5 Steps To Converting Webinars from Fails To Sales - The Impact Driven Entrepreneur with Mariana C. Ruiz
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5 Steps To Converting Webinars from Fails To Sales

5 Steps To Converting Webinars from Fails To Sales

We all know that webinars are a great way to showcase our expertise, extend our reach, and increase sales, but if you have hosted a webinar that didn’t convert, or worse had no attendees, it probably left a bitter taste in your mouth.

Webinar’s don’t have to be that way, and in 5 simple steps you can take your webinars from fails to sales and start reaping the benefits of a highly successful, sought-after webinar.

1. Market Your Heart Out

Fear of under- or over-marketing is almost guaranteed to lead to poor marketing. Spend the time to prepare a solid marketing strategy that will showcase your expertise and make your webinar a hot commodity. You need to be proud of your offering, and share it with your following on all your social platforms.

In the 2 weeks leading to your webinar, consider tweeting daily, writing a blog post, create a pin that leads to your registration page, and of course share it across all your platforms with catchy, colourful graphics.

2. Stick to Your Forte

Does technology freak you out? In the event of a mid-webinar tech issue would you keep your cool or lose your groove and consider the webinar a wash? Your back-end support will provide technical support, moderation, and customer service so you don’t have to! Webinar support can be the difference between a killer webinar and a killed webinar.

3. It’s All In The Name

From the moment you first connect with your audience, you need to captivate them. Your webinar title can make or break you webinar. If your title doesn’t define at least 1 outcome or solution or detail how they will benefit from attending, chances are it won’t sell.

When naming your webinar, make big promises – of course be sure you can keep these big promises. Consider using a question or action verbs to grab your audience’s attention and leave them wanting more. Naming your webinar is a crucial step to ensuring your webinar success.

4. Practicality Overrules Glitz & Glam

Your webinar platform must meet 3 needs: frequency, volume, and price.

If you are a one-hit-wonder you don’t need a platform that requires an annual membership. Instead choose one that is free or allows you to pay monthly.

When you are expecting 50 live attendees, you don’t need to pay for a platform that accommodates 500 or more.

As a start-up or new business, sometimes paying $300+ per year for a webinar platform is understandably not in the budget. There are plenty of lower-priced platforms available that are equally as good or offer different features that will meet your needs just the same as the high-priced platforms.

Narrow down these 3 key details before you start wading through the sea of webinar platforms, and you will be sure to find out that is just right.


5. Pitch It to The Choir

Nail down your pitch. Practice it until you are blue in the face. You can master the first 4 steps, but with a disorganized or messy pitch you can throw it all away. Remember to cover how your product or service will solve their problems and the outcomes they can expect to achieve.  Also, keep in mind that one size doesn’t always fit all. Consider creating an up-sell and a down-sell to spruce up your offer. This tactics meets the needs of your audience on a broader scale and will lead to increased sales and lead generation.


Before starting your broadcast remember to take a deep breath and do a power-pose to boost your vibe. You can even play a song that pumps you up to get you in you’re A-game. If you are high-vibe, your audience will catch on and stay tuned in and interactive throughout your webinar.

Boosting your sales and showcasing your expertise through webinars is not hard, but it is all about strategy. Incorporate these 5 strategies into your webinars and start converting your webinars from fails to sales.


About Kate Wratten

Kate has dedicated her life to excellence as an administration professional. In 2015, after the birth of her son, she chose to take her online virtual assistance business seriously so she could quit her 9-5 and work from home.

As a Certified Webinar Specialist, she provides webinar support and virtual administrative services to entrepreneurs and wellness professionals world-wide, assisting them in overcoming their administrative frustrations and de-stressing their webinar experience from idea to implementation and beyond.



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Mariana is a Certified Business Coach + Consultant she helps coaches and consultants to increase their profit and impact. She uses her background in brain science, hospital administration and 13 years of marketing, sales and business experience to help you identify the profit leaks in your business, market in a way that attracts your ideal clients and convert followers to group coaching clients through service-based selling. She has been featured in various podcasts, blogs and online courses including the Huffington Post, Today.com, and The Millionaire Insider Extravaganza. Through working with hundreds of business, she has empowered them to increase their profit and serve more people all over the world. You can catch her podcast and join the community at http://impactdrivenentrepreneur.com/community

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