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Business Lessons From My Kid-Free Vacation

Business Lessons From My Kid-Free Vacation

I recently got to go on vacation for the first time as a business owner and as a mom of 2. In this post, I share the business lessons that I learned while I was away because there were some pretty eye-opening things that have helped me and my clients already.

Do the work

While hubby and I were away, there were 7 people between grandparents, aunts and uncles watching my 2 kids under 2  over the 4 days we were in NYC at a wedding. Afterward, my grandmother pulled me aside and said: “I don’t know how you do it, all 7 of us are exhausted”.

As moms, I bet you can relate to this as well. We are not even sure how we do it but its usually a mixture of love, dedication to the greater outcome (raising future adults) and putting one foot in front of the other (because it can be an uphill battle some days).


What I realized is that this is how business is as well. Without having a strong love for what you are doing, without being dedicated to a bigger mission (the impact you want to make) and without getting out there and doing the work every day by putting one foot in front of the other than you simply cannot build a business that you desire. It takes work just like raising a family. But it is also oh-so-rewarding when you look back and see what you have created.

Subtle Changes Add Up

I lived in NYC for a while in 2006. Not to sound like an old lady reflecting but seriously, a lot has changed in 10 years. Technology is not where it was back then which made being in the city a very different experience. The changes did not happen overnight. But there were  differences that occurred one at a time.

For example, there is now WIFI in the Subway. Back then, we were lost without cell reception on the subway and you could never let anyone know if you were running late. Advances such as Uber  make it for a totally different experience in terms of how you get around in the city and how much the transportation costs (thank you Uber!). And the Airbnb was another advance that allowed us to live in someone else’s apartment for the weekend (for way less than a hotel would have cost).

Just like all of these advances occur in cities, our business is subtlely changing, evolving and improving. On the day to day basis, you may not see it. You might upgrade a graphic here and there, you might get a little more clarity on one aspect of your ideal client, you might hone in on your copywriting skills a bit more but all of this is cumulative. Overtime, it is adding up to create massive improvements in how your clients are experiencing your product or service.

I encourage you to look back at where you were even 6 months ago so that you can see how far you have come. As high-achieving women, we often do not give ourselves enough credit for how far we have come. Instead, we are focused on achieving more and getting to the next step.

Ambiance is Important

One of the things that stood out to me the most coming from South Texas, was the ambiance that I got to see when I would enter different restaurants & stores. This is a part of the customer experience that is often lost in the online world because we do not have a physical room, music and lighting. But what we do have is…branding.

This does not mean go out and spend thousands on your brand if you are brand new. In the first year, there will be changes while you are still dialing into your message, who you are and the foundational aspects of branding. But what I do think is an important application is to actually go to your website, your programs, emails or your landing pages and ask yourself “Is the user experience is desirable?” and how can I make it better?

Everything Will Be Okay

I was honestly a bit nervous to take time off. I know that many people in the online business space talk about working while they are on vacation because they “love their work so much”. I love my work. I love what I do. It fulfills me. But I also love me. And I know that I must take care of me by giving myself space and time away. This allows me to be a better business owner and mom. There is nothing to feel guilty about, nothing to be ashamed of. You are a person too and you have needs.

There is nothing to feel guilty about, nothing to be ashamed of. You are a person too and you have needs. If you are struggling with this remember this: You are a person too with needs and you deserve to have those needs met. At the end of the day when you come back, everything will be okay. Both your kids and your business.

In summary as moms, we are not even sure how we do what we do we just put one foot in front of the other and do the work. Realize that the subtle improvements do add up over time. Take a look at the ambiance and user experience in your business because it is important. Lastly, if you decide to take a break, everything will be okay. These were just a few of the lessons that I learned while I was away on vacation and I will be going deeper on some of them in the future because they are lessons worth exploring more.

Now I would love to hear from you, have you gotten to take time off from your business and kids? If so share your lessons below. If not let us know what you would like to do to take care of your needs.


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