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5 Must-Have Life & Biz Routines For Mompreneurs

5 Must-Have Life & Biz Routines For Mompreneurs

Do you constantly feel like the kids and the household chores are getting in the way of feeling productive in your business? With the endless amount of laundry, diaper changes, meal prepping and feedings, there may be much to be desired in terms of what you feel capable of getting done in your biz. Getting control of biz routines can seem impossible.

Trust me I know EXACTLY how you feel. Less than 5 months ago I had my first child, and before that I had no clue how upside down my life would become. Everyday felt chaotic because I didn’t have any structure put into place prior to giving birth. My poor boyfriend who is the king of time management and organization tried so hard to help me create routines that would make my days less stressful, but I refused to listen.

Until one day I looked around and my life was in shambles. I was gaining weight, I didn’t feel like I was giving my son the attention he needed, my relationship was starting to change because I wasn’t happy due to my lack of self-care, I wasn’t paying my bills on time because I wasn’t getting enough clients, the list could go on. That’s when I started to become the queen of routine by starting to implement self-made structures into my life so I could become the Mommy Mogul of my life AND business that I so desperately craved to be.

Here are 5 life and biz routines that are essential to being the CEO of your household and online business:

Nap Routine

Getting your kids on a somewhat strict nap schedule is most likely the best investment you will make in your business, and it doesn’t cost a thing! Nap-time is a wonderful resource of uninterrupted quiet time to focus on tasks that you normally wouldn’t get a chance to take care of with the little ones running around.   

Feeding Routine

Having specific times throughout the day when you feed your kids can not only make your life easier, but also allow you to plan the rest of your day more effectively. No matter how old your children are, or what type of food you are feeding them you can block off times each day to set aside as “feeding times.” For example, I currently formula-feed my son every 5 hours and the times typically stay the same day-to-day. This way I know when he will eat and won’t have to resort to him crying and feeling like I’m neglecting his needs.

“Feel-Good” Ritual

The path to becoming a Mommy Mogul can be one that easily leads to burnout, but it doesn’t have to be this way. You probably hear quite often how important self-care is and I’m not here to tell you any different. However, I do want to stress that your “feel-good” ritual does not have to be this complicated, drawn-out routine. Pick 2-3 things that make you feel amazing that you can take time for each day and THAT’S IT!


Email Management Routine

Being organized is crucial to staying productive in your life and business. And, you’d be surprised how liberating it can feel to have a well-managed email inbox. But, who wants to constantly have to go through thousands of emails, and more importantly who has the time? Now is the perfect opportunity to create an email management routine that will allow you to maintain a clean inbox, while also giving way for better organization before you become a Mommy Mogul.

Cleaning Routine

Just because we run a business doesn’t mean we all are fortunate enough to be able to hire out help. We are just as responsible for the household chores as we are for caring for our kids and being productive with our business tasks.

I’ll be honest I HATE cleaning. It is something that I used to dread doing and keep putting off, but living in a messy house can wreak havoc on your life if you’re not careful. That’s why creating a cleaning routine is just as important as any of the others mentioned here. Block off an hour each day to clean different areas of the house and you’ll be well on your way to feeling more organized!

P.S. I have to thank my boyfriend for this suggestion. He’s been telling me for over a year to do things like this, but I only have just started listening to him, and I see how much of a difference this routine makes.


I could go on and on about different systems, biz routines and strategies that you can create to not only make your life easier, but also support you in becoming the Mommy Mogul I know you want to be. Lucky for you it just so happens that I decided to go more in-depth into these 5 life and biz routines and show you exactly how I implement them in my daily life.

If you’re ready to start being more productive in your life AND business and to stop making excuses for yourself then I highly suggest you sign up to receive my complimentary video series to learn how to re-create these 5 life and biz routines in your life. Better yet, each video is under 20 minutes because I know how precious your time is being the CEO of it all. Here’s to managing the life and business you’ve always dreamed of!

About Gabrielle:


Gabrielle is a mompreneur, blogger and routine queen. She is on a mission to prove that mompreneurs can have it all in life and business with a little planning, structure and self-care. She is a new mommy to her 5-month old son Patrick. This experience has allowed her to learn and implement specific routines and systems that she’s passionate about sharing with other Mommy Moguls in training. To learn more about her and her mission please like her Facebook page at www.facebook.com/gabriellejbogan.


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