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5 Mindset Practices For Business Growth

5 Mindset Practices For Business Growth

Mindset is so important as an entrepreneur, especially in your first year of business. There are times that you are on the emotional rollercoaster of entrepreneurship. On any given day you can go from being down in the dumps to on top of the world and everything in between.

Ultimately it is you that will make the decisions that ultimately lead to success of failure. Honestly that is both the most frightening and most freeing feeling in the world…at the same time. So it is extra important to take care of your brain as an entrepreneur.

Creating a regular mindset practice has helped me not only to be level headed in my business, but also, to show up as the best mom that I can. My mindset practice includes some or all of these 5 things and varies on a day to day basis but the important part is to take time out every day to do mindset work for me.


Meditation has been shown by studies including one at Harvard University to reduce anxiety, improve stress, attention and decision making. If you have never done meditation start small with only 5-10 minutes and build up. Its great to unwind and turn off the brain chatter.

One thing that I learned as I have implemented my own meditation practice is that it’s normal for your brain to wander a little. When you catch yourself simply focus on your breath again and continue.


Affirmations are a great way to start changing your thoughts from negative to positive. I found that when I started doing affirmations I struggled with getting saying something that was WAY too positive that I didn’t believe it (like I make a million dollars). If you find that you have a negative thought after you repeat an affirmation then you will want to start smaller.

One thing that I really like to do that I learned form a mindset coach is to state a fact about yourself. Look at the facts of what you are good at or what you have done well and state that as your affirmation to start. Then build it up to something more and more positive and eventually to what you envision in your future. When you are doing affirmations make sure that you are adding emotion to the affirmation so that it can start to attract more positive feelings.


I started doing EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)  regularly while doing the Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp with Denise Duffield Thomas. It has been one of those tools that has really come in handy whenever I am having money blocks. EFT works by tapping on different  areas of the body and has been shown in a Stanford review of literature to help with a variety of conditions.


Journaling for me has really helped me to process what is going on in my life and business. I love gratitude journaling about the things that are going really well. Another fun one is to journal about something you will be grateful for in the future. This again can help you to attract more positivity to you. In my “3 Steps to Ditch The Overwhelm” Freebie I include some journaling topics that can help you to unwind.


For me visualizations is an integral part of my goal setting technique. I learned about it for the first time in a sports psychology class I took in undergraduate school. In the class we learned that visualizing helps athletes to achieve their goals. The more vivid the visualization the better.

When you set your next goal visualize exactly what that moment will be like when you achieve the goal and how it will play out. Notice all of the details, include your senses (sight, sound, touch, smell, taste if possible) and emotions.

Mindset practices are a great way to help you to continue to persevere towards your business goals as well as help you achieve your business goals. Including meditation, affirmations, EFT, journaling and visualizations help to get your mind to optimal functioning for business and parenthood. What I have personally found is that being in that centered space has allowed me to show up as a better mom as well as a better business owner.

I would love to hear from you. Have you ever tried any of these practices and if so which is your favorite? How do you feel it has affected your business?

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