: push to create an environment you can to grow in.


6. Mentorship

Mentorship is something that was pretty difficult for me in the beginning because I was not sure exactly how to find that mentor (or really if I even needed to). I honestly thought that I could download enough eBooks, or take up programs, and that would just be enough. What I learned quickly, and unfortunately, is that I can have all of those programs and books at my fingertips and yet still not know what to do with them or how I can implement them according to my personality and how I’m wired.

So when I say mentorshipcoaching and accountability groups—whatever it is—that you feel comfortable with at this point, act on it fast. The last thing you want to do is go around in a circle for years when, instead, you can cut your learning curve and still gain valuable experience in the meantime.

The famous question is how do I find one? I will say this: follow 3 to 5 people in your. People that you feel drawn to that are adding value that is helping you. Get on their webinars, download their e-books, get in there groups, comment, like and share their blogs posts and social media posts and you will begin to see deeper and whether you will have a good working relationship. I like to call it pursuing your coach. Take action. This will all impact your business influence.


6. Start somewhere

What I like most about the story I told you in the beginning, is how my daughter just started. It really taught me to just start and not worry about the fullness of the strategy and execution. The truth is, no matter what plan you have there will always be a need for tweaking. Stepping into business, and gaining business influence, you have to be flexible. And while you need to plan, you also need to allow the nature of business to unfold. This is where all the experience lies.


So my daughter went out—she knew she needed lemonade, which was something to sell, and she knew she needed a chair…a table…and a sign….believe me it was not perfect, but she did not let it stop her. She just started! And the beauty of it is she just started with that! She had a great community, and a great friend to stand beside her! She also has her parents always there to encourage her to push forward.  If everything had to be perfect we would never start. Or better yet, if everything had to be perfect we would never learn.


7. Crush The Hurdles


I adore the purity of children. They just do. They don’t even realize their weak spots or hurdles.  It makes no difference for them. There is only one thing in mind and that’s to accomplish. Think about your little one. Do you remember (or maybe it’s more recent) how they would belly crawl, roll, even backstroke to the object of their desire? I remember all of my three children were relentless. That is how you and I need to be in pursuing our passions.

We are here to leave a legacy for our children and it’s extremely important to begin. Now, these elements I’ve shared with you are not the end-all. There are a lot more tips, tricks, and lessons many share along the way.

I felt the story was relatable and inspiring. To know our children can teach us lessons daily, if we want to receive, then it is powerful. There are inspirations and lessons to be learned everywhere.

Don’t be afraid to start small. If you want a restaurant, simply start a blog, share recipes, make cook books and fun things people will enjoy. Make meal plans for people and resource them with other affiliate products you have. In time a restaurant will emerge. But in the meantime you will create wealth, income, legacy, and freedom to still be a mom with an amazing following and business influence.


My name is Tanya and I am also called The Truthpreneur. I always say this: Follow your passion, it’s the pathway to your destiny.

If this post has brought you value please be kind and like, share and comment about what stood out the most to you.


About Tanya Patxot:


It’s me Tanya Patxot aka The Truthpreneur a strategist and teacher of business for 15 years, that includes on and offline. I have coached 1000’s of entrepreneurs along my journey on achieving mental clarity, strategy and execution, gaining influence and customizing success through your personality and how you are wired. Did I mention I have done this being married, having 3 children (4 if you included my pitbull puppy … he is always a puppy to me ha ha ), serving heavily in my community and church, rehabilitating and fostering animals and finding them homes, serving at my children’s school and while getting my education and working my doctorate.

And now, I bring that expertise to you. I have a hunger to help others see how you are wired to function and obtain success. Life is not a cookie cutter or one size fits all and neither is the way you pursue your business.

Tanya Patxot,

The Truthpreneur



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