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5 Tested Strategies That Will Awaken Your Persistence

5 Tested Strategies That Will Awaken Your Persistence

Most of us set our goals with the unspoken expectation that we will reach them. We all like the feeling of success. And, setting a goal and accomplishing it can illicit feelings of pride, accomplishment, and strength that are not easily matched.

The energy and excitement that is generated when you set a goal is enough to get you started but, eventually the feeling fades. And, you are left at a crossroads of digging deep and pushing through the difficulties and setbacks or … quitting.

When you set a goal, it is usually the product of something that has inspired you. You have been motivated by seeing someone else accomplish the same thing, or by the opportunity to craft your life to be just the way you want it to be, or even by the chance to make more money.

The trouble is, all of these motivators are rooted in an emotion. And, emotions are not always enough to keep you going. Especially, when your goal is something really big and beautiful … and, is going to take some time and hard work to reach.

It is then, that you must awaken your persistence. That thing inside of you that will drive you towards your goal like a freight train that nothing can stop.

Some people call it grit.

I call it moxie.

It’s that same thing that helped you to get through each contraction when you were in labor.

Or, kept you sitting upright, holding your little one for hours when he had a fever.

Or, gave you the courage to move out of your comfort zone and take your career or business to the next level.

When you learn how to awaken your persistence, it is a skill that can propel you into all kinds of amazing opportunities – because NOTHING (including yourself) can tell you that you can’t.

When you try … and, keep trying … you can accomplish amazing things.

Things that you never thought were ever possible.

What Is Persistence?

Angela Duckworth is a former management consultant turned psychologist and professor at the University of Pennsylvania. She is also a MacArthur “genius” grant award winner and the founder and scientific director of the Character Lab at U of P.

In her lab, Angela studies the keys to success, which she has deemed are grit and self-control. She defines grit as, “The tendency to sustain interest in and effort towards very long-term goals.”

“The tendency to sustain interest in and effort towards very long-term goals.”

Dr. Duckworth’s research has shown those people who are more gritty and know how to awaken their persistence are more likely to be successful in reaching their goals. In her book titled, “Grit. The importance of Passion and Persistence” she shares her research findings on the subject as well as a collection of insights gleaned from several interviews she has done with highly-successful people.

Some of the most important findings from her research are; Talent, money, and intelligence are hardly the most important traits for a successful person to have. And, that she has scientifically proven that grit (or persistence can grow). In other words, you can put safety nets in place that will keep you committed to your goals, while you grow the persistence within you.

Some examples of safety nets are;

  • Working with a professional coach who will help you set goals and hold you accountable
  • Learning new skills and systems that will keep you organized and focused on the tasks that will make the most progress
  • Journaling about your goals and progress so you can refer back and remember where you started from and where you are now
It has been scientifically proven and is still being studied, that the key to success is persistence. And, if you weren’t born a “go-getter” with all of that beautiful confidence that some people have … that’s okay. You can still be successful. You just have to learn how to awaken your persistence.

It is within you. In fact, you have everything that you need – to be everything that you want to be – within you at this moment.

You only have to connect to it.

Connecting with your persistence (or, grit) is a practice. It is several different behaviors that you practice, and get good at. Imagine you were learning ballet. You would start with learning first and second position. Then, move on to third position, etc. You would lay the foundation and build on it. Learning to awaken your persistence is similar. You put your safety nets in place and practice the behaviors necessary to connect to your persistence. Until eventually, you are a freight train bearing down on your goals with mindfulness, elegance, and moxie.

Practice these 5 tested strategies and, soon you will start to notice a fire inside of you. Everything will come clear. And, you will know that your goals are possible and your passions will be realized.


Look At The Big Picture

Like we talked about in the beginning, when you set a goal purely from the emotion within, that fuel is usually only enough to get the fire started … but, not keep it going.

When you set your goal with the bigger picture in mind, you create accountability and you are more likely to stick to your goal.

When you set your sights on achieving something that is bigger than you and, possibly includes a commitment to other people, you are more likely to push through the difficult time because you know those other people are counting on you


Put It On Your Schedule

Don’t just use a to-do list. Use many segmented lists that are organized by time. For instance, an annual calendar list that includes all of your tasks and priorities for the year. A quarterly planning list that has all of your objectives for that quarter – with due dates. And, a daily task schedule that has each task organized in time blocks.

When you make a list of “things to-do” there is no commitment. There is no “consequence” for not checking it off of the list. When you make a funnel of different scheduled lists, you are creating a support system for yourself that will hold you while you navigate your day


Find Your Support People

Working towards a goal often means putting yourself and your tasks first. As a mom, this is not always the most graceful of transitions.

And, this is a slippery slope for most of us because of the overwhelming guilt that comes with resenting the time you are spending with your kids, because you have so many things you “should” be doing to move your business.

That guilt is enough for most of us to stop in our tracks and quit trying to realize our own goals, “just until the kids are older”. And, there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with making that choice – if your heart is truly happy and at peace with it.

But, if your heart is broken when you make that choice … I would encourage you to recruit a group of support people and work with them to organize a schedule where you can get work done and be a mom.

This means outsourcing the tasks that overwhelm you (for me, it’s anything to do with design), talk with a friend, partner, or family member about watching your kiddos for a couple of hours a day (my husband watches the little guys while I take Smoochie Girl to school and then head to the coffee shop to work for a couple of hours), and join a mastermind group to talk with other business mamas about how they get it all done (I belong to an awesome Facebook group for mom entrepreneurs).


Share What You Know

When you are trying to awaken your persistence, a major block is confidence. That lady in your head with all of her negative self-talk can start to get really loud when you are pushing out of your comfort zone. One of the best ways to quiet that “Negative Nellie” is to teach other people what you know.

In fact, research has shown that people retain 90% of the information that they learn when they immediately turn around and teach someone else that same information.

Learning something new can be very intimidating but, when you immediately teach someone else what you have learned, you help that information to resonate and stay with you, which will give you a tremendous boost in confidence

You can do this by hosting a 10-minute stream on Facebook Live, Periscope, or Blab. Or, you can teach your spouse or partner. You can coordinate a 15-minute huddle with your team and give them the highlights. Or, get on the phone with your sister or best friend and download all of the great information that you have learned.


Always Be Learning

There have been decades of scientific research on the subject of how a person’s mindset will affect their ability to achieve their goals. A mindset that is open to growing and learning has been proven the best mindset to have for success.
A mindset focused on always growing and learning gives the person a perspective of, “I will achieve, no matter the obstacle. And, if I fail, I will learn from my failure and continue”

This strategy is a bit of a challenge for most people because it means quieting the negative self-talk and, not allowing yourself to believe that you are either born capable or you are not.

When you believe that you can meet any challenge and rise above obstacles – you are committed to always expanding out of your comfort zone, which naturally helps you to connect with your persistence.

No matter what your goals or dreams are, you will need moxie to reach them. The good news is, you can strengthen your level of moxie by learning how to awaken your persistence and never quitting. Use these strategies to help!


About Jayleen Magill
Jayleen (a.k.a. “Jay”) is a mommy of three, entrepreneur, and blogger. She helps moms in business or college find peace with work/life integration, using proven productivity strategies and resources. You can read more from Jay at ReadySetGoal.net – and, sign up for her FREE Time Management mini-course!

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